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Blayne reviews the new Rotting Christ album The Heretics.

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Aris Panagiotopoulos says:

Great review and to the point with Blayne’s funny style blending well in it without overdoing it as in the past. Well done!

Edgar Zapata says:

This is gonna be a weird request. Can you review the Movie “Lords of Chaos”? It’s gonna be released Feb 22nd

escaper13 says:

Great review!

Jason Macinnis says:

holy fuck Blayne, first time i think we agreed on an album. At least to the point you seem to like this one. It’s a great fucking album, your a great fucking host, keep up the good work brotha.

Vae Victis says:

We really need more anti Islamic bands…

madspaniard1 says:

Great review. Can’t wait to listen to this. One of my favorite bands. I agree the chanting and talking can be a bit much with them.

cider999 says:

You sound like a person who speaks of things of which he has no idea. Extremely annoying to watch…

kaveiros75 says:

About that song “The voice of the universe”… I felt just the same. At first it was indifferent to me, and then after a few listens of the whole album, I found myself headbanging to that song, without even realizing it!

Rational Animal says:

Usually metal reviewers are pretentious snobs who live in a box of rhythm ignoring “must hear the same speed metal drums in order to keep my place as a hardcore metal head” bullshit topped with hipster slang. This is no different.

Scott Davis says:

Think you could review
Soon to be released “Mother” by Australia’s ‘Electric Mary’ ???
They’re pretty good, and a review from Canada could get them to Canada.

Uli says:

Would have loved to get your opinions on the new Avantasia record

Gustavus Adolphus says:

Review starts at 0:50

Artoffact Records says:

Thanks for the shout out !

Metálisis says:

Say “hey” again…

Дмитрий Гелих says:

What’s the music from the end of the video?

phearecords says:

So my only question is, is Blayne against intros that are a track or tracks that include intros?

DEAD 666 says:

Love it but blood fire death maybe ?

Eyad Abu Hassanin says:

Luv the album… The whole thing… even I’m not a black Metalhead but enjoyed it alot

omet'iklan says:

Wi ninini

Pete Hawthorne says:

Would love to see Blayne or Bradley review Diabolical ‘Eclipse’ and Prion ‘Abberant Calamity’. m/

Fake Name says:

Rotting Christ always talk too much but they make great music. I think this is a review I 100% agree with

Christopher Santana says:

Blayne is right… with no donation

Forever Undying says:


Volk Zivkovic says:

Girl doesn’t sound lame cause it’s different to most female vocalists in metal these days, it’s in Russia which sorta sounds cool to non-Russian speakers like me and also she sings in a traditional slavic folklore style which mixes ridiculously well with black metal from few examples I heard so far, then again, if there was black metal before black metal it was slavic folklore shit

Mr. Death Metal says:

This review is of the highest quality

Hammersmashed68 says:

Blayne, check out some of RC’s earlier stuff. Little more in the pure black metal vain. “Thy Mighty Contract” is great

Zack Brumis says:

Nothing wrong with talking skulls.
Hey, that would be a good parody band name

Coffin says:

such a boring band

s-viv says:

If your not very familiar with RC you probably shouldn’t be reviewing this. This album was weak, their worst most uninspired copy and paste album to date. I guess I can see how maybe if your not familiar with them you might find this ok.

Stamatis Giallolover says:

Older albums up until Theogonia were amazing but without a serious label promotion, packaging or even production. Last few albums it’s the other way around. Not much inspiration, kindergarten lyrics, not enough metal riffs just ambient. At least the band still rules live.

Joe Troja Macgregor says:

A Saor review would have been nice! Great review and content as always guys 😀

AbbeyRoadResident says:

Kazantzakis’s words feature in Pistevo. He wrote the Last Temptation of Christ and Zorba and was also almost excommunicated. Very celebrated heretic in greece and probably the most famous modern greek author.

Frank F says:

Blayne “ I’m on board with yibbity yabbing “ Smith.

c rob says:

Thank you. Love you. Pls play a second clip or a little better/longer clip. I have overlooked this as well and need a bigger bite. My favorite part of YouTube right now.

taratajum says:

you missed that thing of doing the wiki search just because you thought that it was only jabbering gibberish.
They were actually, guess what !! GREEK and it is about what actually god, faith and life is

hotbuzzard says:

I really like RC’s Heretics. Not my fav but it’s very good: In my opinion they haven’t yet released a bad album. Very consistent.

Adi Ibukic says:

I just don’t dig this guy’s reviews, he’s trying to be cool but it’s cheesy and neardy. About Rotting Christ, it’s good band!

Headbanger's Kitchen says:

Jibber Jabber is my saying!! 😀

Winterdemon says:

album is bad… really bad

chaos apiant says:

Whose “sackee?”

James Mac Coisteala says:

The new Rotting Christ album is a big disappointment,. For me “Theogonia” was their last good album..

Tor Strasburg says:

Hey Blayne, stop relying on the exclamation “hey!” so much. It sounds like a cheesy vocal tic.

Anton Tipura says:

They try to sound like Mgla now

Keziah Mason says:

Weed eater album worth of nonsense-awesome, love it,.

Lorenzo Bini says:

They are basically releasing the same record every 2/3 years since AEALO. Easy listening melodic death / sort-of-black metal with no bite at all. Huge respect for their lenghty carrier and their early / mid production, but now everything is really starting to sound overdone.

Informative purposes only says:

Great album

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