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Sam reviews the new album from death metal legends Vader entitled ‘The Empire’

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Alexandre Lindemberg says:

VADER , My favorite band EVER ! Good Channel man , people’s need know more about that band and another “death/thrash” bands . Realy awesome !

Diogo Garcês says:

No Avenged Sevenfold’s new album review?

The Driver says:

You guys gotta review “Meta” by CAR BOMB. For real

SweetTaint says:

2-out-of-5?? This dude needs to go re-polish his gigantic forehead & give this album another listen. This album is much better than his verdict.

Allan Mckellar says:

sorry Sam. but do not agree with you. fantastic album. short brutal songs. more groove than normal. but only 2 skulls come on.

BigDog76 says:

Wow, brutal review Sam. I thought it was better than 2 skulls

NortherLion94 says:

Hey Sam! wonder if you can review Hammerfalls Built To Last? Hammerfall are so important in heavy metal music since the late 90s

Akshit Jha says:

No Avenged Sevenfold The Stage review? (:

Reginald Weaver says:

I don’t totally disagree with this review but it’s a strong 3 1/2 skulls for me. give it one more good listen….it might go up a skull for ya.

RequiemDead says:

This album and Dark Funeral’s latest effort are my biggest disappointment albums of this year.

Denny Medeiros says:

2 out 5…. damn thats rough for a great album..

Nick Green says:

Not even funny but, I’ve got this album sitting on my computer desk unwrapped (along with NAILS’ new one) and yet I’m watching this still.

God damn it, Nick.

I desecration says:

Review Bloodshed Across the Empyrean Altar Beyond The Celestial Zenith please.

Ben Averitt says:

I think this is one of Vader’s best albums, they have perfected the blast beat and this album really shows it off. To each their own I suppose.

TheStallionforce says:

Another great review! How could you neglect the last song? “Send Me Back to Hell” is, to me, clearly the best on the album!

ain chock says:

Feel my pain is toooppp

Max Vorhees says:

Way too harsh man. If you compare every band to their old classics you are ALWAYS going to be disappointed. It amazes me you give an album like Hardwired an easier review than new Vader. This album crushes as always. What more do you want?

Stokes A says:

Who the fuck is Ah-Zeg-Tooth?

kurt Rosenthal says:

why is every review of a huge band i want to hear about smaller bands like cough or palace of worms.

wibrys666 says:

Wiwczarek – wiw should sound like viv in vivisect, czar – like char in charcoal, and ek like EC in ecology 🙂 so VIVCHAREC

IE B says:

I thought Necropolis was Vader’s worst ever album and it got a shoutout here. Havent listened to the Empire yet, but I can’t imagine it being that bad..

Oliver Nuñez Bone says:

Melodic? WTF Melodic Territory? men…

Andres Mejia says:

How about reviewing the new deathspell omega? Album of the year hands down.

venomau5speedz says:

0:40 dog. lol

Michał Choroś-Mrozowski says:

I think it is a great album. At the begining I also gave it 3,5 but now it is minimum 4,5. One of their best….

Sean Heisler says:

What?? This album is a 3 at the bare minimum. I would say 3.5, but likely a 4.

tasteegold7772 says:


Mark 13 says:

2 on 5 ? dont joke its badass record ! 4 !

Sebastian von P says:

Since 2003s Blood EP i stopped listening to Vader. Is there a recent Vader release that someone could recommend to me? De Profundis and Litany are their best albums in my opinion.

i n k i n t h e w a t e r says:

…sounds like Vader is joining a multitude of bands catering for America more and more and even so more the young and bouncy.

An Evolving Ape says:

If you haven’t seen Vader live you can’t really understand how awesome they are. So many bands with death metal vox you think have good records sound like shit live because there is no power.

Brent Kossina says:

Review the new avenged record please!

Yasser Jamil says:

why haven’t you reviewed the avenged sevenfold album? how can you ignore an album from one of the biggest band’s in the world?

Gareth says:

This album doesn’t compare to ‘Welcome to the Morbid Reich’. It’s very watered down. It honestly sounds like a sequel to ‘Necropolis’. My guess is that they’ve decided to reset their sound. The first two tracks are cool, but I feel like it falls apart after that. It honestly sounds like a jam album, not an actual written and thoughtout album.

Metal Trenches says:

They set the bar high with Tibi et Igni. This was a huge step backward imo.

Nerd Metal says:

Great album, great review! ,,/

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