Trees of Eternity – HOUR OF THE NIGHTINGALE Album Review (Doom Metal)

This project was originally conceived some years back but was never released. However, the group’s singer Aleah passed away tragically this year, which led a charge to have this album see the light of day. Aleah had done some work with Swallow the Sun, and it shows, as this doom-laden album captures their mystique profoundly. Her vocals shimmer and fade at the right moments, but command attention. Surprise of the week? This may be the surprise of the year.

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Teema Darwinisti says:

Thank you for noticing my suggestion! (I hope it was my suggestion you mentioned at the beginning). Great review and a good choice to switch the background music to something a little less “rocking out”. I also love the album and I had hoped to hear Aleah’s voice more since I first heard it on some Swallow the Sun’s song. This is something that really sinks deep into my heart. Sadly there won’t be more of it but this record was a great gift to the world before she passed. Keep up the good work CKN!

An Angel Ascending says:

Thank you for this, man. Surprise of the year for sure.

Luca Martinez says:

You should correct your description, it says ‘surprise of the weak’ instead of ‘week’

Jamie Laszlo says:

Black Ocean made me cry. And I’m a dude.

Jon Stallan says:

Thank you for a great review of the saddest and most beautiful album I have ever heard. I waited years for this album and it exceeded all my hopes. For those interested in hearing more collaborations with Aleah check out Amorphis’ latest album, specifically the song White Night.

FlawedCoil82 says:

Unfortunately, due to a big screw up at the factory that is pressing the CDs and vinyl records of this album, it doesn’t look like the physical copies will be available in America now until sometime in December. 🙁

Andy Fox says:

My album of 2016, one of the most beautiful albums I’ve ever heard

HondaRiderX17 says:

“Almost like your at a funeral” And the first track is called My requiem. To powerful

Ján Rusnák says:

Thank you ckn for this review.

msg3030 says:

Great review man. Like you this album blew me away upon listening, the most emotional album Ive listened to in a long time. Aleahs performance is brilliant and knowing she will never get to perform this album live or make another one is truly devastating and saddens me to the core. She was a wonderful talent and soul, it hard to see a beautiful spirit such as her to pass away so young. This band would have gone far, the songwriting is brilliant along her stellar vocals and emotional singing. A masterpiece in my opinion.

FlawedCoil82 says:

Awesome! Thank you for taking the time to review this album. I really felt like this was a special release and that it deserved to be reviewed. Like you, I found it to be a bittersweet experience. I am so thankful that it is finally seeing the light of day because it is an amazingly beautiful record. But I am also heartbroken to know that we will never get another release like this again. Despite Katatonia being my top favorite band for well over a decade, this is the first time that another band was ever able to top a Katatonia album released in the same year! I can not wait for my CD to arrive so I can enjoy it with the art.

Prenihility says:

Holy fuck, she was beautiful. Unbelievably tragic. Fucking cancer, man. WTF?

Klongyaw Seven says:

I agree very much with your comments. I listened to this record today from beginning to end and had tears in my eyes….this was truly the voice of an angel…..what a complete tragedy,and what a hideous disease….

HondaRiderX17 says:

Just got this album because of this video. Just finished a million tears and I am sure this is the most beautiful album I have ever listened to.

Andy Fox says:

An incredible Album

Austin Spitler says:

I’m definitely going to listen to this album sometime today. I loved the demo alot and was anticipating this full-length for quite some time. Great review man.

Denny Hanley says:

Fuck cancer! Aleah’s story reminds me of Trish Keenan from the band Broadcast, from the UK…not cancer, another malady altogether, but her death was a loss as far as a great vocalist. Thanks for reviewing this album.

Iron Bars says:

Agreed, album of the year for me, most likely. Aleah’s lyrics are also worth mentioning, I think she did the lyrics for all the songs on the album, or at least almost all. Even without the music they would make amazing poetry. Damn, this was just like with David Gold and Woods 5, what a tremendous loss…


What is that song in the background?

I don’t know why but it sparks emotion what I hear it.

Btw thanks for getting me into Death! Keep up the good work, great channel! Thanks

MynamesRAnonymous says:

I consider myself quite a hardened metalhead and I cried quite a bit 
listening to this outstanding  work ,  not because it so damn
beautiful ,sombre & sorrowful and yet so deep and true,kinda reminds
me a bit of David Gold in a sense.But not knowing of her passing this
year and at that time I discovered her on Swallow the suns Heartstrings
shattered.I only recently realized of her death and that she was born in
my country (Not known for their great international musicians) .I feel a
great sense of loss and pride and respect.

Metalli Vegaani says:

Thank you for this review, man. I just cannot understand how Juha can possibly come over this loss in his life. Already his last StS album was full of his pain over Aleah’s condition. I hope so badly he can grow stronger even without her by his side. When his mother died, he worked his sorrow through the album Ghosts of Loss. Music is such a great source of power, so healing. It’s definitely Juha’s way to heal himself. And we all can enjoy his work. Thank you Aleah, thank you Juha, for this beautiful piece of art.

withintemptation73 says:

Thank you for reviewing this album CKN, as it’s a very personal one to me as I had gotten to know Aleah during the last few years 🙂 If I had to choose my album of the year right now this would undoubtedly be it.

Malkav1379 says:

Coverkiller, I have to thank you for reviewing this album otherwise I may not have ever heard it. I ordered it just a couple weeks after hearing this review and it was on back order for awhile. I was about to think I wasn’t going to get it, but it finally arrived today! This album is a work of art. Beautiful and sad, powerful yet fragile. Aleah’s voice is strong as you said, even while gently whispering in your ear. Having lost more loved ones to cancer than seems fair this album hit me right in the feels, especially knowing Aleah succumbed to her battle as well. But I trust that after a few more spins it is going to stand up on its own, a great piece of work despite the tragic story.

Thank you again. Peace.

pantheonofoak says:

you should review The Reticent – On the eve of a goodbye.

Selena Ivanovic says:

You already mentioned Otep, Aleah and Infant Anhiliaitor, some of my favourite artists, and you sad it right. I’d like to hear your opinion on Soulfallen, if you know them. I find what thay did really special and inspiaring, although thay don’t make any music for quite some time now.

Kevin Goeltz says:

More digging. Still such a shame that she died. She’s marvelous.

Chuck Replogle says:

Yes! The story draws me through, and the loss of Aleah pains many of us

yankees 0000 says:

Coverkiller is the best. I request this review two days ago and here it is. Love ya man

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