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Brad reviews the new one from SECT, No Cure For Death
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Aaron Baker says:

How about a review that we give a shit about?

5retsam says:

Great review. Meat is good.

Officer Downe says:

Finally someone who literally has an open mind when reviewing anything. Rad view man

Bongwater Jones says:

I would love to see leftist political views take over ALL of metal. Metal and country is where the strongest of the right hide. Making left metal and left country would be effective as FUCK.

mitchell2719 says:

Guitar tone reminds me a lot of Nails in a good way

ändrew Salter says:

Honesty I don’t know what being a vegan/ straight edge has to do with music !! I don’t hear you talking about steak eating beer drinking bands before you review say mastodon !!! That’s why I think people dislike vegans , they generally have a high and nighty attitude about what they choose or not choose to eat !!!! But all that being said they just sound like nail’s ( enough with the 90s entombed guitar tone ) it was awesome when left hand path came out , not now !!!!

Aggbala says:

how can u just simply forget cavalera conspiracys new album??? i cant belive u are slipping away with this oppertunity.

Bongwater Jones says:

There needs to be more political metal in other sub genres. I dislike this sub genre but I would like to support this band based solely on their political message. It would be real nice to listen to the music I enjoy and have the political message be one I agree with.

Happy Noodle Boy says:

Even though I do not share your opinions regarding diet, I still admire that you stand up for what you believe in.

Having said that, vegans are low t


Alessandro Vieira says:

Dude, U like metalcore only XP Try other styles than that please

Blake B says:

If NAILS is original Coca Cola this is diet coke., NAILS lite.

EggersMcBraiden says:

Its awesome you made another review this week, despite having the tag team review too!

Ryan Cadwell says:

This is some killer stuff. I’ll definitely be checking this album out.

Dennis Heflin says:

I usually like his reviews, this one missed the mark. I rate his 2/10. Don’t care about vegan, don’t care about hypocrisy….just the music

stone cold says:

I like this guy. Much better than the asshole who reviewed cradle. Professional and i actually learned about the band and album..

Ben Miller says:

Why is it that most political metal bands only bash christianity but not other more fascist religions with more extreme views that are a lot more prevalent today than a bunch of nosy bible bashers

Luka Calle says:

that album cover looks like a longboard design for a tony hawk game circa 2003

Christopher B says:

Go Vegan!

5retsam says:

Great review. Meat is good. Not into the album, but the tone of the guitars is awesome. Riffing could better with that awesome tone.

Nicholas Romig says:

the first time I heard Ceremony’s Still, Nothing Moves You, I was stunned at how short it was. I think it’s like 19 minutes or something. But it was so feral you didn’t really notice how it just blasted by.

Ian Thorn says:

Fully cucked, he talks about men not having a say in abortions. Like they’re all just not up for discussion when it’s two people’s child and they are still together. Lol

Hugh Broderick says:

man, this shit is boring…

symmetricon1982 says:

soy boi alert!

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