Primitive Man – Caustic ALBUM REVIEW


Doom metal trio Primitive Man returns with one of the most nihilistic albums in the genre. For anyone who enjoys some pain with their pleasure.

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Y’all know this is just my opinion, right?


Enesey Kanmichma says:


The Jebdude says:

seeing them 2night

Niles Stevenson says:

??? I can never be fantano, how can you Actually listen to this music, but go on and say “alright time to try some pop music now.” Idk but Fantano I give you a 10 for even trying, because this….. This has to have some rhythm for me.

( ooorr I just have no idea to how to comprehend this painful agony.)

Lamar Jaynes says:

Review future & young thug super slimy tape please

Matviy Berezovskiy says:

What is the album at the right?

Darren Kearney says:

Yep. 2017 is the year of Doom metal.

Sam Nordstrom says:

Denver ft fucking w. This album absolutely slaughters. Bow down to the new gods of suicidal doom metal. No one lays down the hate like the primitive men of PM do. Kill yourself to Caustic, dickhead.

Aaron Figueroa says:

Yo tan-tanio why dont u review a couple a ‘crowbar records man it would be so dope yo , broken glass come on man youre missing an essential here

Cokedup Normies says:

Is this a good first doom metal album?

RaveyGraveyBby says:

Melon, review Mirror Reaper by Bell Witch, pretty pleeeaaase

J- Doomster says:

Nice review!

Roffbist says:

Good review. If you want something that I believe is even more unrelenting and nihilistic, check out Public Castration is a Good Idea by Swans.

When Pigs Fly says:

That bar by the train tracks, we know the spot. And the weird little sound guy.

Jermy Hopkisn says:

I love the way you say ‘crush my soul’, made me laugh

Jermy Hopkisn says:

No one’s ever seen me feel shit but EUHHHHHHH

Duog Welkar says:

After listening to Sunn 0))), Eagle Twin, Black Tongue, Kahnate, and Ghost Bath, I thought I had heard all of the heaviest bands metal had to offer… but as far as heaviness goes, Primitive Man is by far the heaviest thing I’ve ever heard. It’s like having a heart attack for 70 minutes straight, you can’t move, time accelerates at an alarming rate, and you completely lose yourself in it. Caustic felt as though there was no journey to be had, no feeling of progress, no feeling of accomplishment after listening to it. Just you, alone in a dark room, wondering why it doesn’t stop. Each song feels like you are being shown a depraved act, worse than murder, worse than rape, and worse than torture. If suffering had a sound, it would be Primitive Man’s Caustic. When listening to the ending track, Absolutes you can feel your very spirit leaving your body as you finally are allowed to die a miserable, agonizing, painful death… that’s the best way I can describe this album.

Zachary Johnson says:

I think Anthony is a metal fan

josephnsparrowb says:

hell yeah boy i love this album to death. im the best im the best what should you review next? how about “josephnsparrowb – river TRACK REVIEW” hmmmm? 🙂

Peter Moes says:

Good review mate

rexxx cooters says:

And next,the latest Cheryl crow lp

dronehomeless says:

No heavier band in my opinion. Totally unrelenting record. I think production is a big part of the equation or at least proper respect should be given to that side of the sound. Would love to hear the band shift towards glacial avalanches of noise. A less riffs, more sonic apocalypse approach.

Christopher McMahan says:

Good review. Love this album and your good description of it makes me want to hear it now. one truly punishing listen.

Matthew McClenahan says:

Melon, please do the right thing and review Bell Witch’s Mirror Reaper

fartsaladVEVO says:

I don’t really get death/brutal death metal. It just sounds like television static with growling overtop

Gabe Beneteau says:

I’m really glad he liked this. This record is fucking pure.

alex says:

Can you please review the new Amenra album? Mass 6 ? Thank you

Alec Kurth says:

hey @theneedledrop they don’t seem like your usual heavy stuff, but have you hit up Thy Art Is Murder’s Dear Desolation? Re-exillerated the death-core genre for me.

uchiigatana says:

bell witch bro im telling you

President Woody says:

You should review the new full length record Hell by Hell aka MSW

RadicalEdward_26 says:

The leader of Primitive Man has another project called Vermin Womb that is just as good IMO

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