Sleep – The Sciences (Metal Album Review/Reaction)

I take a look at the long awaited, and highly unexpected, new album by Sleep ‘The Sciences”


TheStrongBoyz19 says:

Great band, Dopesmoker, which is their previous album is a 1 hour long doom, sludge metal masterpiece. Congrats for 400 subs!

MacRofaggRo aUriazUl says:

I agree, i loved Giza Butler riff, it is heavy and huge as fuck. I also agree with Jason Roeder’s work, his drumming fits great into Al’s and Pike’s riffing. Nice review.

Andy says:

Hey dude, you should review the Elephant Man Trilogy by Mastodon, comprising the three tracks ‘Elephant Man’, ‘Joseph Merrick’ and ‘Pendulous Skin’.

It’s a boss trilogy. Needs your review

Deep Coma says:

grown man still being an individual.
Shut up and review

Stønepiper says:

Green is such a beautiful color.

Andy says:

Is it better than Kyuss’s Welcome to Sky Valley?

Florence Cauyao says:

make more hehe u good

Zach 666 says:

First time watching a video of you! Great review! I love how you are walking around while giving the review, definitely very unconventional, but I really enjoy it!!

vitusdoom says:

What a band!! That sound they have is unique. The version of Dopesmoker i have on cd is weird as fuck, no serial number, barcode or anything. Cover art by Arik Roper. Bootleg copy i think. Few blims from 1999 in there still i bet.

PoorBastard says:

Hope this review will bring you a bunch of views and subs. By the way, since you have a request list… I thought a lot about it and finally made my decision. You’re slightly into psychedelic music, right? i mean, you like Sleep, so… I believe Sleep is kinda psychedelic. I can recommend Arena Negra by The Myrrors (mostly it’s jams but really interesting jams with unusual instruments and vibes, without walls of fuzz and powerful riffs (which is great too, don’t get me wrong)). Thank you very much!
And what’s your personal favourite here? Marijuanaut’s Theme? Looks like you talked about this song a little bit more than about others.

skeven0 says:

First review i watched from you, interesting take on reviewing by walking through a peacefull landscape
it was pretty amazing that they released a new album after almost 20 years,
Hopefully i can get my vinyl copy next month when they play in my country, because i aint gonna pay those scalping thieves atm

Andy says:

Yes my dude

Ryan Mckay says:

“Once you got the message, hang up the phone.” Best reason ever! No need to overstay your welcome.

Ian M says:

I enjoyed this review and the others of yours i’ve watched. Im curious, do like Converge at all?

Andy says:

Did you manage to listen to the new sleep ‘Leagues Beneath’ yet. If so what did you think? Or maybe a video review?

Dylan sabbath says:

very good channel dude

ff bekap says:

Thank you for introducing this band. I subscribed weeks ago because I knew I will expand my musical horizons with your videos. Btw new Godsmack album is coming on Friday.


Great review mate, the intro was hilarious, subscribed!

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