Slipknot – .5: The Gray Chapter ALBUM REVIEW


I travel down memory lane a little bit with a Slipknot review.

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Y’all know this is just my opinion, right? What did you think of this album? Love it? Hate it? Why? What should I review next, eh?

Cal is throwin’ up:


Brandon Walsh says:


tingkagol says:

Idk, but Slipknot’s S/T is still one of the “heaviest” metal albums I’ve ever listened to, even now that other music is so easily accessible through the internet. For me, it had to do with how the album was produced – it was extremely rhythmic and groovy, the percussion was not muddled by the guitars in the mix, the arrangements were on point. I mean – I’ve never heard any other band that could remotely emulate what they were able to do in “Only One” which had one of the coolest odd-time breakdowns ever imo, nor have I encountered another band that could emulate the unsettling feeling of “Tattered and Torn” despite being relatively not that heavy. And Corey is just off-the-rails too, and it’s not because he used an endless assault of screaming. He was able to use tension to great effect, something Korn’s JDavis also did back in the day, but Corey just did it better because he’s a more skilled vocalist. When I look at heavy bands today like Nails (for example), they just go off from the first track and never let up – almost as if they’re hiding from the constant screaming and unrelenting full volume sonic assault. Whereas with Slipknot’s S/T, I get the feeling of vulnerability when I listen to it, which makes it miles better imo. Also, the samples/DJ/hiphop influence also kind of gives the album a bit of diversity which is a plus.

Whenever I look back with nostalgia goggles, I tend to punch holes into the stuff that I used to really love, almost as if it’s a subconscious habit of self-correcting myself – i.e. that I am now older and wiser and I was young and stupid. But I also like to keep that in check so that my insecurities won’t render me blind. Obviously, I loved these stuff back in the day for some reason. This album made me feel something back then, back when a slew of other stuff in music didn’t make me feel anything, so there’s no reason to dismiss it now that I’m older.

mud says:

well they incorporated a lot of sadness because their friend died lmfao

Nu Blyat says:

I’m sorry but saying anthrax and hardcore punk are heavier than slipknot is just utterly stupid

Catman 555 says:

.5: The Gray Chapter is my least favourite; self-titled and Iowa are really great, I love listening to them again and again; Vol.3 The Subliminal Verses is the album that got me into listening to Slipknot for the first time; All Hope Is Gone is not perfect and not as good as the first three releases, but I think it’s much better than The Gray Chapter.

Olly Dyer says:

Vol 3 is one of their best in my opinion- not the whole album is nearly as “sad” as you think. Songs like The Blister Exists and Pulse of the Maggots are hard-hitting. Also contains many other incredible songs.

Danish Meman says:

Basically anything that reminds him of his teenage years is a 4/10.

Ross S says:

Wow, you suck at critiquing music. I understand it is just your opinion, but wow. If you listen to one track and think its pretty good until you hear a little of what Sid does, and then its ruined? Your friends must hate seeing movies and going to concerts with you. On a side note Vol. 3 by many, many, many true metal fans believe is one of their best albums. In an age where shit rap music and over produced scum like post malone taking over the world, and rock shoved in the background scares some people that the old saying, “Rock is dead”, is coming back. Eventhough bands like fall out boy and imagine dragons suck we still need them to keep people talking about rock. It’s not a coincidence that you never see metal or rock bands get credit they deserve for amazing songs/albums. I do not usually post but your words did something to where I had to speak up, and do you even know how to record a song and how to master a track? I do since I’ve mastered songs before and some of these groups do it themselves. Unlike rap where all you need is a mic and mac book pro, rock requires a lot of skill recording all the instruments. Slipknot is one of those bands and they are doing that with 9 members/instruments. I am done ranting, good luck with your channel, I am done giving you the views you need for some extra cents in your paycheck.

Croakinc36 says:

He didn’t even mention why this album is sad or Paul Gray’s passing.

Slik Tox says:

The reason why TheGrayChapter is more “sad” is because Paul Gray died in 2010 so the album was made because of his death.

Lukkern says:

i LOVE this album so sad to see you pretty much disliking it man.. I find it to be their best album, and i cant seem to find out why.. Like pretty much all their albums except their self titled album and all hope is gone.

Dre Horvath says:

I was young n angry!!

Rex Holes says:

I like Slipknot more and more I used to be not impressed but I like it a lot now, Corey Taylor is one of the most talented vocalists in the world, he could do any kind of music , the lyrics aren’t the best in my opinion but I still think its awesome

Yebbo V3 says:

Slipknot is just pure gorey fun for me, like a cheesy horror b movie, it’s just great fun

TENGU says:

I think I can understand the review you gave here as you’ve been familiar with Slipknot for many years.

This record actually was the first I listened to by this group, so my view of it is a little more positive. I think there is plenty of aggression on it, and songs like The “Negative One” and “Devil in I” scratch that itch for me. Definitely see where you’re coming from on this though.

Vladimire bdringo says:

I thought this record was atleast a 7

Croakinc36 says:

It kinda sounds like you just don’t *personally* care for it based on your own preferences, but barely even mentioned the actual quality of the album for people that like dreary metal songs.

Beatriz Rosewood says:

garbage review.

Al Capone says:

Personally, I enjoy some of sid’s work. I think it creates for a nice sound of legato to contrast such tremelo as mick and jim. OH, MAY I NOT MENTION HOW GOOD THE BASS WAS IN THIS ALBUM. I don’t know why, but to me, the bass just is boosted super high for this one. Either that or i hear strangely. Despite, may this of been an intentional move to mourn Paul’s death?

Chronic_Breakdown says:

This album is the product of them mourning their band mate. It’s not going to be Iowa. I 100% disagree with you.

Zack B says:

So basically, you’re complaining about a band who’s sound has honestly evolved pretty effortlessly through an absolute shit storm of hardship and tragedy because they arent as hardcore as they were in their mid 20’s when the world was their oyster and when they had an absolute mad man of a producer who flat out abused them to get the right sound out of them on Iowa etc. Here’s hoping that All Out Life will impress instead since it’s supposed to be as hard and gutteral as they once were

Jesus Iracheta says:

I think Slipknot has always kept that aggressive style from their first album, but they have incorporated more melodies and melodic singing but there’s always hard songs on every album including this one.. to me I will always love their first album the most even more then Iowa, just so raw and and yet catchy. Slipknot is the shit and I can’t wait for their new album coming out hopefully this year !

Max Palmer says:

When I was younger grade school though middle school I thought godsmack was the heaviest shit ever especially there self titled

999alex9991 says:

all hope is gone and their first album will both have a reissue with scrapped material as extra in 2019

gagers78 says:

Tbh i find a lot of death metal be boring compared to slipknot but that’s just me. Mostly down to me hating growling. It just sounds bad to me but oh well.

Robert Morris says:

Id really love you to review some Despised Icon.

Shallot Onion says:

Maybe people don’t actually like Slipknot because they’re the most hardcore metal band out there. Maybe it’s because they’re the most hardcore metal band that doesn’t sound like dogshit animal noises and messy instrumentation. Seeing the name “Pig Destroyer”, I can already tell it’s just mindless music that is loud for no reason. The tone is the only thing that I think has changed about Slipknot. The more “br00tal” you go with metal, the less it sounds like music. I feel like Slipknot fits in that perfect area of hardcore and melodic. City folks just don’t get it.

Medieval Spartan says:

Snuff. . .

Omega 2004 says:

When it comes to “hardcore” metal, slipknot really is one of most hardcore of the nu metal genre, it’s very hard hitting but you could also bounce to it and feel the rhythm more than you could find in some other genres of metal that are not so rhythm oriented. It’s very hardcore metal with a groove to it which really does it for me than some of the meaner genres like death metal and doom metal.

Mihai Bacrau says:

So you are are searching for raarhah, rrrrrrrrrrrrr. uuuuuuurrrhhh, anger, depression and shit. Try listening the music instead.

Malcus says:

Your points are perfectly reasonable. However, this is one of the all time favorite bands of mine!

Chaks J says:

biggest bullshit on the internet

Merry says:

Hey! No shitting on disturbed!

Joshua Kemp says:

Trying to be biased I suppose but any true Slipknot fan knows not only was Vol. 3 one of their best albums but Paul’s eulogy (.5, The Grey Chapter) was beautiful, brutal, and very fitting to begin a new chapter (or two) of Slipknot. If you want to do a negative review of any album, might as well be AHIG.

Aphoticon says:

We will never get another Iowa, and that’s pretty sad. That album is the definition of Slipknot.

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