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Bradley reviews Suicide Silence’s self titled new album.

Listen to Suicide Silence :

Bradley Zorgdrager is the Metal/Hardcore Editor for Exclaim!
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OUTSID3R says:

Man, metal is dying but some death metal bands are still original

Esteban Aguayo says:

Must be really depressing to know that your audience consists of 12 year olds who haven’t even developed an actual music taste. You make music for kids.

jay 99 says:

Worst fucking album I have ever heard Eddie you are just destroying this band

Sérgio Barros says:

Thanks Brad!

Jacob Eberhardt says:

I came back to watch this review again just cause its so damn funny.

Max says:

except the Black Dahlia Murder are literally fucking faultless, so Eddie can shove his “teehees” up his arse.

GMC says:

Strange how you can judge an album by it’s cover in the metal world.

n0hav0cyet says:

That “Still D.R.E.” sample had me bopping my head more than anything on that album tbh. I’m a metalhead but I fucking love Dr. Dre~

pride_hatred slaughter says:

its probably the worst album in history HOLY SHIT

Fikri Muhammad says:

at the gates?

Patrick Kesler says:

This is a pointless review.
1/8 Skull outta 5

Esteban B says:

Sounds like bad deftones

Kannon McAfee says:

I was just about to say, this sounds like Deftones, but not in a good way. This was hard to listen to — even the short clips in this review. Sounds like a band struggling to find their footing after losing their friend and vocalist. I guess that’s not easy.

Jacob Eberhardt says:

The outright “that’s the dumbest fucking title I’ve ever heard” made me giggle quite a bit.

EpsilonX says:

I loved the song “hold me up hold me down” or whatever it was called, but the rest was a snooze.

TelevisedPork says:


Martin Vela says:

Once a good band now shitty and generic as fuck

Kristijan Jurisic says:

They ripping off korn and deftones

James Page says:

5:59 bahahahahahahaa

Scraf 33 says:

It sounds like the ugly son of KoRn..I mean..I love KoRn,but this album SUCKS

Evan Sullivan says:

He has singley hamdly destroyed suicide silence

Cecil says:

The album is garbage I mean cringy.

UnholySermons says:

Makes me want to kill myself lmao horrible

Dao Yang says:

So many bad albums this year.
Arch Enemy, Suicide silence, All that remains were all crap. Lost Society had one good promising single and the rest of their new stuff was shit.

Chons Homey is pretty sick except all the Lo-Fi tracks.
The madness of many by Animals as Leaders is a masterpiece.
Triviums new album is probably the heaviest album to come out this year. My favorite band since Ascendancy.

But this year is just so bad for music.

Jay Em says:

Only Jonathan Davis can do what he does

Jonathan Marcos says:

this record should come with a bag to throw up in

Ander Brad says:

A shit sandwich. They wanted to do something “new”… it’s not new and that’s the issue. It’s bad “Nu” metal.

Joseph Althaus says:

If they had actually taken their time with this record and, of course, actually gave a shit what the fans want to hear, this album wouldn’t have been a poorly produced shit flinging temper tantrum. It had potential, but it was very poorly executed. I hope this is their last album with Eddie Hermida, get someone who can bring SS back to their former glory.

Gut Smasher says:

Slip knot wanna be smh

Wilmer Zermeno says:

At the gates mayneee!

Jacob Isaac says:

glad i skipped this record

Christian McGuire says:

Alright UMO what tha fuck I be bout ta say is probably goin ta suprise you n’ also make you laugh but you know what tha fuck I don’t give a gangbangin’ finger-lickin’ dirty-ass shiznit we one big-ass aiiight crew anyways n’ we all make mistakes includin mah dirty ass but I be goin ta do it anyway n’ tha “it” up in question is explain ta you muthafuckas why SUICIDE SILENCE’S SELF TITLED IS A FUCKING 10/10 MASTERPIECE motherfucker

Right from tha openin track Doris dis mixtape be autizzle metal typified but autizzle metal is objectivly subjectivly god tier n’ herez why. Listenin ta dis cold lil’ woo wop is like up in tha porno Pi when tha dude kills his dirty ass wit a thugged-out drill yo, but up in a phat way cuz thatz what tha fuck tha cold lil’ woo wop make me wanna do cuz thatz how tha fuck fuckin phat it is. Da random beatboxin up in tha bigginin be a metaphor fo’ mah menstrual state. That fuckin riff make me wanna kick tha shiznit outta a lil’ small-ass hoe at a local shitty hardcore show wit mah steel-toed boots, n’ you can put dat on yo’ toast. Da vocals is tha pinnical of autistic droolin retardation yo, but up in a phat way cuz it is mo’ like tha retarded kid beatboxin up in tha school hallways than it is Hunta poppin’ off bout We Will Fall by Da Stooges (which be also god tier). This be a phat thang cuz itz dark n’ menstrually ill n’ it make me wanna blast up a school n’ when noize has tha juice ta make one of mah thugs wanna blast up a school itz automatically god tier n’ shit. Then of course you have tha tee hee part which is tha epitome of dark n’ grungy n’ wackly suicidal sounding, so itz sort of like tha musical equivlant of cuttin yo ass, n’ when a cold lil’ woo wop goes beyond vocal melodies n’ becomes cuttin yo ass, it becomes dunkadelic cuz thatz how tha fuck art works, which is what tha fuck noize is. Right back up in yo muthafuckin ass. SILENCE is up next n’ dat cold lil’ woo wop make me wanna git all up in war n’ become a veteran n’ bust a cap up in mah dirty ass, while also listenin ta dat cold lil’ woo wop cuz it has phat riffs n’ itz bangin n’ emotizzle n’ shiznit fo’ realz. Also lets not forget tha openin lines which go like “here we are… is we TRANSPARENT!!!1” n’ itz so fuckin lit cuz itz so fuckin hardcore n’ intence n’ tha epitome of anger n’ shiznit fo’ realz. All tha other heavy joints on tha mixtape is mo’ or less all god tier fo’ tha same reason, be it tha heavy, demented demoic menstrually ill riffs dat basically give me a anal poudin whenever I hear them, while also bein catcheir than Bleedin In Da Blur by Code Orange (a god tier cold lil’ woo wop by a god tier band) ta tha school-shoota vocals dat is like mah daddy beatboxin up in mah grill as his thugged-out lil’ punk-ass beats me or me bustin tha same ta mah hoe. Da softa joints is also god tier as they is supa dark n’ wack n’ bangin n’ sometimes I straight-up cry cuz bustin up like a biatch n’ expressin pain is way mo’ hardcore n’ metal than anythang else, n’ these joints is tha MASTERPIECES Dyin In A Red Room n’ Conformity. I relate ta dem cuz mah mutha took a dirt nap up in a room dat was read n’ mah game sucks cuz I can’t be mah dirty ass n’ I must conform so FUCK SOCIETY AND FUCK CANCER. Eddie Hernia gives a god tier vocal performizzle if I hadn’t stated. Y’all KNOW dat shit, muthafucka! This type’a shiznit happens all tha time fo’ realz. Anyways dis mixtape is fuckin god tier n’ mah playas whoz ass don’t like it has shiznit taste. Why is that, biatch? Because it is ARTISTIC fo’ realz. All you elitists dig thrash n’ dirtnap metal thankin itz tha pinnical of noize creativity, yet dat is dis exact mixtape. Well shiiiit, it is dark, emotive, creatizzle n’ autistic soundin n’ mo’ than just a funky-ass bunch of riffs played straight-up fast like fuckin borin Slayer n’ shit. Well shiiiit, it is god tier not only fo’ tha pimped out noize but fo’ tha dark uniquenizz n’ emotion n’ cuz it also manages ta be progressive. Thatz right, dis mixtape is PROG. Yo ass can disagree n’ say tha mixtape is shitty all you want yo, but dat just means yo’ taste is garbage n’ you don’t give a fuck what tha fuck phat riffs sound like n’ yo’ allergic ta emotion n’ creativity, cuz dis mixtape be a MASTERPIECE OF EMOTION.

So dis don’t git deleted I can confirm dat dis aint a gangbangin’ finger-lickin’ dirty-ass shitpost n’ dat I be also high on cocaine.

Vasilije Pekovic says:

This rly looks like JD man…so unbrootal

grave born says:

A mix between deftones and korn

moko9hoko says:

Honestly the only problem with this album is the production. This album was not hot garbage like people are making it out to be. Id give it a 3/5 simply because the songs are actually pretty good but the production just hinders alot of what it could actually sound like, some of yall just hate it cause other people do too but haven’t even fully listened to it

Up Frown says:

I surely hear the mentioned love for Deftones and Korn, but also hear some Mike Patton in the vocals as well.

John Graham says:

I might of given this album a listen but the way the band carried on by dissing other bands, calling CJ from Thy Art a sell out and how they disrespected their fans by giving sarcastic rebuttles and criticising peoples tastes on social media has forever put me off them. Let the band die or rename it.

ty nj says:

There are a few good songs but without Mitch SS is garbo

Jason Hobbs says:


Lil Smokey says:

Favorite korn album

Somewhat UltRa says:

They were trying to hard to be like KoRn/Deftones

Timothy E. says:

It honestly sounds like the vocals are overacting to try to distract from the godawful drumming. Nothing about this is good.

darkdemise99 says:

Good review, terrible album…

Thomas white says:

Biggest flop ever

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