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Blayne reviews the new Thou album, Magus.

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The Secret
The Vintage Caravan

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1973Warmachine says:

What band is on the shirt?

Sheol says:

“Super Cool” – Loving it

huwmorgan74 says:

I’m struggling to find anything metal about this album/band.

Ms666slayer says:

I’m not a chick sooboi hipster but I likes this album, even, that I need to listen to it in parts.

valmi antonio says:

You could make a review of the new Dread Lord and Hooded menace albuns!

Marius Ciolacu says:


sludgeon says:


I Like Deathcore says:

More challenging than Bell Witch? Thanks for the warning because I still haven’t finished the first track

Chaos & Propaganda says:

I find bellwitch far more dense.

Both are good but the Thou album isn’t as plodding.

Pablo Siever says:

Vintage Caravan are awesome!!! 😀

Bret Wieseler says:

Why do you only get to play one clip? Describing a song that most of us have never heard, and are not currently listening to, seems like a degree of difficulty that could be easily diminished by actually playing the song. Us it a licensing issue?

Robert Greer says:

Postmodernism? Really ?

Toxic Potato says:

They still need better vocals

DoomKvlts says:

I can’t bare this guy’s reviews.

Binary Ghost says:

Soibois of the world unite! Also, Thou is freakin awesome.

Christian Perez says:

This is easily my AOTY.


Monster hunter ftw

Karsten Von Fjellheim says:

Ahhh…..that feeling when you upvote to 6-6-6

Christ-Fire says:

Fantastic album, man. Glad these guys are getting some recognition from you guys.

Jakob RT says:

I love it when banger gives me a new band to sink my teeth into!

Nogrim says:

i’ve suggested it before, but id really love to see Banger doing some spotify lists. i think it would be a great way to help share the music and give a little bit of love to the artists and i have always been really impressed by their catalog metal wise.

Prophetz Of The Sound says:

i fucks with this

Melvin Ramone says:

While I certainly agree that you don’t run into bands like Thou every day I would have to say that their sometime collaborators The Body are at least somewhat like them. They might be the only ones though.

Bradley Harrison says:

Where I can find the lyrics to the songs?

I love the album sonically but want to know what they’re saying – my interpretation of metal lyrics aren’t always 100% accurate.

joeyengelhart says:

Very happy Overkill gave Thou some attention. Also, drumming on this one is excellent. Picking up Tyler Coburn from Yautja made a big impact on the album’s sound.

alexander ferus says:

your not a hipster ,your a true metalhead!!like me

Fellish Beast says:

fuckin cuck soyboyy hispter

Chad Curry says:

I’ve been really looking forward to this album. Great review

Radek Wiejek says:

Amazing record, good to see it getting the much deserved love

Jack Towers says:

Seinfeld reference already a good sign



Matty Woo says:

This review was done sober..haha

Dominic Bishop says:

releasing that much and having it all be good is easy. I started my solo project Infernal Symphony in March last year and since then I’ve released 5 full lengths (one of which is a double album), 3 EPs and been on a compilation album haha and ive had few complaints so far!!

AlexSC says:

Awesome Deathhammer tee!

Evan Schooling says:

Shit I didn’t even know Thou was putting out a new album. What a fucking awesome surprise.

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