Overkill ‘The Wings of War’ Album Review- Flotsam & Jetsam The End of Chaos Album Review

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Jimmy Kay and Giles Lavery from The Metal Voice review the latest albums by Overkill ‘The Wings of War’ Flotsam and Jetsam The End of Chaos and Raven’s new live album ‘Screaming Murder Death From Above

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Ray Helton says:

Whats up with Giles? Is he trying to look sexy or just sitting sideways for the hell of it.

Ray Helton says:

Jimmy was putting words in Giles mouth at the end that he didn’t say, no offense Jimmy but that’s how crap gets started by the media. Giles said over had found the style that their fans wanted to hear and that they’ve been sticking to it the last few albums (I totally agree with that) tben Jimmy said Giles said they were putting out generic albums when in fact he didn’t and he was quick to point out he didn’t. I wouldn’t comment on it but that’s how it all starts, what if it was put out in the media ( Facebook twitter etc) that Giles said it was a generic album and suddenly the Overkill fans start ripping him a new asshole. You gotta be careful what you say or it could end up getting twisted into something totally different. Be careful Jimmy.

Erome Zab3 says:

How do you already have Overkill??

Evan Maynard says:

how he described raven’s on and on live is how I feel when I heard Priest’s Turbo live. thought the song was commercial pop bullshit the first time I heard it but it rocked live. shit, had no idea Raven was touring last year. so glad their still around. I’ll try seeing them if they come to America again.

ET6665 says:

Both albums, End Of Chaos & Live in Anhus, are top quality trash & speed Metal albums. And this alteady at the beginning of the year!!! What are we awaiting for? F.e. the new album Raven will bring us in a few months! Great!

Mark Jaramillo says:

Overkill albums all sound the same

B C G says:

For me right now The Wings of War is the album of the year. It is early though.

Allen Ellsworth says:

Short. Powerful. In your face. How every(Most genres and styles) Metal albums should be. Something Overkill and Flotsam and Jetsam need to realize.


RAVEN Destroy All Monsters – Live in Japan Live album 1995, I figured you knew the back story on new live Raven, they had no idea it was being recorded, always cool stuff on MV, I JUST HEARD a few tunes Giles sang w/ WARLORD (USA), F & J, OVERKILL Never stopped but u gotta admit their 1st few still rule, a couple new tunes are good, its the ACCEPT -D- ANGEL- UDO trap as far as the new stuff, just retreading the same path , i give em all respect for still kickin ass!

The Dillinger Compound says:

Jus pre ordered the new OverKill record, the two preview songs are incredible

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