Most Anticipated Metal Albums 2019

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New year, new albums to look forward to! 2019 will bring us more fresh tunes from some of metal’s biggest acts. Yes, maybe even Tool! Which ones are you most excited about?

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Brett Hobbs says:

How do you miss Misery Index and Allegaeon?

Tasso Eight says:

While she sleeps, Bad Wolves, Whitechapel, Beast In Black would make my list

kevin says:


wboyle31 says:

No mention of Havok?

marionunes86 says:

no love for Be’lakor? now seriously you guys should check out some of this band’s material. they’re incredible musicians.

Michael Edwards says:


Philip B says:

Tool, Megadeth, slipknot, septic flesh, flesh god apocalypse, Amon amarth, lamb of god, hellyeah, deftones, and I have to admit I’m just little curious on limp bizkit, and korn

Big Rock says:


JacksGaming says:

As I Lay Dying?

ChiefRocka The 1 says:

A7x needs a huge come back album, they are slacking

HSBarrera says:

ADS – Son of Mayhem

uk dejavu says:

What what what every one shit I will hunt you down if it’s not true

PEARL says:

yall forgot Sunn O)))

noobslayer135 says:

I’m super stoked for Empath. I want to be hyped for COB’s new album, but I’ve been let down one too many times by them

Mark Abramowsky says:

No one mentioned Nile yet…

Damian Perry says:

can’t forget the fabled Blind Guardian orchestral album

Paul Bione says:

Good job and informative. Thanks. You’ve missed a few tho so maybe next time, make a longer vid. It’s not like any of us could ever get enough of Banger!!!!

EricAxel36 says:

How much did Hellyeah pay you to mention them?


Lucas Struna says:

I wish Iron Maiden would do a new album

Raphael Fire Blade says:

Lock horns on deathgrind and Djent please

Sir Starchild says:

You also missed the new Saor album out feb 15th

Black Thrash says:

Over Kill?!

MrRoundthetwist says:

Soen just released new album!! Amazing!!

Derek A. Kamal says:

Fenriz *is* my internet crush! Howdee know?!

rocker75metalhead says:

Overkill! Wings of War!

Tarmo Tyyri says:

The new Nightwish album should be released this year also.

Mad Kars says:

Nile, Fleshgod Apocalypse, Infant Annihilator

SinderionPS3 says:

New Temple of Void album is what I’m most looking forward to!

Adrian Torres says:

King diamond!!! Also carcass and napalm death.

Orangeokie7 says:

My most anticipated:

Blood Incantation
Tomb Mold
Magic Circle
Cerebral Rot
Witch Vomit
Spirit Adrift

Jeffrey Reinhart says:

OMG new Exhorder.?! I’m more excited for that than the new Rammstein

Stian Golden says:

Looking forward to GastiR – Ghosts Invited by Gaahls Wyrd. Should be out by the end of may.

jm c says:

When is opeth releasing a new album?

Charles Oliviers Dufaux says:

Rammstein and Slipknot

SirFistaCunt1488 sir Chad Hendrickson says:

new nile album?

Smitty Smith says:

The only one that interests me here is Exhorder. Modern metal has become like modern pop – forgettable. What ever happened to memorable riffs?

Jason Lieberman says:

Sounds like 2019 is gonna be a fuckin beast!

Jonas Araújo says:

Tool has been on this list for many years.

Gabriel says:

Motionless in White confirmed new album for this year too!

Vince says:


Mika Lagrén says:

GRAVE 2019 !!!

Cheyenne Ball says:

I can’t believe Megadeth and Anthrax are still making music.

Pieter Worm says:

Dude all devin townsend’s releases are going to be sick

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