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Sam reviews MYRKUR”s new album “Mareridt”
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CC S says:

let the nerds jerk eachother off listening to 90s black metal on tape with mono sound. i rather progress and listening to talents such as myrkur

René Westermolen says:

Mmmmm Banger Beer. Please send me a bottle ;-). She’s Danish btw 😉 Great album! Nice review! Thnks!

Andrew Cueva says:

Wanted to like due to Sam’s informative and empassioned review. But I find the whole thing a bit tiresome and listless. Best part for me is the fierce drumming from one of the Weaver bros of Wolves in the TR. I could care less the woman’s bground and all the silly controversy. What maters is the music. And to my sensibilities it just ain’t quite there aside from a few very focused tracks

gookbusters 4life says:

gimmick bar.

Eliott Santos says:

Love Myrkur,totally expansive and a true broadening of the sound landscape.

narkune says:

Did my dude just pronounce “Sunn O)))” as “Sun Oh”?

gravballemandendk says:

Good review… Now review SOlbrud with Vemod please… One of the best BLack Metal albums of the year!…

Dickens Cider says:

Anyone who has issue with someone coming from the mainstream and making metal can go fuck themselves.

Awyatt Mann says:

Failed pop singer goes to hot topic for the trve kvlt look.

Steven Price says:

This album is amazing

Linkacide says:

Would be funny to see a bunch of hair bags in a shit box car eating Mc.Donalds high listening to this cranked on blown speakers 😛

debgibsonfan says:

Good album….grows with each listen.

Level Nine Drow says:

Well, she’s definitely no Oneilar, but I’ll say she’s a great improvement from pop-music.

Fran Lovel Šimić says:

Chelsea Wolfe destroyed this so hard with her new LP, so fucking good, where s that review?

lambknot says:

I’m sure that Hipster Black Metal guy will get a kick outta this.

folk pine says:

I turned to the comments only to see people complaining about the O)))), not disappointed haha

Nathan Ferguson says:

Deserves a higher score. She’s female = why it sounds feminine. Definitely unique and could pave the way for future metal bands. The best metal bands never limited themselves to rules and even created new genres in the process.

Stars Die says:

It’s moreso about the fact that she comes from ‘privilege’ to a degree, and there’s kind of a scummy ‘marketing’ thing behind her that’s off-putting to a community that largely rejects overt advertising with their music… Black Metal is about keeping it blue collar and underground. And the pop stuff doesn’t help it any, as black metal thrives on being dirty and grimey. So if the criticism comes off as “anti-feminine” it’s mostly because feminine tastes don’t tend to be dirty and grimey… And when you listen to her, you see that she’s hardly an exception to that rule. This is really really clean metal for the most part. With that said, I don’t think it NECESSARILY makes the music bad. But I’m not too impressed with a lot of the very generic compositions on this thing. I really dig her black metal scream and wish she’d do that 95% of the time, and just utilize her crooning more sparingly and to better effect. Pepper the pop in, don’t overdose us with it. Definitely a step up from her other crap though.

ZombiMex7 says:

This album is trash no matter what their background used to be.

Youssef Assem says:

Sam dunn the metal messiah

Eric H says:

If she’s pissing of black metal edge lords who are trve kvlt satanists then I dig it. Fucking cry babies lol

nikki as heeshie says:

this album is pure gold, she’s passionate about her music and it shows, she’s not a perfect human being (her comments about islam) but she’s a good musician and it shows, also considering she’s a pagan from denmark she’s more “kvlt” than all yall

vianocturne says:

I think for me the best artists are the ones with the most wider musical knowledge,experience and versatility,no matter where the artist came before.This is a great artist/album/music,very atmospheric yet metal,folk yet dark,lots of oestrogenes,a few male growls on some perticular songs might have helped for the purists but for me as a composer/author,she kicked ass of a lots of male author/composer of black metal out there,4 out of 5 not bad at all,great job dude,keep it up!

Jennifer Simonetti-Bryan says:

Love your reviews!

Dave Lanciani says:

It’s almost as if Anneke Van Giersbergen made a black metal album. I’d buy it.

Cameron Robb-Mackay says:

Metal appropriation!?? Are people actually saying this? Nothing could be more ridiculous. Metal is for everyone. All art is for everyone to appreciate and create! Grow up metal community. If you don’t like it don’t listen to it. Or at least critique it based on its musical merits

Jerry K says:

This is what life’s all about to try new things, and if it fails well no big deal at least you tried.

Jesse Posewhorella says:

Awesome review! Bigoted metal elitists are hilarious! LOL They are so triggered by a girl doing awesome black metal!

Daphne-Zawadi F. says:

Not a fan of Myrkur, meaning I like some songs but I am not a fan,fan. The hate she gets always struck as very odd…Are we so fucking stupid to get our panties in a bunch over one artist?Don’t we have anything better to do?
To all the fervent haters,let me ask you this. Would you have hated her so much if she were a nobody?A totally underground,self-released non-promoted project produced by some girl in hwr basement? I think people would not care ,people would praise her.
The hate is mostly a product of media overly hyping something mixed with herd mentality. Media promotes,people revolt. If you are true kvlt you have to hate Myrkur.
Very glad I’ve outgrown past these petty squabbles and dont care what people think anymore. I am the only one capable of judging my “metal-ness”.Been listening to this music too long to care about things like these.Life is too short.Listen to music and have fun people.

death21metal says:

Butt hurt blvck mvtvl trv kvlt elitists are so angry it’s fucking hilarious. It’s very fucking simple, if you don’t like something , whether it’s Myrkur or anything else, don’t fucking listen. Don’t click on videos, reviews, read articles, or whatever , what purpose does it serve doing so? You think your opinion ( not facts as you guys think ) matters to anyone that likes someone you hate? No, it really doesn’t. Now go back to listening to shit that sounds like it was recorded in a dumpster with a playskool kids plastic recorder .

John Constantine says:

You hit the “problem” right on the head at the end. To me it has nothing to do with sounding “feminine”. So many female fronted bands make very feminine metal and that is absolutely fine (i think feminine doesn’t mean it cant be brutal, i mean have you ever seen 2 chicks fight? I have. And before that i never thought of a cunt kick as a defensive measure.) The “problem” is that it’s aimed at the “trve black metal” fans but it doesn’t fall into that extremely narrow field of black metal. I personally really enjoy the album, but I also enjoyed the new Eluveitie record.

Félix Veilleux-Ouellet says:

She’s been receiving death threats because she was previously playing indie pop? Wow. That’s fucking retarded. People seriously need to grow up and get their shit together, goddamn…

Bogeyman says:

All the great albums to review this year, and this shit makes it to the top of the list?

Ioannes Carlgar says:

Anorexic Metal.

Me Myself says:

I love how you group of douche-hats pan the new Cradle album but dry hump the fuck out of this talentless, usurper bitch. Hipster much?

DarkShadow Demoness says:

Myrkur made me emotional…I love it…

WeaverWill says:

It might sound utterly stupid but, when I first listened to the record, the transition from mareridt to maaneblot just really scared me, like, I felt a sense of dread and chills running up my spine when I first heard those blood-curdling screams (and I’m a huge black and death metal fan so, not that easily unsettled by screams and evil sounding screeches :p )! This album is incredible! Lots and lots of interesting tones and emotions.

Attero Dominatus says:

Pretentious “true” black metal nerds are laughable.

Snatch Panther says:

Doesn’t Garm write the music for her?

killerpeaches7 says:

Don’t see the issue. I mean …is she trying to claim to be the next coming of Bathory? No. She is making her own music as she sees fit. Alcest has done that for how long now? *Shrugs* Screw the manboy TRVE KVLT wankers living in momma’s basement.

DarkShadow Demoness says:

SAM I AM, lmao

Nick says:

This chick is rad.

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