2 Chainz – Rap Or Go To The League Album Review (Overview + Rating)

2 Chainz – Rap Or Go To The League Album Review (Overview + Rating)

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FAVORITE TRACKS: Forgiven, Threat 2 Society, Money In The Way, Statue Of Limitations, Whip, Rule The World

LEAST FAVORITE TRACKS: Momma I Hit A Lick, I’m Not Crazy Life Is

STRENGTHS: 2 Chainz showing depth by delivering some social commentary & introspective content; a variety of great beats that range from nasty trunk slappers to soulful, sampled joints.

WEAKNESSES: There are still some generic/forgettable moments here & there; some of the features are disappointing.

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Chef Baxter says:

i enjoy this album but i still think pretty girls like trap music is his best album, but the first time i listened to this i def thought it was his best however the more i listened i liked it less and less. I will also go with a 4/5 and i hope Jay Z gives 2Chainz a damn verse already its been long overdue.

Corbano says:

Great review. I agree with that score too. The weakest tracks I felt were the two you mentioned and Whip. Great to hear Chainz tackling the amount of topics he did on here. Loved the song Sam. I’m assuming that was a sample from UGK on that one? Unless they were using a sample for that themselves lol

Montae Lewis says:

Sorry Luke James, I get he was trying to be a lil more introspective and put out a more subtle chill album but it just kinda came off as boring to me.

My name says:

2 Chainz a legend

Lillian Uzilious Vertical says:

This a 4/10 for me, he doesn’t sound good over soul beats and a bunch of the “versatile” tracks don’t land on their feet at all.

Joseph Bergeron says:

Not really a fan of 2 Chainz’s style/subgenre of hip-hop, but I gotta recognize that this is a DAMN well-crafted project. I feel the same about Nipsey Hussle’s album from last year.

Ezequiel Renovato says:

“Nastier than Teanna Trumps twitter account” lmaooo

Luke James says:

2 Chainz’s tapes & EPs are always hit or miss for me, but he’s been doing well with his albums lately! How’d you guys like this one? And what do you prefer, this or Pretty Girls Like Trap Music? Shout-out once again to Captain for the great background instrumental! You can check him out & contact him here —> https://soundcloud.com/yoitscaptain

Thraitor says:

NCAA slaps , very solid album

MAC CHZ says:

Kendrick really been lacking on the features lately smh

RSP SOUND Razor Sharp Productions says:

This album weak, chainz always spit just this album weak

Antonio Sheftall says:

2chainz worst album to me

EMERSON527 says:

I really enjoyed this album but pretty girl like trap music is the best of 2 Chainz.

Good review luke

BlackFlame450 says:

This was a cool and cohesive album by 2 Chainz. I especially like the first 4-5 tracks especially Forgiven and Threat 2 Society. Rule the World with Ariana Grande was also dope it has the throwback mid-90s R&B feel. The features were hit or miss but the ones I did enjoy was the Lil Wayne and E-40 featured track 2 Dollar Bill with the West Coast smooth production. Momma I hit the lick track with K-Dot was kinda oft kilter and that Pharrel beat was too basic and experimental at times. But overall its not bad. Thanks for the review Luke.

Carlos Rivera says:

Another great proyect by 2 Chainz. This man has to be one of the most improved artist in recent memory. He sounds better than ever.

petesayke says:

Lmao you keep a good quotable!!! That guitar-clit line was hilarious.

mikeymike says:

I too was disappointed by the kendrick feature. Im starting to believe that k dot isn’t a good feature artist because whenever he does hop on someone elses music he either gives an average verse or he goes over the top and do some extra shit that is not needed, case in point “goosebumps” by travis scott. But this Chainz album was dope af. Lebron did a good job A&R which im a little surprised honestly. btw that “im rare like mr clean with hair” line from 2 dollar bill that 2 chainz rapped it was the same line that wayne said on ‘phone home” from carter 3.

Jabrony Lin says:

The track with Ariana grande was the weakest on this album but I liked it

Chef Baxter says:

If there’s one thing i can get from a luke James review it’s a porn star reference lol

ConnorPB says:

That Kendrick verse was very disappointing. His last few features have been subpar imo. This is easily the most replayable chainz album.

William Clarke says:

i definitely enjoyed this one a lot, i appreciate the balance of mainstream hits and the silliness tho I might like Pretty Girls just a little more. I’ll be honest early on i kinda dismissed 2 chainz for being too silly but im loving how he’s just getting better

Bryce Blackwell says:

Definitely is best of his career

Bille says:

It’s super early but I feel like 2Chainz Rap or Go to the League may be his best album. The production, the lyricism, the cohesiveness and even the features are all on point. 2Chainz and LeBron got one.

Heart&Soul Productions says:

Forgiven, threat to society, rule the world we’re solid bangers & so is this album, I’ve been on 2 chainz for a minute out all of mainstream artist he’s been kinda slept on when it comes to top names. not saying he’s lyrical but whenever folks mention 5 some might throw Travis, big Sean, Rick Ross, rocky I’m like these suckas is wack right now. But ROGTTL keep momentum flowing. Momma I hit a lick idk what that was!???!! Off kilter Neptune’s vibration gone wrong & Kung-fu Kenny should not be altering the voices almost If he’s trying to be too different.

Melvin Slaughter says:

Album was GREAT

John Ricotta says:

Momma I Hit a Lick grew on me a lot. It’s just so dirty.

Desmontra Johnson says:

You definitely right sometimes he is hit or miss but love him since tru religion mixtape

My name says:

2 Chainz saying he’s rare “like Mr. Clean with hair” was a reference to Wayne’s track Phone Home on Carter 3 when he said that. Great review as usual!

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