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Blayne drops a surprise review of the surprise Sleep album, The Sciences. No frills, no clips this is a lo-fi Overkill Bootleg!

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Metallurgy says:

Blayne is not funny much less metal literate. I mean this is the guy that picked “Slaughter of the Soul” by At The Gates as his all time favorite death metal record. Need I say more?

Melvin Ramone says:

Liked the review and love the record. I usually like High On Fire and Om better separate but The Sciences is making me rethink that a bit

Стас Высочин says:

Sorry guy’s, but as i see it. Blayne don’t really need you:)

Ronny Webster says:

New Voices album is out. Could we have a bootleg review of that?

Peter Spalda says:

wua na na naaaa

Greef Ramski says:

This was a fun review.

nospaulatu says:


m kinne says:

Need more SLEEP!!!!!! I gotta get me more SLEEP!!!!!!

Andrew Cueva says:

Goddamn I love you guys.

Jason Macinnis says:

Awesome! I love overkill reviews, even if it has to be bootleg i don’t care, just bring it back!!

Bongwater Jones says:

I just want more Blayne, period. Someone give this guy his own channel and a huge budget to talk about bullshit all day. NETFLIX!?!?!

Lili A. says:

“Intro tracks are the answering machine message on a rap album of the metal world.” Haha yes, thank you Blayne!

Sadek X says:

Make this guy full time !

Brian Sandor says:

Intros rule. Get off the oxy.

Adam G says:

Initially this guys presenting style annoyed me. But now i think he’s grown on me

Dickwad Orphan Crippler says:

Calling it in May: record of the year 2018

The Negan Guy says:

I’m giving it 5/5 skulls

Kyle Kittelberger says:

Haha I’m only 2 minutes into this episode and its already one of the best Overkill Reviews- Blayne is the best!

Ryan Besco says:

Oxycontin F’d you up. But you still did a killer review! Hats off to you. That stuff breaks me.

XO says:

Glad to see a review! Really great intro. Thanks Blayne!

nota fiskal says:

and those titans deserve 5skulls

nota fiskal says:

sound effects by beavis

John Sandberg says:

Better than no review. But an actual sample of the music would be nice.

Mister Syre says:

Keep this lack of “formula” going. That’s a lot better.

Branches75 says:

The guitar noises made me laugh so hard lol

Cody Granrud says:

Awesome review my dude… had no idea this had came out. Definitely checking it out today.

NOWAZA says:

Perfect little drip fed video to keep me over until everything is back up and running!

Josh Fohrman says:


Jason Manning says:

Backward spoken dates… cool…

Matt Hatter says:

Perfect opening for this album review! I’m so glad Blayne did this one!

Stephen Piersanti says:

Been missing these segments so much. Thanks for bring it back @BangerTV!

Metal Trenches says:

Lookin like Lindbergh with that hat on

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