NECKBEARD DEATHCAMP White Nationalism is for Basement Dwelling Losers Album Review

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Bootleg Review! Blayne digs into the new left-wing, lo-fi black metal buzz “band” Neckbeard Deathcamp

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Johnny Nonuts says:

you decide. I did decide. it’s shit.

Skyrim's_For_The_Nords says:

Thrash metal > black metal

dl 7 says:

Listen to Anal Cunt and The Meat Shits instead

Agnaye Ochani says:

Blayne addressed the political thing very smoothly.

Doctor Squatch says:

This guy is so such a poser.

unun septium says:

BROJOB is my favorite parody band.

Luny & Milky says:

Blayne, you’re the best man!!! x’D most fun one-man-show in metal 4 sure x’) m/

0rcus says:

I have no problem with people making fun of the right or the left, but fuck antifa and fuck you 🙂

pigo & pogo malescy says:

best album title ever.

123612100 says:

Talk about reaching for the low hanging fruit.

Mr Grim4 says:

as a centralist i love it to fuckin death….because its fucking funny

Fantomas Ragnarok says:

Finally Soyboys can listen to black metal, and feel part of the cool club.

Jake Wilde says:

Hey dudes my friends and I wanna know why y’all call yourselves BANGER??? Legit question..

TheMetalGuy852 says:

White nationalism (which largely doesn’t exist) is just progressive communist left code talk for “anyone who disagrees with us”

Pathetic partisanship. Unsubbed

4891issuJ says:

I was going to click the thumbs up button but then I noticed I had already clicked it before even starting the vid and now I’m kinda sad I can’t give it another thumbs up or maybe even three or four.

Myrkskog says:

Grandma _was_ racist.

kevin anderson says:

This dude has to be from somewhere in Ontario.

Zengine says:

im seeing lots of comment saying “waiting for right wing butthurt”

but i haven’t actually seen any butthurt.

Ryan Besco says:

I love this so much!

IE B says:


Babyfaced Baron says:

Man banger trys hard to push this lefty sjw shit lol…. keep it outta metal please

Winter Fire says:

Why not listen to both NSBM AND COMMUNIST/ANARCHO BM?! Great music on both sides.

bj gross says:

They review this but not the new Runspell? What the hell.

theMetal Gator666 says:

98% of right wingers dont like nazis. Nazis are cunts they can kill themselves

Ilker Yücel says:


SnowboarderBo says:

This totally fucking rocks!!

This review is prolly the most fun-to-watch BangerTV review yet; it tipped the scales over finally and convinced me that I would not regret supporting y’all directly. Good job!

Shoksta says:

Great, now review a right-wing Black Metal album that makes fun of the left. Oh wait, you won’t, you’re canadians.

(Funny how the only time you review an unpopular album is when it gives you the opportunity to show off your shitty politics in an unfunny way.)

HateHater says:


Eric Adams says:


IsrA9x19 says:

This band is just a black metal joke.. but Crust punk bands have been mixing their style with black metal for years … even Darkthrone turned into a crust punk band for 3 albums …

Punk music (antifacist) is not that far away from black metal as everyone thinks ,you can hear it in the early days (soundwise)…. fuck even Euronymous was left winged haha and he pretty much invented the black metal riff

And if you ask me black metal is gone long time ago , the suicidal/insecure/depresive/emo/kids killed it.

olskoollover01 says:

I listen to this album and its good . It has that punk/thrash/black metal basically like Dead Kennedy but you add black metal elements and the topics are political and funny subjects

Shoksta says:

Funny how you gave Marduk’s new album only 2.5 out 5 for BEEING TOO SHORT. Of course that doesn’t apply to bands who endorse Antifa.

Ripple Wine says:

why do you let this guy do reviews? He’s so goddamn annoying.

Dillon MacPherson says:

The O in shout outs

Sam. X. says:

oh hell yes.. more black metal reviews!
(I want that Cancer shirt)

Andreia Reminiec says:

Or Blackened Noise

VonSeux says:

3:18 I don’t find this kind of bullshit remotely fun anymore

MeanJoeGrizzly 71 says:

Smh more political opinions that normal metal heads really don’t give a shit about… only you hipster metal heads actually give a damn about your political opinions..

sha-d paul says:

Marduk aren’t a nationalist socialist band though, they’re just a band that uses World War 2 as a theme for the evils created from it. Nowhere has marduk said that they embrace nationalist socialist ideals.

Toni Blakmoore says:

Fuck racist bands

Tommy Dolan says:

multiculturalism is for cucks

Metal That's true says:

At least you shit was good on this video

Jorge U Bonilla says:

Holy shit that Cancer shirt…

The Game Grinder says:

Lol, that hat looks oddly like some other clown I know of. I don’t like Antifa and I don’t like Nazis either, so any chance to laugh at one or the other is a good time.

Dan Sec says:

Fuck Peste Noire

SirFistaCunt1488 sir Chad Hendrickson says:

I could be classified as a white nationalist, and i honestly find this hilariously amusing, one big difference bettween the left and the right is that us on the right are able to laugh at ourselves

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