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Brad and Sarah review the Top Metal Albums of 2018 (Jan to June) we missed reviewing, as chosen by viewers.
[Spoilers below!]

Between the buried and me – Automata I
Tribulation – Down Below
Visigoth – Conqueror’s Oath
Rivers of Nihil – Where Owls Know My Name

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Punk Studios99 says:

You all should really review the new mournful congregation album!

PROv2lEagle says:

can i get review on my debut album? we released it 2 weeks ago..
Structural – Metacognition

Harold Smith says:

She’s purdy

Eva Langley says:

By the way, if we are talking about best of 2018…

There is a little band called Judas Priest that released an album… you should check it out…

And Kalmah – Palo… you know…

Eva Langley says:

You guys are geniuses… seriously I listened to 3 of the 4 you listed. Rivers of Nihil are coming to my town in 2 weeks.

You guys are totally useless. Anyone checking will not miss anything. The year is not even done by the way, so what is the use of this!?

Here is another list… however I don’t know anything… because I am not on youtube acting like I know anything like you guys… but what do I know…

Bloodshot Dawn – Reanimation
Carpenter Brut – Leather Teeth
Harakiri for the sky – Arson
Evil Invaders – Feed Me Violence (end of 2017)

OMG, I could do something on youtube, I know stuff…

pariskotsaros says:

Rivers of Nihil is the most overrated album of the year so far

ToiletReviews says:

How could you forget Visigoth? and where is Lucifer’s Hammer? You dont know metal. Praise the lord and flush yourself.

Full-Metal Radio says:

Marduk-Viktoria Full Album!

Carlos Zetina says:


donald dahl says:

Make a video on marduks new album aswell as the new funeral mist

pirategreytooth says:

Where was Brad at the tech death lock horns? Both Sam and the Guest had never heard of Demilich.

Darren Bennett says:

This type of metal is emotionally/intellectually deficient. It screams of bad taste, contrived creativity and all round douche bag material. Review real exciting metal bands such as SUMAC, AMENRA and NEUROSIS. These types of bands are straight up embarrassing.

cyber tune says:

im still sad about the dislike of the new dimmu borgir album! lol. yeah its not the best but some parts ok .

Manab Boruah says:

The background with all the band tags is too blurred l.

mojo bone says:

Sax – Ghost did that

domant 912 says:

11:52 Sarah really sounds like Alissa White-Gluz there, idk

Christopher Blue says:

Wait…Between the buried and me had death vocals on their lat album, albeit far less.

John Randle says:

demilich fuck yeah

Marco Sanchez says:

Visigoth got my attention earlier this year because someone reviewed the album on a video and I immediately looked them up because BIg had heard them before but they said this new album was good. I really liked their sound but In can see how they are influenced by other Metal acts of the past I still like the sound they have it’s different.

manutdrule91 says:

you have missed out JPU Records Japanese all girl power metal band Lovebites Battle Against Damnation, such a killer power metal band with loads of European Metal influences in Iron Maiden and Helloween and its fresh, plus they just won Metal Hammers Golden Gods Award for Best New Band. Check that out and my Album of the year

ManSeekingMonkey says:

Liked this kinda review!

Tohofan122 says:

Still no Avatar Country??? :'(

Jax the cat says:

YouTube’s cutest couple…

Johann says:

anyone else in love with sarah?

Homm3dude88 says:

Sad not to see Harakiri for the Sky on here

Daniel Zachary Zapico says:

Y’all missed Panopticon and Uadas new albums. Panopticons is a masterpiece and Uadas is just great riffing.

M. Swaiti666 says:

You should have reviewed LIQUID ANATOMY BY ALKALOID!
It’s a supergroup that combines the talents of amazing former and current members of extreme metal bands like Obscura, Dark Fortress and Necrophagist. Please review it! You’ll be amazed of how dynamic and diverse that album is!

Jon Vecellio says:

This kind of catch-up video needs to be a staple(every 4-6 months or so). It reminds me of the ‘Top 40 of 20–‘ issue of Decibel magazine that I use to catch any good/great releases I may have missed. Great job Bard & Sarah!

Munkybut says:

Finally! Some POWER METAL!

Matt H says:

weird al singing power metal

Rene Weise says:

Hey Sarah, you started in the wrong way with Angra. Listen to the initial albuns, specially Holy Land, it was a lot more influenced by brazilian music.


I understand your work and your personal opinions but this review of the ANGRA album was one of the most bizarre and pathetic things I’ve ever seen on the internet … you did not understand the album and you were not at all humbled to admit it. .. You have preferred to make empty and meaningless criticisms about … I can only ask you to listen again and see the beautiful work that was done …

robert selva says:

Brad i spotted you in the audience for power test at strombo,s house .

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