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Sarah reviews the Top 5 Metal albums of 1998 as voted by you!
Scroll down for spoilers….

#5 Gorguts – Obscura
#4 System of a Down – Self Titled
#3 Opeth – My Arms, Your Hearse
#2 Blind Guardian- Nightfall In Middle Earth
#1 Death – Sound of Perseverance

Notes from Sarah:
“I say “the last thing he recorded” but there was a second Control Denied record, it just never got released. Details:

Tim Aymar speaks about Control Denied:

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madspaniard1 says:

I realize this was a viewer voted list but really. I feel like this could’ve been a worst metal albums of ’98 list. Did you vette any of these banger? who’s voting on this shit?

matt w says:

Man, 98 was a great fucking year for metal. I remember it well but now I’m feeling old.

Anthony Lombardi says:

It’s criminal that System of a Down makes the top five and CoF’s Cruelty and the Beast doesn’t. Love and agree with everything else mentioned. But despite the pretentious snobbery some metal fans throw at Cradle, Cruelty is still one of the best .. Gothic/Death?… metal albums ever, and easily Cradle’s best album. And for basically ever metal head I grew up with, it was one of their gateways into the world of non-mainstream metal.
Sure, I’m biased. If it weren’t for that album I might never have heard of 90% of the stuff on my playlist. But I have moved on from plenty of stuff I used to like, while Cruelty still remains one of my all-time favorite albums right alongside most of the records mentioned in this video.

BrettDrumming says:

Running Wild – The Rivalry deserves an honourable mention. One of their best albums, and their last with Jorg Michael on drums. Best of 1998 imo.

45 ROB says:

Where the fuck is Crowbar’s Odd Fellows Rest???

francisco morales says:

Faltó Infernal Torment – birthrate zero, aunque tengo mis dudas de que año es el disco 97 o 98 jajajajajajajajjajajajaja pero la wea es la raja

Aidan French says:

Absolutely shit review fuck mainstream over produced metal bitch

JB says:

Gorguts – GOOD! SOAD – YUCK! Opeth – GREAT! Blind Guardian – meh… Death – YES!I’m definitely a death metal enthusiast more than anything, so power metal and nu metal don’t do much for me and never really have (sorry BG and SOAD fans, just my opinion though). If you absolutely HAD to have a nu metal album though, Follow the Leader would have been a better choice, because Korn pretty much started all that anyway, or even Obsolete by FF for being a bit better than both the aforementioned nu metal albums.Swap out SOAD and BG for any of the following and that’s a solid list: Meshuggah, Nile, Morbid Angel, Incantation, Dying Fetus

Martin Wilhelmsson says:

Nifelheim – The Devil’s Force

Jeremy Whittington says:

1998 top 5 in no particular order,NILE – amongst the catacombs…,GORGUTS-obscura,INCANTATION-diabolical conquest,EXUMED-gore metal,and of course the last masterpiece of good ole Chuck, DEATH- sound of perseverance…thanx kiddos.

Foehammer says:

No black metal albums 🙁

Shadowhand says:

You had it right the 1st time. Chuck still is a guitar god.

Jon Peirson says:

“[The Sound of Perseverance] is a weird album for people because there is a new line-up…”

So who wants to tell her?

Noah Cody says:

Would of loved to see chemical wedding and something wicked but still… nice picks! Probably take allot of heat for this but fuck it… follow the leader was a shot out. Would of loved to see cruelty and the beast on there too. Masterpiece. Keep doing what you all do! This channel is the best.

Andy Gray says:

Meshuggah chaosphere should be atleast in the top 5 if not No. 1.

Jack Stead says:

Knew it

John Henderson says:

Death’s worst album could be another band’s 5 star masterpiece.

Hi. says:

Until Your Heart Stops, anyone?? That’s one of my top metal albums ever. Oh well. Same goes for When Forever Comes Crashing. #massmetal

SWE87HS says:

Some of my favorite albums of 1998

Edguy – Vain Glory Opera
Grave Digger – Knights Of The Cross
Hammerfall – Legacy Of Kings
Helloween – Better Than Raw
Godsmack – Godsmack
U.D.O. – No Limits
Kiss – Psycho Circus
Nightwish – Oceanborn
Motörhead – Overnight Sensation
Soilwork – Steel Bath Suicide
Primal Fear – Primal Fear
Stratovarius – Destiny

Tim Francis says:

I am glad Iced Earth – Something Wicked This Way Comes, and Bruce Dickinson- Chemical Wedding were honorable mentions, but…

1998 was also a perhaps the best year for the underground power and prog metal scenes. It was like Metal was making a small resurgence.
Here are just some of those great albums…

EdGuy – Vain Glory Opera
Nightwish – Oceanborn
HammerFall – Legacy of Kings
Symphony X – Twilight in Olympus
Rhapsody – Symphony of Enchanted Lands
Virgin Steele – Invictus
Angra – Fireworks
Helloween – Better Than Raw
Stratovarius – Destiny

Wilbeerthoven says:

The Haunted (.)

jared l'esperance says:

WHAT THE FUCK!!! System of a Down Syndrome isn’t even FUCKING metal!!!?? What kind of fan base do you guys have?

lambknot says:

Some of the best solos are on that Death record – Voice of the Soul is one of the most beautiful metal songs ever.

Ethan Carr says:

No ‘Cruelty and The Beast’?!?! That’s absurd!! Whether you like ‘Cradle Of Filth’ nowadays or not, that album is an absolute classic by anyone’s standards. I’m sorry but this video pissed me off.

Orphan Gypsy says:

Not to include Chemical Wedding here is a joke of a list!!

Buffalo Bry says:

System of a Down! lol fuck that! I remember I got a promo tape from Slayer that year and on the B side it had System of a down, I was like? How is this band on the same thing as Slayer ?!

Javier Garcia says:

Blind Guardian and Opeth’s chosen Albums are Brilliant. Great picks.

Russel Keith says:

i got goosebumps when i heard that spirit crusher riff

Mark K says:

Chaosphere – Meshuggah and When Blood & Fire Bring Rest – Zao are my favorite.

Metal Shirt Collectors says:

Who ever voted all this Garbage must be on some serious drugs. Worst picks I ever seen, especially all this shitty ass death metal garbage.
The only band that is justified is Death – The Sound of perseverance being # 1

TheSkyanton says:

Blind Guardian was never on Century Media

Dominic Bishop says:

I would say that Destiny by Stratovarius came out in 98 also and is easily a better power metal album than NFIME. All other picks are fine though.

L C says:

Where’s “Chaosphere” Or “Oddfellows Rest”?

Keith Roller says:

Blind guardian should be replaced with slayers diabolica in musica

zgsoad says:

I tried getting into Death. It’s good. It was ground breaking for its time. Not my cup of tea, I would have chosen Suffocation if I would have lived as a teen in the 90s. But saying SoP is shit is beyond me. It’s just as good as everything before.
People are so caught up when it comes to Death it’s hilarious. Like the people saying they haven’t heard good Death Metal since the 90s. It’s okay to stay in the past I guess.

Dingo Egret says:

4:28 taste of change or change of taste? XD

localescariaco says:

Great and varied choices.

Lance Lust says:

Death’s singer on this last album reminds me of Cradle of Filth. I know a lot of metal heads HATE Cradle…

Soulshit says:

Sound of Perseverance by Death is way too far to the rest o the list. Blind Guardian? who listen that crap? where is Speed Metal Slaughter by cranium; most of this “metalheads” names really boring bands

Tony Eckman says:

Fuck yes….The Chasm. Great band.

Mikael Åkerfeldt says:

Who is opeth

Nephilim 81 says:

Love fear factory’s Obsolete. Best record of 1998 for me.

Fernando nuñez says:

1998 was the year power metal took over mainstream the metal scene (briefly) no stratovarius, no hammerfall, no edguy? and not liking system of a down is being a hipster?? dude this list is weak. And please pagan altar rules but worshiping this guys has to be the most hipster thing nowadays

Adrian Salcido says:

No Exhumed, HammerFall, Nile, Symphony X, Amon Amarth, Dying Fetus (all of those bands put out Iconic albums that year)

Alastair Cooper says:

Fuck i hate these banger tv poser nerdy cunts..fuck off….

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