Trivium – The Sin and The Sentence – ALBUM REVIEW

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Trivium – The Sin and The Sentence

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Jabrane Amami says:

great review . glad it got the Two Toe Tags
top 3 trivium albums :
3.the sin and the sentence

Rob Jarrett says:

I give this album a solid 6.5/10. I enjoyed it the first time I listened, but the more I listened the more I found a couple things that bothered me.

The guitar solos on this album lack majorly. The riffs are insane, though.

Another thing I found annoying was the constant mixture of screams then cleans on these choruses. It started really getting monotonous.

I enjoyed this album, so don’t get me wrong, but I will always prefer albums like SITS and The Crusade over this one.

MisterButterfingers says:

Im loving this channel.

Cuan Lohrentz says:

Yep, most definitely their best album so far! m/

blackfox1320 says:

Great review of the album. Agreed on the third track, I sometimes find myself skipping it to get to the other tracks. It’s really hard to compare it with Shogun, but hands down, Sin and the Sentence and Shogun are the two best albums put out by Trivium (IMO). Matt Heafy brought up a good point, this is the first album they’ve released that everyone seems to overwhelming love it. It took awhile for Shogun to take hold and become a classic; initially it got bashed. It seems like all of their previous albums had a 50/50 split. This one is definitely a masterpiece; between this and the Black Dahlia Murder albums, I’m set until the new year.

Dani __ says:

Yeah Endless Night is one of the weaker ones, but I find that its incredibly catchy, still a good song
Yes I think this is their greatest album to date, better than Shogun and Ascendancy, but that’s just my opinion

Loved your review BTW, keep it up !

camgmr 45 says:

Shogun. TSATS. Vengeance Falls.

Evan Paluch says:

I thought other worlds was misplaced too. The first two songs were hype and then it slows down too much with that song. Still really love other worlds though.

Nes Mantz says:

1. Ascendency
2. Shogun
3. In Waves
4. The Crusade
5. Vengeance Falls
6. The Sin and the Sentence
7. Ember to Inferno
8. Silence in the Snow

Kwø 224 says:

1. Shogun
2. The Sin and the Sentence
3. Ascendancy

Sandro Candeias says:

I was thinking the same… The sin and the sentence definetly is triviums best album in my opinion. Im glad someone finally had the balls to come out and say it… : p

brad kemp says:

Iwatched the SatS review first but, your final review is perfect.

Davy Jones says:

Slave Design by Sybreed please, i’m gonna spam this until you do it, because honestly there’s not a single reaction video to any of their music on youtube right now, and their music was fucking god tier back in the days

cbmetalgod88 says:

Definitely deserved Two Toe Tags and happy you guys enjoyed it. Ascendancy will always be my favorite metal album of all time because the riffs were killer, the lyrics and tone were dark, and the songs were fun to sing along to/learn on guitar. But this album.. it’s something special. I was also not a big fan of Other Worlds or the Revanchist, but after listening to this album for about a week, yeah, it just doesn’t get old. Those two songs grew on me a bit and I absolutely love The Revanchist rhythm/musical change at 3:10 – 5:00. I would say the only song that hasn’t really grown on me is Beauty in the Sorrow. It’s a good song, but I’m just not fan of the main chorus., but the rest of the song kind of makes up for it though. It’s probably the only one I’d skip.

It’s really difficult to pin-point my favorite sections on the album, but I think I’ve narrowed it down to three.
1. Beyond Oblivion at 59 sec – 1:05. The little tap on the symbol is just sick…no idea why but it sound cool lol.
2. Beyond Oblivion at 1:29. Matt’s scream is intense ..just perfect.
3. Thrown into the Fire at 3:32 – Drowning Cats man.. This song reminds of another song by Trivium, but I can’t for the life of me figure it out what it is (3:11 – 3:30).

One thing I wish they would do, is add a short song like Ashes or A View of Burning Empires from the album Ember to Inferno, or The End of Everything on Ascendancy. Those really added a lot of atmosphere to the album.

Jordan Cardona says:

The more I listen to The Sin and the Sentence the more I believe it’s better than Shogun. There’s just so many awesome songs on The Sin and the Sentence and like you guys said it sounds fresh every single time! Love your guys’ videos! Subscribed!

Josue Ignacio says:

Amazing review!!! Completely agree, TSATS is sooo much better on the album. Amazing album in every way, definitely the best by Trivium.

Danny Capristo says:

Top 3 are Shogun, the sin and the sentence, ascendancy. The order might move around after each listen because of the sheer power they each have.

Jeff Hotchkiss says:

Top 3 for me would be Shogun, The Sin and The Sentence, and In Waves. And I’m sure that’s not a popular opinion so flame away folks!

J Abad Caldeiro says:

I’m digging this album. First time it didn’t hit me, but after been listening few times I have to say that I love it. Ascendancy still my favourite Trivium album. But this is very close tho.

Krondo 17 says:

The only thing I dont really like about this album is the track placement like you guys said. Its just odd. But other than that, what a great album. They really upped their game after two dissapointing albums.

MJNation says:

If anyone is interested in seeing what the Sin And The Sentence Special Edition Boxset + T-Shirt looks like, here’s a link:

Master Key says:

1. The Sin and the Sentence (come at me)
2. Shogun
3. In Waves (Special Edition)
4. Ascendency
5. The Crusade
6. Vengeance Falls
7. Silence in the Snow
8. Ember to Inferno

Shifting Sands says:

I’m not ready to put this album above Shogun or Ascendancy yet, but it’s really close. There is so much nostalgia tied to those records, but I’ll say this, TSATS really brought me back to when I first heard those records, especially Shogun. I can say for sure though, just like those records, from start to finish it’s fantastic.

Hulta says:

Hey, you have to react to Beast In Black by Beast in Black!!

That’s a killer song 😉

Nader Zein says:

Great Review!

TheMadMax IV says:

Please tell me you are reviewing Urn by Ne Obliviscaris

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