Stryper ‘God Damn Evil’ Album Review-The Metal

Jimmy Kay Reviews the new album by Stryper God Damn Evil

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“God Damn Evil” track listing:

01. Take It To The Cross
02. Sorry
03. Lost
04. God Damn Evil

05. You Don’t Even Know Me
06. The Valley
07. Sea Of Thieves
08. Beautiful
09. Can’t Live Without Your Love
10. Own Up
11. The Devil Doesn’t Live Here


Marko L says:

Tenth album? If you you count studioalbums, isn’t “The Covering” and “Second Coming” also studioalbums? So in that way you could say, this is their 12th album. But yeah, I get it. Tenth studioalbum with NEW songs. Anyways nice review and I love the album!

David Marshall says:

Sweet over sings again. Musically sure it’s fine but vocally….cheesey

Stephens Dygert says:

The worst album they’ve ever recorded.

the777 says:

6/10……….and this is coming from a Stryper fan since 84′. Honestly only like 3 songs on the album.

David Baker says:

I love this record! Every song is a winner.

Tj Guns Doevendans says:

David Reece Rocks!

Kevin Smith says:

Thanks Jimmy This and the new Priest are my first purchases in 2018

SvR2011XBOX360 says:

I use to laugh at my buddy who listened to Stryper back in the 90’s, I still laugh at him today. The guitars and drumming was ok but the singer blows! I’ll just stick to my Judas Priesty thanks lol

Tim Line says:

Good review own it on CD and vinyl Iike it thay much.

Jim Loeffert says:

I’m a Believer, I know that most folks I have talked to (Christians), have no problem with the songs,(released so far at least) nor the album title ??? These guys are a unique band, evangelists, in a sub culture that 95% who are in it, will NEVER walk into a church. The production will be TOP SHELF as always with M. Sweet, and so maybe the band is “stretching” a little, so be it they have earned it! To do what Stryper is doing, (there are a few others still solid, ‘Deen Castronova’ & co., WASP [IMHO] ), they are not just playing 80’s tunes to fans who remember. They are still relevant, and that speaks VOLUMES, especially in the metal/ hard rock community. Great review!

Lee Modlin says:

I am not offended by the title but think it is unnecessary. He did it to intentionally stir things up. The album is okay but there are some missteps. The chorus and growling vocals on “Take It To The Cross” are so annoying and do not fit them at all.

Keith Carey says:

No more hell to pay..that would be

Kelly Matthews says:

Good review. As a Christian, I totally get the title. I’ll play it on my Christian metal radio show. My only complaint is they released ‘Take It To The Cross’ as the first single. With all the controversy over the album title, a lot of new, curious listeners & some who hadn’t heard the band in decades heard that first single & thought that was what the whole album sounded like. I think it did them a disservice, the song being so different. I would have kept the song on the album, but have ‘Lost’ or ‘Sorry’ as the first single, so all the new & returning listeners would have given this album more of a chance. I guess that’s more of a marketing complaint rather than a musical one.

Ralph Filigenzi says:

De Niro likes Stryper. Cool!

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