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Brad reviews TRIVIUM’s new album “The Sin And The Sentence”
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0spike93 says:

Did this guy even actually listen to the entire album? I agree with some of his points but it seems like he just picked three songs at random and nit-picked the shit out of them. This was more or a song review than an album review honestly. There are better examples to use to address both his complaints and his likes elsewhere throughout the album. He may not be a fan and thats great (usually makes a person more objective when reviewing) but ‘reviewing’ an 11 song album based off of three songs is a piss poor review. I will somewhat agree with his overall score though, which I guess makes my rant useless.

kalayas _ says:

“This guy doesn’t agree with me on liking this trivium album, he shouldn’t have reviewed it” the gist of this stupid comment section. I think this album is bland but I won’t shit on people for enjoying it the same way some people are shitting on brad for not enjoying this release as much as they do

musikinspektor says:

Its like you order a cake and complain that it has not enough mustard on it.

Anthony Lombardo says:

Double dash for life

Businessman says:

I really enjoyed the record. Has some killer riffs, goes hard in the gym. And this review was funny and enjoyable

JustSomeDamnGinger says:

I think it’s interesting that one of the things that influences the score on this album is their previous albums. I hadn’t listened to them since Ascendancy and gave this album a listen because I was going to see the show they were playing last night (went for Arch Enemy) and I was pleasantly surprised. I still love Ascendancy, but mostly for nostalgia because I listened to it when I was a teenager. This, while perhaps having some tracks I just straight-up don’t like, feels like a more grown-up version of that album. Maybe it’s the fact that Pull Harder On The Strings Of Your Martyr is my favourite song on Ascendancy and Thrown Into The Fire reminds me of Pull Harder because of its anti-religion lyrics and I just dig that. I agree with the score overall though.

Ryan King says:

This album is like a sin graph, it has some really high parts but some really low parts as well. I can’t stand Heart from your Hate but Beyond Oblivion is amazing and I blast that shit in my car whenever I can!

Athen Demosh says:

Sorry children. its not for me. Back to Belphegor and Co.

MarrowEternal says:

Never liked this band. Cock rock metal crossover

Eric Menendez says:

He is fucking Trashing their album, my opinion this is one of their best albums. Fuck this Guy!

Sandro Candeias says:

Often times people try to sound smarter than what they really are and the way they do that is by over criticising. Its a shame because in the end it gives the listener the wrong idea. The album is great super creative and diverse go listen to it and draw your own conclusions.

oded eliyahu says:

Shogun is thier best album !!!!

Actimel says:

Please review Vindicta by thread of omen

Brennan Chaudhry says:

ITT: People don’t like his opinion which is supported with evidence; tell him to review death metal instead

Uros Andrijasevic says:

I definitely agree with Meshuggah comparison.

random dude 91 says:

I try to like this band, but I can’t. =(
I really like some trivium songs tho… there’s an oldie called demon (I guess), entrance of the conflagration is awesome…

Memory says:

The only thing I don’t understand is why so many people are hating on The Crusade. Yes, it’s simple and thrashy, but at a top notch level. Just listen to “Becoming the Dragon” or “Entrance of the Conflagration”! Besides that it has even more crazy solos than Ascendancy, and also some great melodic parts like on “Detonation”. Of course it’s not as good as Shogun or Ascendancy but I would count The Crusade as one of their better albums, maybe top 3 or top 4 depending on where the new album stands on the list.

Jupa Gómez says:

Yeah, definitely the best sound and more fitting to them it’s shogun and the best for sure since that master piece

Brennan Chaudhry says:

That’s not the repulsion sweater…

jacob mahoney says:

I fuck with this brad guy, I like his opinions more than my own

SicSemperEvelloMortemTyrannis TyrannyEnder says:

This guy is so full of shit.

jello714 says:

This is why this guy plays mario kart.

mjgibbs131788 says:

“fuck off with your blue shell” haha! We all know that feeling, and the satisfaction of nailing someone with a green shell! Great review, respect !m/!

seth6665 says:

I think that they only have one miss with Silence. Other than that they’ve got some pretty solid albums

FrankDOTtv says:

Wow havent liked a trivium album since Shogun. This one got some pretty good songs. Ty for the nice review.

James Brabham says:

Well this video got annoying real quick

mariusz82 says:

this band is so lame

SicSemperEvelloMortemTyrannis TyrannyEnder says:

Thumbs down for saying they’re the “most hit and miss band”. Every album has been EPIC except Silence In the Snow!

metfan4l says:

Wow, I get music is a subjective thing but calling “The Crusade” a total dud is where you totally lost me. Just dismissing a whole album that’s filled with so many great riffs, solos and hooks just feels… wrong and unfair.

Jason Roberts says:

Critics of his critical review in here are dumb…..the guy is spot on and comparisons always give a level to the sound we can all relate to. I agree with Trivium being oddly all over in their styles. They want to be popular while trying to appease the heavier ears of metal heads. Such talent in the band but sometimes they fall short as this guy often points out.

Sanelora1 says:

Alex Bent drums for trivium now??? Wut

ImK4Os says:

I might be in the minority but I genuinely love in waves I think it’s their most cohesive album to date with a solid artistic and musical theme that goes throughout it. The sin and the sentence just feels like they’re trying to be too many different bands at once it’s pretty depressing.

Chris Visser says:

Awesome entertaining review. This one of the best albums in a relatively slow Metal year so far. Couldn’t agree more with telling Trivium to stick with a style already! Was gonna give up on them but this is a good one.

Jordan Ingram says:

The Crusade is a badass album. O definitely see the Metallica comparisons but there are some great songs on that album. It definitely went away from that metalcore sound, but it’s definitely a solid album and my 3rd favorite

Kevin Long says:

Great review. “In Waves” was the last Trivium cd that really impressed me and the new one has come close to that as well.

Dude It's Leo says:

Being a critic is the best and worst job, you get paid for your opinions, but then again it is an opinion which means nothing. Just educate yourself and pick what you like.

SlackBabbath665 says:

Wow, okay. I had all but forgotten about Trivium and It’s not that they’re bad, their songs just always seem a little undercooked. They just never seemed to get their hooks into head.

Tyson Billie says:

I agree, good review

Dave with a fire axe standing on a hill of skulls says:

I’m still playing Samurai Showdown

Copper Diamonds says:

Sever the Hand is the best song on the album

SeahawksMan says:

The reason he didn’t scream on the last album is cuz he blew out his voice

omar lucero says:

the guy from trivium is the same age as my older brother

Charles Wagner says:

Great review. I actually think this record is exactly what mainstream metal needs now a days. I like the thrash and death metal influences and I think it hits on all cylinders. This is Trivium at their best.

Călin Amariei says:

When will people learn that not every review has to be positive? Trivium has never put out a good album, and everything they ever released is mediocre. If you’re a fan, more power to you, but that doesn’t mean everybody should like them. If you’re seeking out a review for an album you like, you should be aware of the fact that the review might not be a positive one. For example, I really enjoyed the new King Krule album and theneedledrop shit all over it. AND THAT’S OKAY. It’s his opinion and it doesn’t influence mine in any way. It was just fun to hear another competent opinion on the album.

Carlo Castillo says:

After Shogon Trivium just wanted to write what they wanted to hear, rather what the fans wanted

Jordan Ingram says:

The Crusade is Metallica lite? Yeah no

VCMagick13 says:

Love the way you unpacked the song betrayer. I heard a lot about it and people really seem to love it. But it just hasn’t grown on me. Especially the intro and some of the dragging chorus. I’m glad I’m not the only one who wasn’t crazy about that thin intro. It literally was a buzzkill just like you said. Overall I think the album is good and a definitive step in the right direction for Trivium. Nice review!

Rob Thompson says:

You are a dumbass, but I’m not subscribing.

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