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DreamWizard9 says:

OK, if you thought St.Anger wasn’t that great….
Did you check out their latest masterpiece “Lulu” ?

Gary Elliott says:

and there is no bad iron maiden record

King Marc says:

bunch of hosers

David Boden says:

I can’t believe some of you think that’s a good album , must be the Nickelback , seether and hinder fanboys . Its absolute garbage from a band that has bombed the last five albums in a row . The drums are horrible , vocals are even worse . Why does everything James say it ends with AH ! Am I righ’taa? Fuck these clowns and the morons who encourage them to make more of this garbage .

Brandon Gordon says:

From looking at these comments make me happy I personally have always liked st anger and seeing now people are getting used to it makes me hope metallica will notice people do like it and bring a couple songs to there set list.

d93mll says:

I expected that new album was awesome better than Load or the same as Load. Never ever make another St.anger again.

Dan says:

This video is retarded

Keller 4879 says:

I am a massive fan of metallica and love there old ones, (…and justice of all us my facourite) and originally i regretted buying st.anger but it has grown on me and i quite like it

YLCC23 says:

I actually don’t mind St. Anger. It was definitely far from Metallica’s best album (which imo was Kill ‘Em All), but it wasn’t actually that bad, especially considering the circumstances. Lars was heavily involved in the napster lawsuit, James was in rehab, Jason left and Kirk was essentially attempting to keep the band from completely falling apart. There’s also the fact that they all had families, and the fact that once James returned from rehab, he was only allowed to work from 12-4 pm as part of his rehab schedule. I can imagine it would be VERY difficult to record an album under those circumstances.

Gary Elliott says:

yous too are complete wankers make ur own fucking album instead of saying other peoples music is shit fucking losers

d93mll says:

st.anger was one of the worst heavy metal albums over the world.. What if st.anger wasn’t not Metallica’s????? It was tooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo hard to be sold 5,000 copies only in USA!!!!!!!!

ouchbalaboui222 says:

I have always liked st. Anger and I never really knew why. I was hoping for a well done review against it to understand why people hate it. This shitty review didn’t help. Just one guy saying : it suck, worst thing ever, etc… for 2 Minutes. No arguments, nothing. How could you like the movie if it did not help you understand what made this album?

LSweet2007 says:

New bass player?!?! Robert Trujillo didn’t have anything to so with St. Anger!

Bob Rock was the guest bass player on the St. Anger album.

Tyler Kent says:

you  clowns don’t no shit shut up talking about metallica like that

dvon1097 says:

St. Anger is a great album. Nowhere near metallicas worst. Load & Reload are way worsw

MrFlipperInvader782 says:

they though and justice for all was bad

they obvious hasn’t heard one

Emmett O'Grady says:

Fuck you st anger and turbo lover are amazing. Turbo lover is a great upbeat song with rich hot bass and with st anger they were experimenting with a garagey by metal sound

Galyo Windsor says:

I don’t like the album either, but worst metal album? Seriously? Get over yourselves.

dethmetalocalypse says:

The comment below me is butthurt

Vacation Videos says:

To be fair – it is the worst album I’ve heard.

Kollin Cottrill says:

I strongly disagree with this video, I love St. Anger and Turbo is not a bad album at all. But to each their own.

Gary Elliott says:

no prayr for the dying is good

Mark Johan says:

“To much up here, not enough down here” you guys know nothing about music nor metal. Literally can not even explain how dumb you guys are. Wow. Please, drown. I beg of you.

Bo Gunnar says:

st anger, worse in the professional business

Gary Elliott says:

don’t see these two retards making an album

max larsen says:

By far the biggest problems with saint Anger were the vocals and the snares. The vocals for the most part sounded uninspired, or sleepy, and the snare overuse was just awful, it was like hearing an angry chef having sex with a row of pots and pans while using a wooden spoon on a rubber band as a condom.

Jacob Bailey says:

If you people really are “The Metal Voice”, then I should just fucking quit metal.
And listening to Weezer does not constitute as an insult, it’s called musical variety, something you two shit heads would have no clue about.
Get off your fucking high horses and stop making videos, for the good of all the genres and subgenres.
You dicks.

Hugo Oliveira says:

St Anger is A GREAT ALBUM!
This video is stupid, pure garbage… ’cause they just hate the album with stupid justifications, just to apeal to ignorant people who didn’t understood the real importance of St Anger… after what they went through this album makes a lot of sense!
Fuck you haters!

Shawdow Bear says:

St. anger Album is badass. I like it alot. ^_^

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