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Sarah reviews the new YOB album Our Raw Heart

Sarah’s YOB interview

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askingforafriend says:

What happened that you need 5k a month to do two reviews a week? When earlier you did it with no Patreon. Honest question, not trying to be a dick.

Chris Hawkins says:

I’ve been listening to this album for the last couple weeks or so and it haunts me in the quiet moments. I first got into them with “Catharsis,” which blew me away, but the stout songwriting is just next level on “Our Raw Heart”. I can’t see many albums this year being better than this.

Jeff Barber says:

I agreed with everything except your opinion of “The Screen” and the last 2 yob albums. personally, i think the darker direction of “Clearing The Path…” and “ATMA” is what makes YOB unique, in the same way that Neurosis took a massive hairy dump on my listening habits when I first saw them live (supporting Entombed in London in 1999! – seriously, entombed looked weak after the utter barrage of “Through Silver In Blood” live). I saw Yob in London a few years back with Pallbearer and Bast in support. frankly, they were stunning and set themselves apart from the rest of the Doom scene with their ferocity and dark approach. The new album is hench. Long may they reign!

AJ Ingsoc says:

I can’t stand stoner metal

Ocean Sage says:

9/10 for me. Killer record!

Vünter Slaush says:

dude.. why have you guys stopped a preview of the songs . Without the preview clip , its like watching someones instagram rant post without putting things into perspective in relation to what the reviewer is talking about.

Moses Garner says:

2nd coming of Neurosis? I don’t get that reference at all. I LOVED ATMA and CLearing the Path to Ascend and The Great Cessation is my least favorite YOB album of all of them. The Unreal Never Lived is still my favorite YOB album but Our Raw Heart is AMAZING but I disagree with you once again…The Screen is an amazing track and this new album sounds NOTHING like the Great Cessation. Songs like ATMA and MARROW are incredible. YOB is the best trio in the genre they belong to. No one is even close.

B. Patrick Browning says:

YOB is love!

Paul James says:

I wish these reviews would dig into the lyrical content of the albums. The lyrics, for me (especially with Yob), make the music a lot more whole than just focusing on the music itself. Just a thought.

Sean Victor says:

That Tomb Mold record has some great, pummeling riffage on it. Too bad it’s mired in shite vocals.

Wendiog Blues says:

Getty Lee esk? I don’t think so.

Gabriel Perez says:

Can’t wait to see these guys with Bell Witch!!

PuckettJp2 says:

I don’t get the hype for YOB (or for Doom Metal in general, though I listen to some). To me, it’s just overbloated, overlong doom metal

Toxic Potato says:

While the rest of the metal community loses their collective minds over ghost and deathcore allegations, us doom fans are enjoying our little slice of heaven with some of the best releases of the past decade. So glad this subgenre resurfaced in such a big way

Daniel Jeremiah Johnson says:

The proper pronunciation is ‘organ’. Like, ‘ you’re heart is an organ’. Cheers!

Abdel Nasir says:

I’ve been a listener of Yob for several years. I’ve been a fan of neurosis for a long, long time.
As great as yob is, there will NEVER be a second coming of neurosis.
I do love yob.

Rain Without End says:

I listened to Our Raw Heart last week when NPR was streaming it and haven’t gone back since, but I liked what I heard so I will have to revisit it.

I’m glad you mentioned to the new Tomb Mold album, I’m listening to it again now and it totally rips! Another really awesome death metal release I should mention is the new Taphos album, Come Ethereal Somberness which is out on Blood Harvest today. I highly recommend anyone into OSDM check it out.

Michael Wheeler says:

I’m a patron donor and my name wasn’t in the thank you list. Thanks!

Merz Bois says:

fuckin love yob!

Full-Metal Radio says:

Skeletal Remains-Devouring Mortality Full Album!! https://youtu.be/N7s8MHA5Uho

TuhanRock says:

Hotter than heaven

Jeroen Verbeeck says:


Matt Hatter says:

Hell yeah that Witch Mountain album kicks ass!

Christopher Norris says:

2:20 Nope

Peter Nowak says:

Hey Banger, you guys need to play some more audio clips in these reviews. It’s hard to know what the reviewers are talking about without some actual samples of the music. It seems like you were doing this well before the hiatus, why the change?

Kannon McAfee says:

Thanks for the mention of Witch Mountain. They are my favorite Portland band. Their previous release, Mobile of Angels, is so under-appreciated if you ask me. By the way, our state is pronounced Ory-gun, (not ‘gone’, we’re still here).

Jonathan Servellon says:

Automatically disqualified for not saying Oregon right. It’s pronounced Or-a-gun.


Where is the Exmortus shout out -.-

timmie2k3 says:

Having seen them live just recently (first stop on their current tour), I can say with certainty that The Screen is amazing live. I don’t think it comes across on the album well, but it really shines in the live setting. It’s crushingly heavy.

MrSocialleper says:

Yob is one of those bands that feels like the Emperor’s New Clothes to me. I don’t dislike them, but the crazy level of attention they receive is a head scratcher to me. The interplay between the bass and guitar is minimal, the dynamic shifts aren’t that huge, and I think the “emotion” of it is just people imprinting their own thoughts on a fairly blank canvas. I agree with the reviewer, and will go step further regarding The Screen, and say it is nearly annoying. If you love hearing nothing but guitar chords, it is a pretty good album, but there have been better releases this year, with some others coming soon.

Lili A. says:

Eloquent as always, great job Sarah!

Paul Kepshire says:

Oregon is pronounced “OR-gan”, like a (raw) heart, or the musical instrument.

Orangeokie7 says:

Go ahead and count my vote for Tomb Mold when you guys come back and do your “records we didn’t review but should have” video. That record is a banger and will be in my top five at the end of the year.

Ben NG says:

Sarah is easily the best part of Banger TV. Another great review.

Evan Davidson says:

I love “the screen’…especially in juxtaposition to the soaring “Ablaze”

jerooo159 says:

How are you going to ignore the best album of the year so far in Stranger Fruit by Zeal & Ardor?

Gabriel Bacca says:

too many words, more music please…

Thomas Horine says:

If you’ve not checked out the Coexistence EP, do so. Have not checked out the Witch Mountain release yet.

Mp57navy says:

YOB…. The vocals sound exactly the same as the lead singer of Dimma (Stefan Jakobsson).

Justyn Dary says:

Hey guys, thanks for putting out reviews again. Just a comment: On previous seasons one of the things I really liked was the samples of tracks with commentary, often I would hear a sample and just know I needed to get the album. I miss those 🙁

Jean-Michau Michou says:

Atma > Clearing the path > Our raw heart….
Couldn’t agree less with this little man’s review… He’s weird.

Edi Ademi says:

1:22 Mike Shite lmao

Sture Elvis says:

Wrong, wrong, wrong, wow how wrong can you get. The only song that’s any good is just THe Screen.

Default User says:

Fuck this shit WE WANT THRASH METAL!!!!

Hassan Shah says:

Awesome review, made me really curios on YOB. What do you think of the new Tremonti album?

daniel wow collector says:

One question, no love for Therion?

sry comment isn’t relevant

Lucas T says:

This album was my first time hearing YOB. And it was fucking great.

Primordial cult says:

Täyttymys by Cosmic Church!


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