W.A.S.P. ‘The Last Command’ Album Review-The Metal Voice-(Metal Review)

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WASP The Last Command Track Listing
“Wild Child”
“Fistful of Diamonds”
“Jack Action”
“Blind in Texas”
“Cries in the Night”
“The Last Command”
“Running Wild in the Streets”
“Sex Drive”

W.A.S.P. Golgotha Album Review

W.A.S.P. Golgotha Track list
1. “Scream”
2. “Last Runaway”
3. “Shotgun”
4. “Miss You”
5. “Fallen Under”
6. “Slaves of the New World Order”
7. “Eyes of My Maker”
8. “Hero of the World”
9. “Golgotha”


Wolf Moon says:

I never understood how WASP ended up getting labeled a hair metal band. The only thing they shared in common with those bands was they were from LA. Like you say, more like Cooper/Kiss meets 80’s metal to me. Still a band I listen to regularly.

Wolf Moon says:

What do you guys think of follow up to this one “Electric Circus” I know Lawless hates it and doesn’t like playing tracks from that record but I actually really liked it..Mantronic, 95 Nasty, King Of Sodom…really good stuff too.

John Strange says:

Their debut record and ‘The Last Command’ both sported super catchy sing-along lyrics and vocal melodies combined with just the right drum beat. You almost couldn’t not like the songs.

Dannick Brochu says:

W.A.S.P is such a great band! They put out very consistent albums in the 80’s. It is one of the best Glam metal bands of all time, because they are more creative musically than other hair metal bands! Even if Blackie might be hated by people in general, he put out great music. (it is more logic to hate Blackie more than Geoff Tate)

Crusty Farts says:

love this album! got it on vinyl. i love every song on this one


I feel the first LP had very catchy songs also…I like a lot of the newer stuff also… Although I hear way too many repeated riffs ..kind of like Maiden did throughout…I guess it’s their signature sounds that bands can’t change..then you have Rush & Dream theater …still great all these bands are still trying but never top their classics

horselaverda says:

it wasn’t a patch on the first album,still great though

VonSeux says:

Shotly after The Last Command I got The Crimson Idol ; this one have lots of Strong moments but the production is so weird; somehow I can only enjoy Crimson Idol’s sound on the old LP, I dunno if they tried fixing it for CD but it ended up sounding even worse

skyseasun333 says:


VonSeux says:

This álbum is amazing, one of the first LP I ever had; rocked that old turntable so much

Zikki Toulouras says:

The heaviest glam metal

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