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Blayne reviews the new Swallow The Sun album When A Shadow Is Forced Into The Light

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Kevin Long says:

Just started listened to the new CD. It starts out like Swallow The Sun’s version of The Cure’s Disintegration. Full and total chills going on. The use of strings here raises their game to new levels.

A jacko says:

Best metal CD in years for me. I feel like I know every word to every song now.

Shroomer says:

Ahhhh new Swallow the Sun and A Pale Horse Named Death records, now i’m just waiting on Ghost Brigade to get back together

sPongebItch bObface says:

Think I’ll just stick to hooded menace’s new record I’m burnt out on the whole shoegaze trend.

kreshBACON says:

What a great combo this month with RE2 new Swallow The Sun album AND Blayne reviewing.
Fantastic record man…Such an great experience and a great tribute to Aleah. I personally loved how the clean were so present in the record. Great lyrics, instrumentation an amazing atmosphere. This one will be one of the best records this years for sure

yahokum says:

Give us Jinjer rewiew!!!

Anton Gregory says:

“At the edge of the dark, Dark, DArk, DARk, DARK” that line is so freakin catchy. I was skeptical at first because Im not really a Doom listener, but this won me over. Sign me up.

Justin Douthett says:

This review is good, as always, but I really miss the old Blayne.

Adam Fowler says:

This was a very positive feeling album to me, kind of like the feeling of resolution and solace after pushing through a very dark and depressing trial.

Mp57navy says:

Swallow the Sun. Metallified pop music. *gag*

Patrick William says:

My favorite band alongside Emperor

Patrick William says:

Her name was Aleah Stanbridge not Star-Bridge (just saying)

Jon Stallan says:

Great review. Swallow the Sun is my favourite band so I love to see them get the exposure. This album is quite different for sure but is pure magic. The songs are so catchy and meaningful and god damn is the production good! Can’t wait to see these guys in concert again!

Fission DRUMS says:

Seeing them opening with Children of Bodom. So excited!

Akash Shrivastava says:

Can you PLEASE PLEASE play the song samples when you review the songs…not playing those really leaves a huge gap after listening to “This song has this, and this, but missed this…yeah next song”

Draehl .84 says:

In this video Blaine seems tired, stoned, or sober and we’re just used to seeing himself stoned?

payazokoki says:

Do the new Flotsam PLEASE!! They deserve it with this record.

Spiral Curse says:

Kinda reminds me of later Woods Of Ypres

Doug Arnold says:

Portal ‘ly’…hmm…

Pete Canthropus says:

C’mon Blayne, how in the world could ABORTED and Obscura have a kid ? I don’t believe you. 😛

Johan Nilsson says:

Spot on review! This album will be in the top of my year end list for sure.

Mouad Moustaid says:

This album is simply great, it’s a marvellous masterpiece.

Pablo Siever says:

Love Blayne’s food analogies. XD
Gonna check this one out.

Andrea Mattei says:

A bit too soft for me too but a really enjoyable album. Great review Blayne

invadernik says:

review new legion of the damned god damn it

Fundamental Guitar says:

You have. They have. We have.. American pronunciation.. Have.. How do you “got” anything? As my journalist professor would say.

Ki Ko says:

When is the review for jinjer micro coming out???? IT’S FRICKING INCREDIBLE

Prashant Mishra says:

Stone wings


Ive been lovin everything ive heard from S.T.S so far! This was really the first album i heard of them extensively and im glad i paid attention!

Sebastian von P says:

hmm….not into their clean vocals. their Hope album I like most.

Jacob Bergman says:

Ey, I see that vinyl of Spectre of Ruin by Balckfast in the back. My favorite album from last year.

David Prime says:

I’ve heard of StS but have slept on them. Blayne has convinced me to check them out. Thanks for a balanced and informative review.

Fish Turtlehead says:

this band is boring garbage. Death Doom?

Sofjin Fenriz says:

I love this review

Deamon Painter says:

Aleah’s passing was such a loss, so I totally understand the direction they took with this album.

Aidan French says:

I don’t know much about Finnish death doom however I absolutely love Finnish black metal and power metal mainly archgoat behexen beherit and SINERGY but I loved the review blayne and I will definitely listen to this in full tonight and I will be definitely be buying the new sallow the sun album from my local hmv in Colchester England

Ryan Mckay says:

I swallowed the lasagna and burnt my tongue…..

John plisskin says:

Not gonna lie its a sllid album so lasagna ma niggas

kaubasa says:

I really would like to see more reviews from Sara or Brad , would you??
Just kinda got tired of Mr. Blayne humor talk shit

Erik Sundstrom says:

S-T-S Sounds pretentious as all hell. But I like that big sound.

the artist formally known as craig lastname says:

It’s like Jesu without the balls.

Mike Hunt says:

How about a review on that new Altarage album ?

omet'iklan says:


Gary Stack says:

Personally, if I’m listening to Death Doom, I like the vocals to be as harsh as the dark, cold void that they’re writing about

Bill Hansen says:

Why no sound clips?

Leviathan Skye says:

I know it’s not Blaine’s taste, but Soilwork’s new album is absolutely fantastic! Definitely worth a listen or two!

Juhani Sassi says:

Its sad how this guy misses the point about previous 3 cd album and this new. Last album was about handling feelings of hate and sorrow that are parts of losing someone and this album is about starting to live your life again and remembering departed.

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