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Sam reviews Testaments new album ‘Brotherhood of the Snake’

Listen to Testament: https://itun.es/ca/14xteb

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jullifus says:

would love it if you would go back in time and do this to “the gathering – Testament” record.. going back to that one… that would be awesome

Brad Smith says:

The only disappointment for me on that album is that you can’t really hear one of the best bassist in metal.

Ettienne van Staden says:

I have that shirt! Mine just looks about 100 years older

Prince Aligorna says:

It feels good to hear Chuck really back in melodic territory. He was always one of the better clean singers in thrash to me. I especially go back and listen to the vocal work on The Ritual and it just blows me away. I know his voice has changed over the years (for a few years, when James Murphy was with them, he was doing a lot more death metal stuff, then he had the cancer which affected the voice a bit, and in general he’s just not a 26 year old young dude anymore. His voice has deepened a bit as he’s matured, as tends to naturally happen. Look at Robert Plant for God’s sake!), but to hear him still have it after all these years just makes me feel good inside.

thomas miller says:

metal album of the year

north korean propagandist says:

2:32 no it doesn’t

jullifus says:

TESTAMENT! fuck yeah… they should be top 4

guelle kanista says:

Chuck Billy got Redpilled by David Icke.i love it

Baltzeg says:

I miss old Testament. The musicianship on this album is top tier, but the song writing to me has become bland. It’s the same shit over and over, every song with the same tempo. They’ve fallen into the Destruction trap…..let’s just write every song the fucking same…straight forward thrash attack that doesn’t let up. It lacks the dynamics that tempo variance brings to an album. I felt the same way about the last Death Angel album. And I barely listened to the last Overkill, and now there’s a new one. And I hate the production. It’s too perfect. I has the same pristine “laptop” production that has infected a lot of current metal albums. Formation had some good stuff, but that last really great Testament album for me was The Gathering.

B3L1AL says:

My favourite tracks are Neptune’s Spear, Centuries of Suffering and Stronghold because it is pretty much Thrash/Death

Speed King says:

Just discovered and subscribed to your awesome channel. Cheers m/

tasteegold7772 says:

i swear man chuck billys voice never loses its magic..guy sounds almost identical to his voc’s on the new order.btw i never understood those “merry go round” type mosh pits..

Fernando Hoppenstedt says:

The moment with the dog is fucking gold!!! Hahaha love that you decided to leave it.

Wynona's Big Brown Beaver says:

Woah! I have a lot of Testament to catch up on. My parents only had the 80’s-early 90’s stuff in their collection when I was a youngin’, but based on what I’m hearing on this video, I’ve been missing out.

Robb Graves says:

Kreators music is sick and the resemblance is there but the guys vocals kinda kill the appeal for the most part. any suggestions?

Luke Harman says:

2016 was a fucking great year for Thrash metal! In 2015 we had Slayer’s new album which got us ready. Then 2016 brings us Testament, Megadeth, Metallica, Lost Society, Anthrax, Vektor, Death Angel, Sodom and Destruction. 2017 brings has so far brought us Sepultura (their best album in years), Kreator, Overkill and Havok and Reign of Fury have announced an album so thrash metal is definetly doing good

President Snow says:

I really like this album. The only track I didn’t care too much for was track 5, (Born in a Rut). My favorite track was track 4, (Seven Seals). Thanks for a fantastic review.

Motorvapour says:

Saw them on the 31st with Amon and Grand Magus- they were fuckign excellent, probably the first show they played snake live- and it was incredible

GrenAcid says:

Pale King and that melodic part is one of my fav. Its nice to have some odd flavours here and there to keep it fresh and new.

Cool chanel btw gotta check it more.

Will Baker says:

Chuck once again shows why he is my fave thrash vocalist of all time and one if my top 10 metal in general vocalists

plunderpunk2 says:

Consuming Impulse is the greatest death metal album of all time.

Massimo Gigante says:

Is he replica of slayer?

James Evans says:

Testament overkill exodus my favourite 3

solarmindvirus says:

interesting comment regarding the big 4 being 3. I have no idea or memory when the term “big 4” first was coined, but if we take 1990 as a fair even playing field as a starting point, Surely Testament miss out for Megadeth and Anthrax. Seriously. Souls of Black is terribly bland album compared to all similar timed releases from the actual big 4. Practice was good and, sure have the first 2 albums as classics. But Testament over Megadeth? for a big 3???? just like your opinion, this is mine.

sidusize says:

instasub ! 🙂

Debraj Bhattacharjee says:

“… as my all time Top 3, Metallica , Slayer and Testament” That statement shook me…no Megadeth??!!…in my opinion, R.I.P. or Peace Sells… can replace Slayer or Metallica ( barring their first three albums ) anytime…. Mr. Dunn as a great fan of your body of work we are gonna remain friends ( by that I mean subscribed) but not great friends ( by that I mean not hitting like on every video featuring you, as I was doing till now).

Cockadoodle says:

Interesting take. The Pale King was my favorite track personally.

Rex M says:

Old boys still representing!!!!!!!!!!!! More power to ya fellas!

Jock Doc says:

Gene Hoglan is The Beast!

Hangar18man says:

Good review here have to say having this album plus dark roots and formation awesome albums in their own right always listen to them but this album with the subject matter and all round good music takes the cake keep up the good work testament

Adeeb Shakhawat says:

is that sam on 3:39 with a camera?

MicShazam says:

To me, The Pale King is easily the best song Testament ever recorded.

4:33 Yes, it works! I fucking love that riff!

Jason Benesh says:

Do you guys need a commentator? I love your stuff, but I could review these albums with more charisma. Sorry, Sam. I love you, but I’m better.

AsiA I. says:

sumerians are not white they are middle eastern they are south sumer sumerians.mesopotamians are assyrians modern day Iraqis.the song the paleking has no basis to sumerians sumerians are wheatish brown people.

Will Baker says:

I LOVE this album. Their best since “New order”(which is my fave Testament album, and “New order is on also my personal top 5 thrash records of all time. There are parts on brotherhood that really bring back to New order- just with more clean production- which new order didn’t have but that also gave new order a great atmosphere). My fave song on brotherhood musically “centuries of suffering” though the lyrics – being sexist, sorry guys it US-based it literally demonizess and pathologi z e s males as a class which if the lyrics were doing the same towards females as a class it would be internationally attacked, jobs would be lost, forced apologies, banning, character defamation. But since its doing so to males- as a class I guess its ok. By implication if one gender or race class. Demonized as a class it suggests SUPREMACIST ideas, in this case females are implied as superior morally. BUT though this troubles me, the song nonetheless is F U C K ing awesome otherwise, and all in all the album is IMO otherwise a 10 outs 10. No other problems with it, too sucking brilliant. So I can forgive that one lyric demonizing a whole gender class. Great work, re-afirms why Testament has always been in my top 5 thrash bands(which also includes Overkill, and metallic, Mega d e t h, slayer, and an honorable mention to Forbidden)

Don Woehler says:

Testament should have anthrax’ spot in the big 4 bro..

Dino F says:

don’t get your BS views into the music.

Will Baker says:

And actually the albums concept has to do with the ancient alien gods theory and the theory of some alien races being malevolent and controlling humanity via CERTAIN secret societies and elites(not all). But not all alien races being malevolent towards us. The pale king deals with if we are to go bythe video is about grays

Who Lucas says:

i dig the dog part XD

Marin Hrabrić says:

1:53 the cat in the bottom left corner

The Jebdude says:

1:52 anyone see that puppy?

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