Top 10 WORST Heavy Metal albums of 2016

There have been many successes this year in the metal category, but like all things, some failures as well. Let’s document ten of the worst albums that the year delivered, much to our dismay. The yearly list of musical abomination returns.

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AgntColtron47 says:

I thought Mark of The Blade was pretty sick.

Lee Mark says:

Of Mice & Men. First lp was untopable. Damn it’s good.

Psychosis Jones says:

Alright vid i guess really have to start differentiating Metal and Metalcore. You have a big enough following to show the younger generations the differences. Especially with videos like this that pinpoint specific albums.


The election was just like the Tag Line for Alien v Predator
“Who ever wins, We lose”

tyler mitchell says:

I actually liked Whitechapel’s Mark if The Blade. I mean, it could have been a lot better if a few things were different, but it was definitely better than the Our Endless War album

Spirit Of The Future Sun says:

The last In Flames album was just garbage, it makes Siren Charms look like a good album (and it’s total crap)

Buck Futtler says:

“to assume this list”….

Jim says:

Calm down dude. Your going to have a fucking seizure. Slayer!!!!

EvilEats Bacon says:

TBH I loooooooved cold world

MrMRCTV says:

I think part of the reason the Chelsea Grin album was so bad is because Jason Richardson is gone. He was singlehandedly keeping that otherwise mediocre deathcore band afloat

Ja' Crispy Gaming says:

I disagree with your choice with Wovenwar! I thought that about half or so of the album kicked ass!

saKhanSteele says:

Damn CKN does a passable A-Ha…who would’ve thunk it? 😀

David Cottone says:

queensrych went downhill after promised land

Tortoise_Rights Activist says:

It’s truly inspiring how much you seem to hate Number of the Priest with a great passion. I only gave it a couple songs because I don’t generally agree with classic Metal bands being covered by Death Metal bands (although there have been a few great ones). but what I heard was truly awful

manahmanahful says:

I’ll never understand when bands release decent albums that sound different from previous works, mostly due to a slight genre change, and they receive nothing but criticism for it. Why can’t guys like this actually criticize bands for the work they produce and not bring in their own opinions on the genre change as the foundation for their criticism?

Master yi says:

mark of the blade isnt that bad,tgere are still great songs on that album.
So as In Flames that album is AWSOME!

Sloppy Wang says:

When you get angry your voice channels Jack Black lol

David Cottone says:

queensrych condition human I tried to like that album

Zach Kallas says:

I believe Chelsea Grin switched up their style a bit but I actually enjoyed Self Inflicted


Ever notice how when a bands logo changes, the music gets a bit worse

Corey Schweikert says:

Didn’t mind revolution radio, wasn’t fantastic it was just a listen one kinda thing. 🙂

Daniel Wolfgang says:

i hate you.

Jonny Simpson says:

He literally listed a lot of my favorite albums

beefy says:

Dude I love your vids but chill with the Attila hate. I mean there are hear to make people happy and have fun,there is nothing wrong with that.

MetalAndMotorsGuy506 says:

2016 did suck but it still was better than 2015 for me.

Mister Tago Mago says:

I honestly think Hardwired to self destruct shouldve at least been an honorable mention.

GingerLegitz says:

Attila is garbage

simon may says:

Why do I watch this Muppet, I fucking hate this guy. And Asking Alexandria and mice and men did a shit album hahahaha. When have them emocore cunts ever done, a good fucking album. All there albums fucking suck, and so do you:).

The Legendary Super Saiyan Broly says:

Slayer sucks. They’re so cringe because they try so hard to be edgy.

Fluoxy Troxide says:

It really says a lot about Metalcore and Deathcore that most of the worst albums of this year ARE Metalcore and Deathcore albums. Whitechapel, Asking Alexandria, Attila, Chelsea Grin, Of Mice & Men. Over half the list was full of Metalcore and Deathcore albums.

William Edmondson says:

Attila was seriously progressing with their sound in a good way. I mean it’s still bad, but it’s a god damn MASTERPIECE compared to Guilty Pleasures

Kevin Knabe says:

i really liked mark of the blade. the rest of the list is fine though.

User0155 says:

Frankie Palmeri is in Emmure

gtamaniak2145 says:

Geoff tate’s is indeed fucking shitty

Jonah Thompson says:

But I loved Revolution Radio.

Rancid Skull says:

This man is an absolute legend – one take! He gets so into it, I love these videos

Bill Skinner says:

Metal is the cancer of music. Second to rap.

dane7491 says:

This is honestly the 1st time & last time I will listen to this person..only listened because I have my own opinions of good/bad metal to come out in 2016..but after hearing his “cat clawing a blackboard, nasally, whiny voice”, I would prefer to listen to any of his worst of for 2016..

Caleb Begley says:

I know that this list is opinion, but I actually really, really love Battles. I think it’s In Flames at some of their best. Maybe it’s just because I’m not a big fan of their earlier stuff where Anders was screaming all the time. I don’t hate it. I do enjoy “Only for the Weak” and “Bullet Ride,” but other than that, that’s really the only two “early In Flames” songs that I personally enjoy. To each their own, though.

Catagalactic says:


Paul Haverkamp says:

metal is not what is was….but it’s trying still

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