Ministry – Amerikkkant (Metal Album Review/Reaction)

I take a look at the latest album from Ministry “Amerikkkant”
Uncle Al is pissed off and he is here to tell us all about it


Adam Cini says:

Great review, really got me laughing too XD

lolliwag says:

Amerikkka & Victims Of A Clown are my FAVS…the whole thing plays like a masterpiece…really happy with this new MINISTRY & all the fans or politically charged people crying about Antifa song are idiots…ya don’t have to agree with Uncle Al’s politics to enjoy his music…he could sing about his granny’s smelly panties for all I care…I dig the music & ya know what even though I’m not a hard-left advocate, I still dig his lyrics…I think these songs all have great lyrics…this record totally works for me…hope Ministry keep going & give us like another 3 or 4 albums before Uncle Al retires…I know he’s been wanting to hang it up for awhile so I truly appreciate that he kept going…he’s a relentless sick puppy & seemingly unstoppable, man…and that’s why we LUV him!!!!!

Thee Gameplayer says:

Great stuff as always 😀

Mr Guy says:

Conservatism is a MENTAL disorder.

Pato Izquierdo says:

*3:04 Roy Mayorga (though Morgana sounds more like him!)

a.t. johnston says:

hey man. i’ve been a Ministry fan for about a thousand years, & while this album’s not my fave, it’s more to my taste than the last few. i really enjoyed your reiview. i am going to see the band next weekend here in Vancouver, & i’ll let you know what i think of the show. if you don’t know Chelsea Wolfe, who is opening for them, you might wanna look into her stuff…

Nickolas Zair-Hanks says:

Good review. I’ve been a Ministry fan since I found out about them in highschool. At this point in the timeline of ministry they had just released Houses of the Mole. Been hooked since, I made my own box set of there music containing 5 playlists. To me americkkkant was great. I’ve seen reviews where people were like what’s the message? Same thing its always been from alien uncle al. I can really hear all the new sounds from everyone who helped work on the album. Victims of a clown displays a great function of these artist in a great way. I’ve always been a fan of the 6 min plus ministry songs such as scarecrow, end of days pt 2, worm, Khyber pass, filth pig, lava, leper, ass clown, so what, test, eureka pile, thanx but no thanx, change of luck. This album has 4 songs like those.

MrFlipperInvader782 says:

interesting revie style

Cheer Yourself Deaf says:

Not yet heard a note from this album but another fantastic and funny review; you always make me curious to check them out. I’m looking forward to your subscriber suggested ones, especially the ones you’ve not heard a note of previously.

Will Wasson says:

Nice Review. Ive been a Ministry fan since Twitch, when their music was played nightly at the local discos. A true original at the time. Trent Reznor has been quoted saying that hearing Twitch changed his life . Im a rock and roll guy at heart. but think of the early ministry stuff you could shake your ass to as genius. Not meaning “With Sypathy, Haloowen, but Twitch and Rape and Honey. Victim of a Clown is actually getting some dance floor playtime at the club that fiercely promoted ministry in the electronic days. The more you listen to the album, its easy to appreciate it, If not get hooked outright. It has a more groovy feel on a few songs that fits my ear in particular. Ive been on a few long drives lately and force fed the Album to a few people who will always play the local pop station when given the choice. Both people actually liked Victim of a Clown and Twighlight Zone. Enough to actually request them being re played a few times. I think this is their best effort since Rio Grande Blood. The scratching and samples have been criticized in a few reviews. But,  taking the time to actually listen (can be hard to understand)and understand them, give the songs an added layer of technical rhythm . The songs aren’t as thrash as some people have come to expect from them, but are still hard,grinding, and heavy.  Twighlight zone has a lot of filth pig in it. One of Al’s good buddys from the days of the cocks and singer for the skatenigs. and the singer on beers sterrs and queers. told me he thought it sounded just like scarecrow. Sin responed on a facebook nessage to me and agreed there is a lot of scarecrow in Twighlight zone. II think the album is very good to great in a few instances. But. when you’ve seriously been into a group since you were 18, you have a tendency  to be biased.  Al  gets respect from most musicians  because of his work from 1986-1993. maybe this will be the one  that will get him some sort of grammy nomnaion. He got robbed when nothing came from Psalm 69.Maybe its a stretch for a win. but a nomination  possibly. good job amigo. keep up the good work

Niklas Karlsson says:

You nailed this review! The standouts for me is Iknow words/Twilight zone, but the whole album from 1-9 is a journey i really enjoy more and more for every listening! Ministry has done more of a conceptalbum, where every piece has its meaning! That`s my opinion! Thanx

Scott Mittleman says:

I enjoyed your review of this album. Honestly, I have not bought a Ministry CD since, “Greatest Fitz” (their greatest hits CD back in 2001. I think that’s what it was called). Before that it was, “Filth Pig,” which was a record I enjoyed immensely. I also enjoyed the way you conducted the review. Very clever. I may check out the new CD based on the positive things you said about it. Cheers.

dekapitatorr says:

best album in 2018 so far. people are bitching mostly because of the lyrics and their views on politics these days but music is 100% old school ministry.honestly I didn”t expect it to be this good. perfect mix of mind, pig and psalm. I remember people complaining about ministry being too much thrashy on Bush trilogy ( I loved it, rio grande blood i still my favorite ministry record and top 10 of all time) ,well here it is,dark muddy atmospheric ministry in 2018. hard to pick best song ,it” tied between victims of a clown and we”re tired of it. 9,5/10

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