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Sarah reviews the new Pig Destroyer album, Head Cage

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RaleighJason says:

Thank you, Sarah. Your reviews are my favorite. I love your effort and attention to detail.

MrShitfire420 says:

Need more blast beats,

dallas gunther says:

Prowler in the yard is not only Pig Destroyers best release bit the best goddamn grindcore album ever released.

Kelleydon Patterson says:

Very good work on your review of this body of work. Hail the Heavy!!

ozzy 147569 says:

Head Cage – Terrifyingly Fucking Brutally Astonishing

Bodenlose Dosenhose says:

Subbed. Like the pragmatic, no nonsense style of presenting and reviewing an album.

Sam Nordstrom says:

Am I the only one who really didn’t like Book Burner?

Ashley Fulton says:

Prowler is great, but done already.
Head Cage is album of the year material.
I love the ever changing Pig Destroyer sound, nothing wrong with evolving. They continue to always make great music full stop.

Herwan Dinata says:

Hog Rideeeerrrrrrrrr….

Ryland Diome says:

What a shitty review … did she say “tech-death”???

Ltown Dan says:

Is there a story in the booklet of the physical? Loved that in prowler and terrifyer

Javier P. says:

are there books about grindcore?

JeffORLOCK says:

I love everything theyve made. Its totally biased. But i just love pd this much.

Andrew Ransavage says:

I LOVE this album!!

MrJoingi says:

Helvete with Nasum is the best Grindcore album ever!!!!!! good review thanks 🙂

LTDsaint343 says:

Goddamn, Sarah almost completely summed it all up for my feelings for this PD release! I really prefer the old Pg over the new, but I respect the experimental aspect of their newer music. Rah from the USMC!

Kevin Long says:

Best Nasum record? I tend to fall between Inhale/Exhale and Shift.

Paul Kwaai says:

Their best album yet!

Dan Sec says:

Nice mentioning OWL

My life as a death metal drummers wife - says:

Great review

J. Scully says:


Lady Gay Gay says:

Based on past reviews, Sarah and I tend to agree with most things musically, however, this is a rare one where we had completely different views of the album, which is totally rad! I’ve never been a Pig Destroyer fan. I’ve appreciated them, but never had anything ‘click’. Head Cage changed that for me. It gave me something to actually like, maybe even love, by a band I never expected to ever enjoy.

I give a personal skull rating before watching each video, and Sarah and I had the same rating, but for completely different reasons and I think that’s rad. It’s also cool to get a glimpse of the history process of the bios and reviews. Maybe in the future we could get a video of each reviewing discussing their research process? Anyone else interested in a behind the scenes video like that? Could be a great filler video for the holidays!

Chris West says:

I had never heard PxDx until book burner. I loved it. I love head cage and I really enjoy the layers of genres and evolution of sound. I have listened to all the other albums. I guess you had to be there to get it, because they don’t do much for me. Head cage are songs I want to hear live and play on my own. Basically it sounds like they evolved into a live band vs a studio band with drum machines. I’m just a newer fan that likes what I hear.

813lynch says:

I liked it after the 1st spin.but the louder you play it the more you’ll probably dig it

Andrew Woodhead says:

Great album IMHO

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