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Bradley reviews the 10th studio album from death metal legends Obituary.

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Bradley Zorgdrager is the Metal/Hardcore Editor for Exclaim!
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Skogen Hevner says:

where is the overkill reviews for Havok – Conformicide ?

Jim says:

Bouncy & Happy (What a Dick!!!). Obituary Kills!!! Guitar Solos are always needed Beard Boy!!

Sandra Argueta says:

This guy is too flat/plain when is talking, is like he is just reading a script and doesn’t feel what he is saying…… he will fit perfectly working as a customer service rep in a 1-800 phone contact center…..

Daniel Gabriel Secară says:

Album is kinda crappy. The review was… meh.

Chris Gonzales says:

Kick ass review, man!!!
Totally picking this album up tomorrow!!

clutcher m/ says:

its a best of 2017 songs are for mosh pitting and head banging

Jacob Eberhardt says:

That intro was pretty fucking funny.

eric yantz says:

I love this album! 4.5 at least, to me.

jeff jackman says:

3.5. thats low

RetroHabit82 says:

Obituary is like Super Nintendo, it’s not the new kid on the block,but when you go back to it,you realize why it was great in the first place.

Violand Shabani says:

bullshit review!

Pawel Gasior says:

fuck off

Dave with a fire axe standing on a hill of skulls says:

love the shirt

Luny & Milky says:

ok, now I’m curious… x’P (The robot pun was hilarious btw x’D )

M H says:

This guy looks like a tall version of the Dwarf from Lord Of The Rings.

The Grinder says:

End it now may be the best Obituary song in a decade! This album is fantastic and proves Death meta isn’t all about blast beats

Buddy Loyd says:

there’s better acting in softcore porns. Just be yourself you goof.

sunsty1e says:

super impressive record from these guys

Luke Harman says:

The intro of Lesson in Vengance reminds me a little of Pantera’s Revolution is My Name

Steven Santmyre says:


Bruno says:

nice lens flare effect! Like going back in time!

SlackBabbath665 says:

It’s Death n Roll, as in Wolverine Blues!!

NMEofNWO says:

“Lesson in Vengeance” is not a “Matt Pike impression”. It’s a BLACK SABBATH impression.

J says:

They’ve basically been a Celtic Frost rip the whole time lol

Curly Toes says:

wtf is this bullshit

Metal Shirt Collectors says:

The New Obituary Album is the best I’ve heard in metal in A LONG TIME ,,/ CHEERES ,,/

Mark Boyd says:

Man, I totally don’t understand the over-evaluation of this album…and I just resent the put-down of “A Lesson in Vengeance” here. Bouncy/happy/simplistic? 4 words…Return To The Eve. Obituary has always saluted the mighty Celtic Frost in their career and “A Lesson in Vengeance” is probably the best job they’ve done in doing that. These guys came back after a hiatus and in hindsight, “Redneck Stomp” – first track from their “return” album Frozen In Time – set the tone for EVERYTHING that has followed. There’s a certain classic-rock kinda vibe that they discovered and totally own. As far as I’m concerned, this new album is what they’ve been working toward since FIT…production values are awesome, the sound is HUGE, riffs are beautifully brutal and sludgy, NOBODY sounds like John Tardy, the melodic solos over the heavy riffs are just gold and…well…this is a great album. Stop overthinking and just turn it up to eleven!

cabalofdemons says:

The first half of the album is very good. However it falters in the second half. The album is 10 songs but unfortunately 2 of the songs are filter. It’s a solid record, but it lacks the energy of the band’s past records. A 7.5/10.

chester whipple says:

This guy sounds like a fookin tool. His voice is happy, bouncing and boring. Another gay sounding, millennial man child.

QuietHero says:

almost a minute and a half …..wooooww……a minute and a half.

Grimbel Fix says:


Ritchie Rosson says:

I think they should have got an extra star for having so much hair at their ages.

For The Love of Metal says:

OMG I LOVE lesson in vengeance! Happy Bouncy?? Hmm, sounds like sludge to me. All the sludge/doom through out this album is AMAZING!! No mention of Straight to Hell?? Dude… WTF is wrong with you that is my favorite track on the album! Maybe you’re not an Obituary fan?
Personally – This was easily a 4.5 album for me. EVERYTHING I want on an Obituary album… on one album! If you liked the snippets of songs in this review… Go out and get this album you will not be disappointed. SOO GOOD can not wait to see them on Saturday!

Curly Toes says:

u should be banned from the whole internet for putting happy bouncy and obituary in the same sentence

Robert Greer says:

i cant speak for everybody, but im not upset at the critics score. i just dont like critics. music like any art is subjective and that makes a ( professional) critic a very unimportant voice. And to the mindless that actually take advice from critics…dont .

Lazurite says:

Why no review on six feet under’s new album

Patrick William says:

This album definitely has the Morbid Tales style riffing ❤️

Patrick William says:

A Lesson In Vengeance reminds me of Circle of the Tyrants and Visions of Mortality. Sentence Day reminds me of Into the Crypts of Rays

Eduardo Robles says:

meh. i thought turned to stone was great. a lesson in vengaence is boring and practically screwed over by the fact that there are vocals in the middle of a solo. whats with that? strange, unusual and overlapping the momentum. they sound kind of boring ive always thought obitchuary was this super fast kind of band.

Bryan Hoskins says:

After listening to death metal for twenty-five years I still cannot get into Obituary.

I respect their seniority and understand what they’ve always been going for, I just thought Immolation, Pungent Stench and Baphomet did it better when it came to midpaced groovy death metal.

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