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Dylan reviews the latest PRIMAL FEAR album, Apocalypse.

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Reinhard Heidrich says:

Love Primal Fear. Not a fan of their new stuff, but their live shows are still amazing.

Leonardo Bandeira says:

Wow such a relief to see this guy bringing actual melodic music to the show instead of shitty bandcamp half baked projects and extreme/black/death stuff. Keep on it man you are the best thing happening in the show now

Simple Sample says:

Hope someone on the Banger team reviews the new CONAN album coming out in September.

Peter Brown says:

Hey Dylan,
Thanks for your review. Great band and great review. Please keep doing these reviews.

Rodrigo Pedroza says:

Would you review Spanish Latin American Mexico heavy metal bands one of this days

ripwhoozwah says:

ProgPowerUSA the best fest in the Americas period

sheppfun says:

These drum sounds/production is very Superior drummer.A massive hi-fi and compressed sound.

Pontus Wittenmark says:

This guy’s a great reviewer. And it’s refreshing to see some non-extreme metal here 🙂

Thomas Channing says:

No shout out to Sinsaenum?! Blasphemy!

bucky gloober says:

Modern power metal & prog…not really my bag. Too cheesy. But Dylan is a knowledgeable musician & thats def something i appreciate. Cheers

That One Guy says:

So glad Dylan is here! Appreciate some prog love, I wonder who Dylan’s favourite drummer’s are??? You know since he’s is a drummer and total prog nerd.

Gibboncore says:

Not keen on the music but a big thumbs up for criticising drummers playing to the grid and quantising… jesus music should be organic and not mechanical.

Reinhard Heidrich says:

Dylan, you need to get Nuclear Fire. Primal Fear’s best album.

Kyle Kittelberger says:

Great to get a review for a band that has clean vocals, Primal Fear are a fantastic band. And excellent to see live!

Invrn says:

Hey, the banger guys should form a band, Sam on bass, Daniel on guitar, Dylan on drums and Brad, Sarah or Blayne on vocals or other guitar and Lisa and Martin the managers lml

Fnassau says:

love primal fear, happy to see them here and happy to hear the new album seems pretty cool! I’ll chack it out 😉

Ruby Rust Records says:

Me no like-ee.

Félix Hamel says:

great review, not big into power metal but it makes me want to listen to it, see you soon dude m/


Lol look at this kid

m kinne says:

Great review, anyone with an Oceans of Slumber shirt has gotta have class!!
Keep up the good work!!

S L says:

Michael Cera’s brother is right, guys.

RetroJohn says:

Am I the only one who noticed the typo in the title? It’s Apocalypse and not Apocalpyse.

bo brown says:

Nice dude. Keep reviewing!

Shane Anderson says:

Van Canto is great. I mean, I don’t know if I actually like it, but I’m very happy that it exists. The shout out section is a well deserved spot light on the odd smaller acts.

Reinhard Heidrich says:

Killswitch Engage are terrible. Primal Fear destroys them.

Ejosi says:

Based Reviewer is back

Matt Murdock says:

This guy looks like he could be Sam Dunn’s son.

Alex Ojeda says:

Yeah… there’s a reason they sound like Priest, Ralf Scheepers. He unfortunately lost out to Tim “Ripper” Owens to replace Halford. Still scratching my head on that.

Feu Machado says:

Great T-shirt, mate!
I like some Power Metal but not Primal Fear 🙂
Nice review, though… Keep on

kyle Warfield says:

So I guess you are not doing the new Enuffznuff record bangertv smh treating hair metal as a red hair step child. Smh banger TV

Eli Covarrubias says:

Finally a good review on a power metal band. Please do more.

Hallowed Ground 777 says:

Thumbs up for the shirt for starters – amazing group !!!

jeys things says:

yeaahhh primal fear!! love this band !! and I like van’s not’s cool!! .I think they created something new.

Steven Patterson says:

Oceans of Slumber. Nice.

Dakky says:

imagine liking prog music, cuck.

Kannon McAfee says:

Wow, they sound great! Thanks for introducing us to them.

Hector Calzada says:

He is a great reviewer

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