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Blayne reviews the latest MORBID ANGEL album “Kingdoms Disdained”
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detachd says:

Accurate review.

Marty F says:

Love this album. Sack this dude! Blayne = slightly annoying guy with awful taste in music (he chose Power Trip as his favorite 2017 Metal album…what the hell????). Yep, Illud sucked …but Altars, Blessed, Covenant, Gateways, FFTF, Heretic, and Kingdoms Distained are great albums.

Brett Pulley says:

Declaring new law is the best song on the album…. I don’t see what you mean at all?!!! God damn this review is shit lol.



KillingFields94 says:

Who is this hillbilly?

Brett Pulley says:

You can’t pick out a riff in this album? Are you fucking tone deaf? What a retarded review.

Noumenon Nauta says:

Morbid Angel is Dead. RIP

Brad Młodystach says:

Similar to the reaction to Heretic or Formulas this album won’t be well received but people will look back on it as a great album. Tucker is so much better than Vincent it’s not even funny. Dave was killing the band, look at interviews with Trey.

Evan Mak says:

2/5….bullshit dude.

George Colby says:

It’s alright, trying too hard to get back to a winning formula. Not bad, but not great.

Doc Vader says:

Man, you’ve gotta do every review. You’re hilarious.

〈/†〉[Nick1921945]〈♥☺♪♫〉 says:

All complaints were the exact same ones i had. This coming from a electronic/techno music aficionado. The album seems dry and bland. lacking any true flavor. Hes exactly right about it seeming like a ‘essay is due tomorrow’ type situation. Exactly. Right.

Jared D says:

I hate it for them. I can feel that distinctive atmospheric riffing, but this does feel like “crumbs.”

TelevisedPork says:

Album fucking sucks. This band has lost its charm.

Luciano Imperiale says:

I came here expecting a shitty review from an asshole I’ve never seen before and all I found was gold, 5 skulls to this.

Squiifish says:

I actually prefer steve tucker to david vincent lol

NorthernPanzer666 says:

Totally agree.. Tucker is just an average DM-vocalist, he cant fill out the Vincent-throne.. Still I’m not a MA-hater.. But Dying Fetus fex. is by far beeing better.. MA is reverse!!

Jónathan Alcover says:

and you wonder why you do not have many subscribers. Good luck mate, you need it.

GearsofWumbology says:

I agree, the production is pretty bad

The guitars are too muddy while the drums are overbearing over everything else

I dunno why they don’t just go back to Altars/Covenant style production

And that album artwork is god-awful

Ian Lovdahl says:

Agreed. Great review.

Zsolt Varszegi says:

I’m just gonna say what lots of people think, but are afraid to admit. Illud is a better album than this, with more original songs, better production (save for the crappy sampled sounds in tracks like Too Extreme), better songwriting, good solos. I didn’t like the weird ‘look at how extreme and radical we are’ theme either, but it was their best effort musically since ‘Gateways’. Sounding heavy and playing fast doesn’t automatically make a good album, as demonstrated here. Just my 2 cents.

Will Grello says:

idgaf New album is fucking dope and i love the way it is mixed breath of fresh air from the last shitty albums

Sushovan Shakya says:

This album sucks. Illud Divinum Insanus was light year better.

suskified says:

Kingsdoms Disdained crushes. I get it, reviewers love to be edgy and controversial but come on man. Trey and his Morbid Angel are undisputed masters of Metal, past present and future. This LP is total brutality in sound, design and concept. Loving this. Trey is a god! Give it another spin on some quality speakers.

MegaAedu says:

Well I can hear the guitars pretty well. Everything you showed sounds awesome to me!

666Ekinox says:

This album is bad.

Chris Van Wijmeersch says:

Dude…you should wear that silly rabbit outfit every second of your life!! You’re not worthy of wearing anything that’s related to metal!! Your review sucks…and you know it!!

The Legendary Beast says:

Marathon of double bass. So basically like every death metal song? Not hating just saying.

MyCold DeadHands says:

This guy is funny… subbed

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