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Martin reviews the new Voivod album, The Wake

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Jeff Jack says:

A complicated version of Voivod. Sounds good to me. I am getting it

Josh Starkey says:

It doesn’t “shock” me, I just don’t really like it. The closest I’ve come to shock from listening to music was hearing None so Vile (which I love)

Joshua Archeval says:


Scott Sternberg says:

Voivod’s best! A masterpiece!!

Kelly ward says:

Not impressed at all

george says:

Guitars and bass are working overtime and to my ears are faithful to the Voivod mission. Sadly, I think the drumming is less than inspiring and I can’t really get around Away’s “granny” approach to drumming, which really hasn’t progressed since the late 80’s. Maybe he could play along with a drum machine or something.

Aidan Jones says:

This dude is a fucking joke.

forgottenchannels says:

Martin, you are always way too nice to say that the new Clutch album sucks. And probably the new Voivod ain’t all that. 4 skulls…pfffhh. Without the 10 point heaviness and awesomeness scale I may never know what you really think. I may be in heaven though “watching” you review an album as compared to…well, no, bullshit, I’ll never admit it. And on that note, I may have never learned a single thing about real writing if this is the format I was introduced to you on.

Pedro Vilas Boas says:

very very nice, I will definitely listen to the rest of their catalogue

chriskissss80 says:

Hey Banger tv, you said that after the patrean had reached the 5000goal you would do one “mainstream” review and one that is dedicated to the undergroung! Now, Uriah Heep, Deicide and Voivod are not undergroung bands (maybe not even Krisiun), that means you owe as two undergound bands in a row! Thank you and keep up the good work you guys! Greetings from Greece!

Nicholas Romig says:

some of the guitars on the tracks I’ve heard on here remind me of 80s Descendents, of all bands.

Benjamin Brandon says:

Dragonlord definitely isn’t Symphonic Power Metal, it’s very much Symphonic Black Metal by the book, and it’s actually not bad. Fans of old Dimmu Borgir would do well to check it out.

Pat Dagnino says:

You should listen to Virus from Norway. Their music is Voivod inspired. I think Voivod took some inspiration back from Virus. It’s pretty cool.

Martin Popoff says:

I’m really surprised how much I’m digging Negatron and Phobos these days – that’s not supposed to happen.

Muꭥn says:

Instrumental sounds alright but fuck i cant stand the vocals

Mottahead says:

Shit, they’re from Jonquiere.
Nobody’s from Jonquiere (well, apparently Voivod is from Jonquiere).
Long live Voivod.

Tag Traum says:

Very well made review. I was never into Voivod. But now I’ll give them a try.

Tommy Trottier says:

Haha Daniel Mongrain is my friend’s guitar teacher at my college. Small world huh?

troy mclean says:

This album is fantastique!!

Andrew Jackson says:

First heard Voivod while tripping on LSD and playing badminton in 1987. They still rip.

Gasvti says:

I just want to say that… this new record one of the many reasons why Voivod still one greatest bands of our time. Truly exceptional band.

Benjamin Brandon says:

Dragonlord definitely isn’t Symphonic Power Metal, it’s very much Symphonic Black Metal by the book, and it’s actually not bad. Fans of old Dimmu Borgir would do well to check it out.

Martin Popoff says:

This got me back on a Voivod kick. First it was an Outer Limits/Angel Rat tagteam in the car. Outer Limits won. BUT… I’ve put aside al the old stuff now and oscillating between – and loving – all three later phases: Eric Forrest, Jasonic, Chewy. They really are in sets and… ok, long story, I listen to HOURS or Thomas Sheridan, to the point where my internal dialogue is now in his Irish accent, but he – and Gordon White, and Alan Moore – talk about artists executing chaos magic… Voivod definitely do magic with this world they paint.

Danny Montoya says:

I love VOIVOD. Best thing out of Canadia. Visionary, Ahead of their time influential FUCKING BRILLIANT. Should be headlining stadiums imho. RIP PIGGY

Jan Berf says:

So which one was the underground review this week? Voivod or Uriah Heep?

Liam Wagner says:

Orb Confusion?

Martin Popoff says:

By the way, to clarify, I’m getting asked way too much, but the old Voivod book I did, Worlds Away: Voivod & the Art of Michel Langevin… I haven’t sold copies since about 2011. BUT, I think they still are for sale, but it’s through the official Voivod and Michel site. And yes, there is a German version, also a big hardcover!

Scrollkeeper says:

Two thumbs down for the Porcupine Tree tee shirt 🙂

Great review! This LP seems to be the next Voivod masterpiece. Can’t wait to get this, waiting on my shipment as we speak 🙂

James Wray says:

Can’t wait to get my copy. Voivod does no wrong in my eyes.

divinefallfromgrace says:

Complicated obtuse Voivod= best Voivod.

Helgamond Ratbone says:

Fucking masterpiece!

Grant Lazenby says:

I really love what I have heard so far. So creative and a breath of fresh air in a way. Voivod just kick ass! m/

Billy Cunningham says:

I have his book on Away’s artwork! Worth it.

Kowinaida says:

As previously mentioned in the comments, this album (like Target Earth) is ‘KillingDimensionFace’! Plenty of classic 80s era elements but forged in a fresh approach.
Back in 1987 I heard my first Voivod album – Dimension Hatross & it blew my fucking mind. I was already into metal but this was from another planet. Then I heard Killing Technology & my brain exploded.
Voivod are true innovators.

LeeVids1973 says:

Nice, respectful review! One of the few instances where this stuff helps an artist who deserves all the respect in the world! One ofy favorite bands for over 30 years! Waiting for my copy to arrive, but I am loving what I have heard so far! An acquired taste for some! Elements of all their classic albums! Insane! Gods!!!!

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