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Martin reviews the new OPERATION MINDCRIME album “The New Reality”
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Randy K. says:

love the album, agree with your review

Anthony Rivers says:

I’ve been a fan of the actual Queensryche band since 1984 and I’ve seen them live multiple times…but I’ve got to say Tate outside of his vocals has become Talentless… the songs are stale, generic and his vocals don’t fit any of it… I don’t really know what else to say….. although I respect the musicians in his band for all of their past work and ability ….the second album from the new version of Queensryche is fantastic in my opinion

Chatman666 says:

I love how Martin tells us the backstory to the current band. Makes the review more interesting. At least for me.

PerfectMask1 says:

A presenter who reviews albums on Banger TV instead of trying to be funny – Makes a nice change!

Ian Israel says:

Geoff Tate’e voice is horrid,now that he lost his higher range.

preromanbritain says:

I don’t agree with Martin this time, but it’s still a quality review.

border66 says:

he said audiophile for the production pjhjffgfgdgdgahaha

Fuck Google says:

Bands that are gay for a $1000 Alex.

Gabriel Carpenter says:

That first track….????

Anibal Perez says:

I want to like this, but it’s just so bad 🙁

Brian Barlow says:

AHHHHH! my ears are bleeding, and i vomited a little in my mouth..please turn it off. 0 skulls

Dave Lanciani says:

Ugh. I give it a 1/2 a skull. Maybe. This album is just mediocre, bland, generic. Zzzzzzzzz.

stone cold says:

Anyone see the Chocolate war? Instead of envoirnment we have atmospheric as a word

Endtyme says:

Terrible album.Messy, not sure about the drums…sounds like a drum machine..bad produced and the most important: the songs are bad.There´s some exceptions like “Under Control” but I guess it´s not enough.

Ronald James says:

Fucking hell ! I thought I was listening to lost tracks from David Bowie’s Scary Monsters !

Andre Arruda says:

Martin P., great as usual.

Futaba is The Best Girl says:

Garbage, like anything related to Queensrÿche.

Damian Perry says:

i think Tate can still sing, but poor song writing won’t show it off

MIZORAM - Mafaka Hnamte says:

_This is really great review, Sir_

HellBilly Austin says:

I want to cut my ears off and scream in the face of old ladies and tony blair. Hate it hate it HATE IT!!!, over indulgent musio shite. BURN IT!!.

bobdrinks says:


Caique Vieira says:

Kelly is “amazing on this album?” he’s always out of tune and he can’t play guitar

patriceye says:

This is very complex music ! the other version of Queensryche is more of a straightforward melodic heavy metal .People seems to overpraised the Todd Latorre version of Queensryche,Don’t get me wrong ! Todd is a great singer but to be honest they don’t bring nothing new to the table.The new version of Queensryche lack of the Chris de garmo songwriting abilities.The new reality is not for old school rock fans .It’s might take years before getting into it and that the true meaning of progressive music.Progressive music is something that grown on you through time ! If you like something right away it’ just rock n roll

Nature Boy says:

Dave Bowie much!…..

Ty, On The Record says:

Operation Mindcrime (album) and Empire are two of my all time favorite albums…but Geoff’s new output is just terribly boring.

mama drank says:

Wasn’t Geoff Tate always just a watered down Bruce Dickenson?

stone cold says:

Ker plop. Flush

MrAntichrist12 says:

6:36 Admit it Martin,Geoff Tate paid you to say something good about his vest friend Oven Mitts.

TurboLesbianLover says:

i would call that progressive rock with jazzy tones

AgravepasmonK says:

OMG this album cover is so tacky.

spooney says:

This album is on par with the previous two albums – which is all I want to say…

Papa Xudita says:

Bloody rubbish

Bredo Myrvang says:

Great production??? Sounds absolutely horrible, and the songs just doesn’t cut it IMO

Noam Asulin says:

You didn’t mention Jeoff horrible voice. He used to be a great vocalist back on the 80-90s but today he sounds horrible. No wonder he uses too much affects…

Creepy Georgie says:

This album suuuuucks

Aeturnus says:

Queensryche went through a lot of hell to rid themselves of Tate and I’m fucking glad they did. At-least he has his own band he can use to put out garbage. Good for him.

Der Viscount Von Ouro Preto says:

A crappy album is a crappy album no matter what a flatterer has to say about it to keep the appearances, professional relationships and contacts.

It is always an issue and kind of touchy when you’re notorious or is starting to get big on a niche.
Tate who once was a bastion, has been worsening at each album he participated since DeGarmo’s departure from QR.
This album is a “miss”, believe me. I thought it couldn’t get any worse since I’ve submitted myself into listening to the previous ones. It was a scourge.

Michael Fives says:

This album is all over the place and NOT metal!

Daniel Gabriel Secară says:

„This band is an acquired taste” — please, dont, just dont.
The album is just boring. Not proggy, not controversial, just boring.

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