MIDNIGHT Sweet Death And Ecstasy Album Review | Overkill Review

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Blayne reviews the new MIDNIGHT album Sweet Death and Ecstasy

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julianne marie says:

y’all should review Vulture (Germany) full length The Guillotine

Pedro Rafael Barrera Gutierrez says:

If the new format means “shorter videos with less track samples and much more condensed analysis instead of track-by-track” then I’m not into it.

Michael Canada says:

Sounds like a good band

Joetheviking84 says:

Blayne is entertaining however short the video. I like the longer format. I like in depth details about the songs and the band’s writing process. Plus if I can watch a two and a half hour long Cannibal Corpse documentary in one sitting then I can certainly handle 15 to 20 minute long album reviews.

Also I’m bothered by lesser known bands not being reviewed. Banger TV should be bringing attention to more obscure bands. I’m glad Midnight snagged a review, now let’s see Nunslaughter, Satanic Warmaster, Minas Morgul, Lich King, and their ilk. I WANT to see reviews of bands I haven’t heard of. Any source that I can discover new music through is very much welcome.

Luka Calle says:

I like the compromise you guys made. While I prefer the longer, more detailed format, the shout out section is a rad idea. I hope there can be some longer format videos in the future for bigger/notable releases

Jon Vecellio says:

Blayne’s shirt makes me want to drink cough syrup, Dixie Dave-style.

Lance Lust says:

Though I’m new here, I prefer longer videos going in depth. Shout outs are definitely welcome!

andrew vincent says:

Saw Weedeater this past summer, in Portland, Maine (@ Space Gallery)

Fingolfinator says:

Tongues is badass. Please keep the shoutouts, metal is nothing without the underground.

Stephen Phillips says:

I also preferred the longer format, but can accept the shorter if more reviews are done. For the shout-outs, it would be great if you could add the band and album name into the description (a Bandcamp link would also be great).

Caleb Bliss says:

The first song clip sounds a lot like Venom. I like it.

The hand speaks. The hand of a government man. says:

I hate this guy, he refuses to listen to anything “racist” but if it was about decapitating an infant and fucking its eye socket it would be prefectly fine and dandy!

Mark Kelly says:

Sorry buddy but the original Cleveland band is and always will be Chimaira. RIP Chimaira

Chaos & Propaganda says:

Looks like most watchers of youtube like it short. Most commenters of youtube like it longer and deeper.

aWorkInProgress11 says:

Thank you for the Tongues recommendation. Awesome album!

Anna Murrill says:

I like the longer review format with multiple track samples that give a real impression of the album. That’s the type of content that nobody else is putting out there. Thoughtful in depth discussion and criticism about an art form that’s much dismissed as sort of idiot knucklehead music. The track by track is educational too, helps you develop an ear, hear the various techniques that define the genres, spot the sounds of older bands’ influences. I do like the shout outs added at the end though. I am using these reviews to shop for albums to purchase.

There'sOnly 2Genders says:

Tongues are nowhere to be found

Kevin Abraham says:

Man I much prefer the longer videos, i would’ve love a longer review on Sweet Death and Ecstacy.

zerototalchaos says:

keep the reviews long but also keep the shout out section!!

Alan Nova says:

Killer album!

Huayu Ke says:

I personally like the longer videos, but the shout-outs are great!!! Gives me more music to listen to

André Robaldelli says:

back with the longer reviews pls!

StrenninForBrandon says:

Love the shout outs!! It’s always nice to cram my guts with more metal!

Brett Neckermann says:

Oh shit. Midnight being reviewed by Blayne? Two things I highly enjoy coming together in perfect unity!

I agree with you, though, Blayne… This album definitely doesn’t feel as gritty/nasty/sleazy as their previous efforts production-wise, but I’d still say 4 out of 5 beer-soaked skulls, too.

Also, preferred the longer reviews, but, eh… I get it. Like the Shout Outs section, however.

Josh Starkey says:

I like both the long and short reviews, so I think it should depend on how much there is to talk about.

Dylan Hoff says:

You guys make metal look really lame. Get rid of the hipsters and stop reviewing terrible bands. Midnight is fucking terrible!

you cant leave this empty says:

Try reviewing a meatloaf ya bag of bones

Fran Lovel Šimić says:

Love the more detailed approach that you had.

John O says:

Review Ash Borer’s most recent album cuz fuck it.

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