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Brad reviews THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER’s latest “Nightbringers”
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Tyler Potts says:

very in the mold of nocturnal, which is a great thing probably my third favorite after nocturnal and ritual

Liberty Weekly says:

I understand why they went back to their roots with a “nocturnal” sound. It’s probably because they have almost no remaining original members and have just made another lead guitar change. They gotta hit those roots to make sure they still sounds like Black Dahlia Murder

021Sweden says:

got the BDM album with the mail today !!! … forgot to say … i love your repulsion long sleeve ! repulsion … now thats grind metal !

Tarzanitard says:

What do Goo Goo dolls and Cannibal Corose have in common?…….Buffalo

nanotoker says:

Widowmaker is my favorite track on nightbringers. Thanks for the upload brad

Andrew Silvestre says:

One of my favorite BDM songs is on Delorate. I dont think it under performed….

ZombieNazis says:

Would’ve Bean
Could’ve Bean
Should’ve Bean

Marcus Aschenbrenner says:

Been fan of them since UNHALLOWED never bad album they get better Trevors lyrics are crazy and get more darker wish he would get away from the evil lyrics like in the nightbringer song but i dont take it seriously the music awesome i rate this 9.5 the 2nd track is trevor takes it as far as he can

Sérgio Barros says:

Great review, Brad!

Matt van den Ham says:

Ontario? Where are you guys from? I’m from Ottawa

MrTomkat030 says:

Can’t wait til Feb 17th day after my birthday

Phillip hanna says:

Haha awesome shout outs to the Blast Fiends! We still out here.

Mindless Studios says:

Fucking great album! 5 our 5! Best since Nocturnal! Maaaaaybe even better than nocturnal?????

Tony Dimaio says:

Best album of 2017 as far as I’m concerned!!!!!!!

Jarrett Meier says:

This is the best lineup the band has had.

Brian Vega says:

5 of 5 bitch

Scott Shepard says:

New album is my favorite since Miasma. The whole records shreds YEEE

Edgar Guerrero says:

Been into TBDM since unhollowed…I learn some crazy shit from every album.

Hymen Buster says:

Abysmal has become quickly such a forgettable album. Every song I hear I just know they could have done better (not to mention absolute worst song titles I’ve ever seen). Nocturnal, Ritual and this are perfect Imo. Everblack had fantastic lyrics and guitar structure, but starts to fade off toward the end for me. Deflorate has I Will Return so that helps. Great review. I give it 4.5. So fucking dark and brings me back to the first time I heard Nocturnal.

Howard_the_Duck says:

Carbonized! Probably my fav BDM track.

Dr. X. Humed, MD says:

nightbringers reminds me of miasma… Just on 10 times the dose of steroids. that’s my opinion.

Thor Wolf says:

Poser band. Poser reviewer.

Whore Massacre says:

Ryan Knight will always be the best shred-guitarist TBDM has ever had. That guy is an amazing guitar player!

Keenan Manson says:

I love the abbath picture behind brad’s back m/

Mickey says:

I had suuuuuch high hopes for this album because everyone and their mother was giving it 4.5/5 or 9.5/10 or even perfect scores, and while this album is freaking gorgeous it still doesn’t beat a few albums for me, though at this point what could? I’d say this album would place 4th behind Nocturnal, Ritual and Deflorate.. competing with the 4th spot with Miasma. While it is a monumentally solid album it just didn’t blow me away as those previous ones.

jamdwhi says:

Brandon is clearly a super shredder. Definitely on par with Ryan Knight as far as skill goes. But I feel like the majority of the solos on this album are sort of interchangeable. I hate to criticize them in any way, because I’ve been a devoted fan since Miasma. But that’s how I feel. And I know a lot of people are sick of hearing this, but I felt like John’s solos on Nocturnal were my favorite. I know the back story, I know his skill level was nonexistent compared to Ryan and Brandon, and I know of all the animosity between the band and him, but, I feel like every one of his solos had a very unique character that was catchy and memorable. They weren’t technical, but man, they were so meaningful.

Nicklaus Books says:

I still haven’t listened to Abysmal all the way through yet. Best I lay off the peyote.

snaker9er says:

Hello Brad, how’s your wife?

looosh says:

That is a solid band. 25+ years of metal listening and playing and stupidly thought that was another shitty screamo pre pubes band. Gonna punish myself with loud listening now

sirefromtheshire says:

The verse riff on Widowmaker is Black Dahlia Murder summed up in all its awesome glory. Great album. New guitarist slays. His solo on Nightbringers is fantastic.

Hater Troll says:

This has quickly become one of my favorite albums. They fucking killed it.

Nicholas Isoldi says:


Antoine Roth says:

I miss the diversity and inventiveness of the last three records TBH but as you say, it is still a kick ass record from one of the best MDM bands in the world.

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