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Sam reviews ‘Hardwired…To Self Destruct’ the new album from Metallica

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Spit Out the Bone:

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Max Gibson says:

I love how Sam pauses before the last…few…words.

talz2376 says:

U r such a douche bag live in the now stop comparing hardwired to self destruct to their back catalogue it is 2017 asshole!there are more than2 or 3 great songs the whole album rocks!!!!shithead pussy!!

Muꭥn says:

Lars really is such an mediocre drummer

Linkacide says:

Lars really ruins even the old songs live. He’s not getting any better as time goes on, so I think they should just go a head and get the hologram stand in now.

Miguel Rolo says:

No way men … Atlas Rise, Murder One, Halo on Fire, Lords of Summer …

Fuck Google says:

Nice. 2 1/2 that’s about right. Everyone should give up on PAtheticA. They had a good run, Ride the lighting through the Black Album, and that’s all folks. Quit paying for their music. Last thing REPENTLESS crushes this album, and SlayER has been crushing Metallica for many, many years now. If PanterA were Still around they would be on top of the metal mountain, period. New School, old school, it wouldn’t fucking matter. most of their catalog crushes today’s most brutal.

Paul bee says:

This is the best metal album put out by anyone in the last ten years. Every element is in the 90% standards, and as far as thrash goes a whole 80 mins of it would be monotonous, you need ups and downs to bring balanced excitement.
1. Hardwired to self destruct
2. Death magnetic
3. Master of puppets
4. Black

Chris Hawkins says:

Such a spot-on review, and thanks to Sam for bringing up the point that I’ve made for years upon years which is that Lars holds the band back. If you don’t believe it, watch a clip of Dave Lombardo playing for Metallica.

Grzegorz Sokólski says:

“First opening song since Blackened where thrash is the DNA”
“Metallica has been dwelling in that mid tempo hard rock radio sound on recent records”
“Hetfield’s voice is back up in the register”
“[About Hardwired] A stripped down, one-note riff that we haven’t heard in a long time”
“[About Moth] Long time since we heard big epic dueling guitar melodies”

Answer to all of these statements is: What about Death Magnetic?

Pablo Siever says:

Like everything on the internet, this is just an opinion, mine.
Honestly HTSD isn’t really that good of an album, honestly. Personally I really just loved 4 songs out of 13: Hardwired, Moth into Flame, Spit out the Bone and Lords of Summer (which really is an extra song on a deluxe edition of the album). I love Metallica, I’m still a huge fan and I cannot deny still in the 21st century they’re making history. I mean, the played in the freaking Antartica, for fuck’s sake!! However, songs like Atlas Rise, Now that we’re Dead, Confusion and Murder One, are just ok. Didn’t really dig ’em, nor loose my shit over those tracks. And finally the remaining 5 songs: Dream No More, Halo of Fire, ManUnkind (although the video is awesome), Here Comes Revenge and Am I Savage? are really a drag to listen to. I really got bored with these songs. Now, 4 kick-ass songs from 13 ain’t bad. I just think that we just waited for sooooooooo damn long for new ‘Tallica music, that I feel many of us were like “Yeah, just gives anything.”. And everybody was super excited and hyped about (how Sam puts it) one of metal’s most anticipated metal records of the last couple of years. I hope we don’t have to wait another 8 years to get more Metallica music, and I hope HTSD just kickstarted their will to make new music again.
Guys, this isn’t a statement, it’s just my opinion.

Neil Oosthuizen says:

Enjoyed the review, but can’t associate the score with a) the record, and b) your review. m/ on and jump in the fire 😀

gothic_666 dark emperor says:

this shit goes more harder than when I fucked

Kev Mait says:

Nope… nope… nope…… REVIEW IT AGAIN!!

Bill Pappin says:

Great album. It’s kinda like a mashup of everything they’ve done in the past.

Darren M says:

Its funny you mention the end of Moth into Flame is very Volbeat, as when they performed in Toronto recently, Volbeat was the opening band to the evening 😛

Hun League of legends gameplay says:

Totally agree with you

AbsintheGod says:

Sam Dunn is an asshole.

hyper biscuit says:

Apparently, funk just means swinging the eighth notes.

MORThings says:

I’m just as good at drums as Lars is, that’s how fucking bad he is

Alexander Stoykov says:

I might get lots of hate with this comment but for me Metallica was a real heavy metal band with theyr first 4 albums!

Joran van den Poll says:

I get why and all, but a 2,5 out of 5? Never. And on a little sidenote, Death Magnetic is my favorite album of Metallica, fight me

Steven Baksh says:

Hardwired really good song, Atlis Rise really good song it has a awasome solo, Moth Into Flame great song 2nd best song on the album ,Now That We Are Dead heavy good idea but it’s too long 5 minutes at most not 7, Halo On Fire nice ballad black album feel to it my favorite song on the album , Dream No More slow heavy Sad But True feel to it good solo, Confusion Am I Evil intro song talks the effects it has on people who come home from war solid song , Here Comes Revenge badass song Black album Load and Reload feel awasome one of the best songs on the album , Am I Savage ok song, ManUnkind starts off with killer bass no that good lyrics but still ok, Spit Out The Bone wow bass solo nice Robert Drums are incridable great singing from James better than Dyres Eve and Damage Inc reminds me of All Nightmare long . The production is awasome second best produced Metallica album solos could have been better Kirk lost his phone with all the solos and he is not that smart to back it up , James voice is amazing, Lars drumming was really good so I disagree with you, Robert starting to show some life it only took him 12 years ,a very strong album overall 8.8/10 my opinion .

INF1D3L010 says:

Metallica may have gotten thrashier on this album, but it still sounds way too bluesy and simplistic for my ears.

Clorox Bleach says:

ManUNkind was a tribute to one of the greatest Black Metal band ever called MAYHEM.

Slowdive. says:


Metallica – HTSD: 2.5/5

Body Count – Bloodlust: 5/5 (Yes, this happened)

How not to love this white guilt ridden cuck?


ken tan says:

Hardwired sound like Metallica have run out of ideas,its a poor album to me,i gave (4/10)

Reyk says:

I’m one of those fans that hated everything after black and thought that the black album was the first of many missteps. I loved some of the new songs, and hated others. Some of it sounded like ride the lightining while others sounded like loaded/reloaded bullshit. I think they completely pussed out on making a return to the old school sound and thought that they needed to please everyone once again. Big fucking mistake boys. You should have gone full oldschool thrash metal on the whole album. Spit out the bone is fuckin’ great. For reference, I started listening to metallica with the album kill’ em all, so an old school fan.

semitar6 says:

I’m still looking for the bass player on this album……its non existent…

Marc Andrew Narimatsu says:

My rating: 8.5/10
Favorite song: Dream No More
Least favorite: Am I Savage?

I like every song on here, but some of them could be shorter, could be a bit more diverse in a few songs, and some sections could be better. And the snare rolls get old fast after the first couple songs.

Dave Lanciani says:

I agree with your comment on the drums holding it all back. Lars is playing great simple beats, but there are just no “flourishes” or interesting fills anywhere. It’s like listening to a bunch of programmed drum loops.

image30p says:

Better. So many lyric cliches. God damn it put some fucking effort into words! moth flame angel fire hell… return to sender??? They’re like the biggest band in the world. Take some fucking pride in your work. The music overall is better. Well of course the drums are weak, Sam. It’s not like the guy ever tried to kill on his instrument. Lazy playing. Dude is making millions but doesn’t feel he’s paid enough to log in practice time.

Metal Man says:

this guy doesn’t look to smart so 2.5 to him is 4.5 to any normal metal fan with functional hearing

joey Leverton says:

The riffs on this album remind me of Death Angel

Guilherme Soares says:

DaFuq? What about Dream No More (Best song in the whole album)? Now That we’re dead? Murder One?

ptschafer says:

I give the album 4/5. Spit Out The Bone is just a masterpiece. Moth Into Flame is excellent, as Dream No More, Now That We’re Dead, Hardwired, and many of the other songs have grown on fans and with the exception of ManUNkind and maybe a couple of others, the album is definitely very good still. For my money though, Spit Out The Bone is probably the best song overall that they have made in decades, it is just full of “win.”

Tony Shadowz says:

The heavy part on spit out the bone is joke.

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