YOU TELL US: Best Metal Albums of 1998? | Overkill Reviews

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What’s your favourite metal album of 1998? Give us your #1 pick in the comments below. We’ll count the votes and Sarah will review the Top 5 on an upcoming Overkill Rewind video!

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eightstringibanez says:

Nile – Amongst the Catacombs of Nephren Ka

Mike says:

Malevolent Creation – The Fine Art Of Murder!!!!!!!!!!

Jack Caldow says:

Pig Destroyer

Brad Młodystach says:

Formulas Fatal To The Flesh

payazokoki says:

Death – sounds of perseverance

Allen Ellsworth says:

Blind Guardian – Nightfall in Middle Earth.

CandleLightJ says:

Death – The Sound of Perseverance

refuzed74 says:

Dillinger Escape Plan – Under the Running Board

Death Metal says:

Death – Sound of Perseverance

robomojo8 says:


Allen Saunders says:

Metal has way to much clout in rock not a good thing

pelodelperro says:

Gorguts – Obscura

Death Metal says:

Dying Fetus – Killing on Adrenaline

Quiet Rhinoceros says:

Death – The Sound Of Perseverance

Death Metal says:

Nile – Amongst The Catacombs

Miyuru Weerathunge says:

opeth – my arms, your hearse

Mcbillander Koutsakis says:

Death – The Sound of Perseverance

Fabio B.M. says:

Blind Guardian – nightfall

DeesMobileUploads says:

Death – The Sound of Perseverance

colby biero says:

Opeth – my arms, your hearse

Kimmy Jimmel says:

Amon Amarth – Once Sent From The Golden Hall

MindGamingMantis says:

Cruelty and the Beast/The Sound of Perseverance for sure.

Stefane Fermigier says:

Monster Magnet, Powertrip

Marc Mehner says:

Blind Guardian- Nightfall in middle-earth

spungbub says:

Death – The Sound of Perseverance

Jason Hobbs says:

System of a down – self titled

Painkiller47pk says:

1 Death Sound of Pereverance
2 Blind Guardian Nightfall in the middle earth
3 Iced Earth Something Wicked this way Comes
4 Amon Amarth Once sent from the Golden Hall
5 Bruce Dickinson Chemical Wedding

Kenny Rivera says:

Off course Death-The Sound Of Perseverance

John Z says:

Once Sent from the Golden Hall
Amon Amarth

The End of Capitalism says:

A Canorous Quintet – The Only Pure Hate

Shashank N says:

Opeth- my arms your hearse


Fear Factory – Obsolete

Nothing says:

Meshuggah – Chaosphere

Bryce Sause says:

King diamond- voodoo

Devon Triplett says:

opeth- my arms your hearse

ertertwert1 says:

“Queens of the stone age” debut self-titled album

Vincenzo says:

Meshuggah – Chaosphere

Vladimir Marić says:

Sadly, Virtual XI is such an underrated album

Yohai Davidoff says:

Meshuggah – chaosphere

cmpeders says:

System of a Down-self-titled

Andrew Dow says:


cL0NcK says:

Blind Guardian – Nightfall In Middle Earth

withintemptation73 says:

Opeth-My Arms, Your Hearse

4o39 says:


Joe Valdez says:

System Of A Down – S/T

Raik Grune says:

Opeth – My Arms, Your Hearse

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