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Dylan reviews the new Within Temptation album Resist

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Steve – Dadaian Follow The Light https://bit.ly/2U8qYWQ

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Fran Lovel Šimić says:

Love your reviews but dislike WT due to their generic and bland songwriting and great emphasis on cheap catchyness, I like catchy as much as extreme but both need to be good. As for Soen, I just find them mega annoying because they don’t have their own sound due to their similarities to Tool and Opeth and I adore both bands but Soen just makes me wanna listen to those bands. Oh well. In any case a good vid!

Same Main says:

About WT: vocals of girl is great, instrumentic is total shit. I think Sharon should think about changing the band cause the new album… It is not even temptation. Sharon is bigger then that band now. Beautiful voice with shitty pop music.

Mike Yanagita says:

Wtf why is Soen even in the title of this video? Within Temptation has always been cheesy cringe metal for little goth girls.

Random Rock ń Reel Riffs & Reviews says:

Soen Lotus (cough cough) 4 and a half out of 5 skulls (cough cough)! :3

krisdaschwab912 says:

One of these is a metal album. The other is pop cheese.

Propane Kid says:

Please remove that stupid Ghost mask from the wall

Grace R says:

Subscribed! I love these reviews and can I just say, Dylan is looking extra good in that plaid shirt. I would like to see more of him please and thank you! Keep up the great work 😉

Kevin P says:

As soon as I seen that face, I asked myself “How awful will this album be?”: I quickly found out- 5 stars awful….

DanasLilMakeup says:

I honestly lost the interest in them after The Heart of Everything. They seemed to be going in a way different direction, not bad, but not for me, I like my gothic sound (and quite frankly I am a 90s goth stuck in that era, I accept it!) but… this sounds, attractive interesting for me. I could give it a go after this review.

Alejandro De Anda says:

Soen is amazing and it has been awesome to see them grow and evolve their sound.

Antoine Roth says:

Spending so much time on Within Temptation’s record and so little on Soen’s is a crime. The former is a passable poppy daliance that doesn’t hold a candle to their good records (ie. Silent Force and HoE), the latter is an absolute masterpiece that sees one of the best prog band in the world at their peak. It will be difficult to beat for AOTY.

Mike B says:

I concur with others; more clips. It’s nice to see Gowan getting more comfortable with being in front of the camera.

SnowboarderBo says:

Nothing here I care about.

John White says:

Great review. Terrible album but you gave an accurate and valid review.

Hugh Broderick says:

What’s a pigeon-hold?

MetalMan73100 says:

The new WT videos have a Communist/Antifa vibe about them. They may see it as tribalistic and edgy, but it will also alienate some fans, including myself. But the music still sounds very catchy.

lawmaker22 says:

soen makes beautiful music…lotus is amazing journey

Random Rock ń Reel Riffs & Reviews says:

Also new Astronoid self-titled came out today!

Mads Peter Iversen says:

I’ve always loved the variety of each WT album. I personally feel it lacks a bit on this album, but it’s still a great album. I agree Raise the Banner is the strongest track, but I also absolutely love Mercy Mirror. Even though it’s “ligh” it makes me happy. Firelight however…. I think for the first time ever there’s a WT song I don’t like. It’s not that I just don’t care. I literally don’t like it and I’ve removed it from my Resist playlist on Spotify.

smnvfdr says:

WT is alt-pop

Ki Ko says:

yeah great but where is Jinjer with miccro ?????

Laos Alterga says:

I like 2 or 3 songs , besides those . A really regular album , not even close of the epicness of Hydra or the heart of evening .

Andrei Marasoiu says:

WT last album is NOT metal anymore , why do you review it ?! No guitars, no real drums…it is pop music all the way …

Rafael Colella says:

Dylan we need a full review of Lotus by Soen!!!

Amir Hossein Farzaneh says:

Great job Dylan

Lúcio Fidelis says:

First and foremost: Loved the Gojira’s “The Way Of All Flesh” shirt. Hell of an album. On a different thought: Wow. Dylan doing an Overkill review on an non-“Totally Prog” band. I mean, there was the “Chinese Folk Metal” episode, but I’m impressed!

Kapriizais says:

Whats the point of even touching pop-metal rubbish? and praising it?

Steven Anderson says:

Review Overkills new album this month please. The Wings of War

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