SLUGDGE Esoteric Malacology Album Review | Overkill Reviews

Sam reviews “Esoteric Malacology,” the newest from slug themed metal band Slugdge

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ayures says:


HighTech X LowLife says:

Love your channel Sam

Kim Weigand says:

The pronunciation of the bands name is wrong here 😀 Look at this video at 1:30

joe kennedy says:

I missed sam

TheHedstrom says:

Sounds really nice

Metal Trenches says:


Andrew O'Hare says:

Good to see Slugdge get some recognition.

Grant Shortell says:


Hermey The Dentist says:

Hats off to you, Sam, for bringing light to the underground.

Mitchell C. says:

Easily their most solid album, and this is coming from somebody who’s been a fan since Gastronomicon.

Adrien Piette says:

Sounds a bit like Woods of Ypres. Right?

Koopagamelouda says:

You can find comparisons to other bands of course, you can do that with any band. But the amount that this guy compares this album to other things we’ve seen before reduces the uniqueness of their sound. There’s so much originality here and could become a classic in the future if it hasn’t done so already. Please take this as something original and not how this guy portrays it, as something of an amalgamation of elements from other ‘better known’ bands. Don’t reference, just appreciate this great album.

Subhamoy Das says:

It’s a fuckin 5 for me.

TheSuperkarl333 says:

Great review of a great album, also glad to see Sam back. I can definitely say that this will probably sit pretty high on my list for the rest of the year also.

uncoveringthelost says:

So that’s how you pronounce their name? Been digging these guys for years. Good stuff.

James Nicholson says:

Just heard these guys yesterday and was blown away

Buwer says:

Can you guys review a Windir album? Honestly ome of the most underrated BM bands out there. I’m hoping for a ‘1184’ review.
Hail Valfar.

Justin Neeley says:

Thanks for recommending this album. I’m going to order it next payday.

Serpico's Beard says:

Good stuff, i love the guitar sound it’s heavy and crushing but melodic at the same time.
Love this channel, keep ’em comin’!

Addrok Garvey says:

What happened to 2 reviews a week. Come on Sam, come on Banger!!! I’m only bitching because I enjoy you guys work

Chris T. says:

Glad you reviewed these guys, they have been so unknown, was recommended by a random guy on FB, glad their name is getting out there!

Lauri Laurila says:

Some Gojira vibes in the music

Bishop says:

Eternal Ban nice

Oliver Nuñez Bone says:

This is really good, best album at the moment.

Cody Tatum says:

Please, please check out Time Will Die And Love Will Bury It by Rolo Tomassi, and Mire by Conjurer.

Cereal Flute says:

very creative stuff love the vocals

DjNawo says:

Thanks for reviewing some newer/unheard of bands. Slugdge has always been so great, glad to see them get some big coverage!

rred says:

I really didn’t expect for the songs to be this good, will definitely check this out

MeanJoeGrizzly 71 says:

That Iron Reagan and Gatecreeper Split is great

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