Chris lists off his top 5 signed and unsigned albums of 2018.

Unsigned bands featured:
Phantom Witch:
Untimely Demise:

Signed bands:
Signed band links
Skeletal Remains:
Beyond Creation:

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Mattie Joe says:


keenan chicoine says:

can you review pornstars plez

Young BZ says:

Went to add Raider to my spotify q. No kidding 3 song album. I’ll check it out.

matija ilic says:

Sure fuck me you can post shit about horror movies, we just want you to upload.. ANYTHING..

Adrian Valenzuela says:

Yo Chris you should have put Saintbreaker’s Cruel Humanity EP on here fuccin love these guys. They have a old school death-thrash sound that’s dope as fucc in my opinion. Them boys make me proud to be from Arizona

Bodo Baggins says:

You guys sold out when everyone started dick riding Chris

Sarah Blackmore says:

Yes do horror movie stuff please..
Love your channel. m/

ysera wannabe says:


Kristoffer Salamonsen says:

Skeletal Remains fucking rips ass. Thanks for letting me onto them

Francesco Quaiotto says:

In attesa di quella di Mavrus, mi farò andare bene questa…

The DarkKillOps says:

Wait a minute. Where’s Behemoth I loved you at your darkest?!

electroman1996 says:

My favourite Album of 2018 is Satan – Cruel Magic

Alíz Hanga Lelik says:

best album of 2018 is hands down Sangue Cássia by Sinistro (if you are into doom, give them a listen, they are signed but fairly unknown)

The Accolades Music says:

Do a worst albums of the year!

Deathlike Silence says:

I have a band recommendation for you: “Teutonic Slaughter” and “Resistor”. Both make Old-School Thrash and come from the Ruhr area (West Germany). Listen to them! It’s worth it!

TrenchGaming Pinkster says:

Nice, more shit to listen to!

Alpha Royale says:

Surprised Vorbid’s Mind isn’t on here or Sleep’s The Sciences

Liam Early says:

YoU DiDn’T MeNtIoN ThE NeW VoIVoD.

Arliniel says:

Haven’t you heard anything about IRREVERSIBLE MECHANISM??

dirtyrottenpunk says:

Most metal soundtrack in horror films?
The Leatherface: Texas chainsaw massacre 3 had so much thrash bands in it

cool kid says:


dead rising 35 says:

Don’t know how you didn’t include where owls know my name by rivers of Nihil

voidcast ethan says:

Guys when is megadeth releasing new music? All they do is fucking remaster old songs! Like every album

Xshots4meX says:

Yass plz do a horror review cx

Young BZ says:

Where’s the new Skull Fist? I figured you be repping Canada more considering all the new good stuff from up there.

Andrei Hrin says:

You sold out after your first demo

Filip Daniel says:

You sold out in how to be a nu metal vocalist when you mentioned walmart


What about Judas priest

jim markos says:

you sold out at the how to be a thrash metal vocalist video and after that

jacob shove says:

Swearnet colab would be decent as fackkkkk I’m going to bother them

JJHB03 says:

I love trailer park boys, I’ll tell SwearNet

Eemil Hilden says:


Spencer Mckechnie says:

Check out Cellphone they’re a Toronto thrash band

Emily King says:

Julian got cuuuuuuute

Maya says:

Drop your hair routine, i hope it includes a beer bath

Theramchepser says:

2019 is gonna be awesome because fucking JESUS ROTTING CHRIST

A Duarte805 says:

Do the horror shit yeah I’m out this mug. See you vatos in 6 months.

thegothamcityqueen says:

I only watch these videos because Chris is so gorgeous

Jefferson Kearney says:

You guys sold out when you uploaded how to be a black metal vocalist

PuresG1ft says:

What was the joke with the “hebrew”-stuff? Did Chris imply Karpizzle is a jew, if so why would that have a negative connotation as presented here?
Seriously … antisemitism (or racism) isn´t funny.

Castiel Winchester says:

What about Firepower

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