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We review Tech Death from the Canadian province of Quebec, featuring Brad’s Album picks, Metal Injection columnist Austin Weber, and Shout Outs from our Patreon donors.

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Cryptopsy — None So Vile
Martyr — Warp Zone
Gorguts — Obscura
AUGURY — Fragmentary Evidence
Deviant Process — Paroxysm
Sutrah — Dunes
Quo Vadis — Day Into Night
Beyond Creation — The Aura
Gorguts — Colored Sands

Thanks to Austin Weber


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Bronson112358 says:

Beyond Creation deserves more of a spotlight

Morgan Billard says:

Western Canadian Crust/Grind?

Jason says:

Alberta has a pretty good thrash metal scene. It is up and coming not as good as quebecs techdesth scene but keep an eye on it

Michał SIANO Podsiadły says:

Where’s Despised Icon? 🙁

7StringBlazer says:

Fuck yeah I’m glad to see Deviant Process getting some love. Their LP *slayed*

Kanyan Jaccard says:

Martyr’s Feeding the Abscess is one of my top ten metal albums.

Samuel Mercier says:

You guys should check out Fuck Toute they are quebec grindcore/hardcore punk and they rip

Oskar Pelayo says:

We need a D-beat lock horns!

sheldrake1111 says:

It’s NOT putain, it’s poutine! Putain is a prostitute….

Rich Tremblay says:

Sutrah, First Fragment and Chthe’ilist are the best in my opinion

Vincent Madeleine says:

i’m not sure where this band fits in there but
OBSCURIS ROMANCIA’S album theatre of deception,
is really good.

ragtime says:

Archspire, Beyond Creation, huh?

Jim Tasikas says:

Bradley ,

Overkill Global Upstate NY great white north.

Glenn & Deicide Niagara Falls NY
Cannibal Corpse Buffalo NY
Suffocation (half of members from Rochester NY)
Mastodon/Lethargy/Sulaco Rochester NY
Contrarian Rochester, NY
Tim Yeung Morbid Angel/Divine Heresy Rochester, NY
Malevolent Creation Buffalo N.Y.
Psyopus Rochester NY

Even though many relocated to Florida/Atlanta – beginnings all in Rochester , NY – could be a cool overkill global FYI

MetalForTheMasses says:

EY! Nice to see a mention of Deviant Process, that album is fucking awesome!

DjNawo says:

Nice to see Austin Weber featured! He introduced to pretty much all the tech death I currently listen to.

Ivan Gushkov says:

Saw Voivod 2 days ago and I am still living and breathing that show. Fucking insane. Met Chewy before the show, as I was there waaay too early and exchanged a few words with him. Nicest dude on the fucking planet, seriously. Here I was fanboying over this amazing amazing musician and he was just so nice and humble about it. That goes for the whole band really. Seeing them again in 4 days and I cannot wait. I think Quebec are so lucky to have a band of such caliber coming from there.

quantiquefilms says:

That’s undeniable, our roads truly suck!

Cycopace says:


mrbtapir says:

Cheese on chips is a great pairing, but why ruin it by adding gravy?

5retsam says:

Lmfao.. you guy travelled far from Canada to do this review……

PureSlime says:

I’m one of those people who prefers Whisper Supremacy to None So Vile

Josh M. says:

Great picks and great job tying it together at the end. Wasn’t expecting Sutrah and Deviant Process. Thanks.

detachd says:

Uhhhhh… Despised Icon!

Armando Lopez says:

I fucking LOVE Warp Zone

Lance Lust says:

Does it always have to be death/black metal? Can’t there be more thrash…?

Howard_the_Duck says:

Man, I don’t even like this kind of stuff, but that Sutrah clip was sick.

Pablo Cechetti says:

Check the doom stoner scene of argentina

Ethan Gurevich says:

Russian slam por favor

666killdeath666 says:

French Canadians are dickheads

The Space Whale says:

So many landmark albums. And Dominic “Forest” Lapointe is imo in the same league as Steve DiGiorgio, or even above. Fantastic playing.

Jakob Krysl says:

Austrian Black Metal please!

Kevin Schmitt says:

Canadian metal is so adorable

bek Foletti says:

and people say us aussies are hard to understand fuck

TheReincarnatedDeath says:

Great vid! But…Forgotten FIRST FRAGMENT and ARCHSPIRE?
AND rocking a Demilich shirt but no CHTHE’ILIST?!?! OMG!!!!!!!!
In 2016, AOTY!!!

Antoine Roth says:

Augury’s first record was much better :p

Shawn Smith says:

awesome work guys 🙂
I love my province!!

ScottOrKaze says:

Such a big Gorguts fan, and Obscura is such an abrasive album. It’s so unnerving with all the crazy sounds and weird time signatures. It’s hard to listen to, but the more you do the more you discover. Love that it got a place on here, lots of people don’t even know how influential it is!

guillxroy says:

Ion Dissonance!

Mitchell C. says:

Great video Brad! But have you listened to Lago yet?? Going to keep bugging you just like you asked 😉 (P.S. Super glad Unhuman was at least mentioned, they truly live up to their band name.)

Mark Five says:

This dude has done countless videos and he still doesn’t know how to talk to the camera.

Ibnostikac Ipkost says:

Serbian black metal, believe me.

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