2019 Grammy Awards Review (Rap Categories)

2019 Grammy Awards Review (Rap Categories)
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Kyran Crawford-O'Gorman says:

He disrespected boo’d up and H. E. R


Daytona really deserved best rap album .

Eetu Salomaa says:

Nicki minaj Bust down barbiana and blueface thothiana nicki minaj steal blueface


Samuel David BANKS says:

For stalin or not stalin listen to strictly business and red roses both by lil skies

Ethan Smith says:

Scorpion was complete shit

imaagamer says:

Dicaprio 2? Fm Vince staples? Kamikaze? Care for me? Book of Ryan? Cardi is one of the worst rappers in the game, she has elementary school rhymes

Ur mOm GeY says:


Ded Kai says:

Dude do another Stalin or not Stalin including my request

Sokol Fusha says:

Juice wrld? Lil skies? Until death call my name? Scorpion? Kamikaze? Drip harder?

J V says:

Pe$os by Boobie Lootavelli and Bands by Shoreline mafia

Charlie Laczkowski says:

Rip Culture II

Michek says:

Szpaku 28 dni później You can test

TuxedoSpider says:

Soo…how is X not on any of these lists you got skins,?,and I think the 17 album all fire sooo I’m so lost.


Yo where the fuck is kamikaze?

u n d 亡靈 says:

Stokeley best album but okay

Or ?, and goodbye and goodriddance


How was kamikaze not on the list for best albums

The Cynical Autist says:

2019 Granny Awards.

Memer M8 says:

Fuckin cardi B has a ghost writer so how they gonna give he album of the year


And here in Greece they do this joke…..

BootBoyBeezle47 2nd account bootboybeezle47 says:

No Xxxtentacion wow fuck the Grammys

Psychic says:

i didnt knew what the fuck was half of these nominations, never heard of that shit… but, bro, the best music video is SAD!, how could they pass it

Burdegg says:

Wtf where is King? Where is Eminem? Fuck this

scary season lane says:

Bro scarlxrd look dead and Drake look alive go make a video on that please

f0resstt says:

Kemba- deadass
Drake- 6 man (23 secs in)
Go have a listen and tell me if it sounds the same

NatanusuSzatanusu Egzorcyzmusus says:

elo mordo

M.J Tenorio says:

if x was to controversial why did they have this is America with all the meanings in the video

Blair Williams says:

Rather buy 500 Super Bowl tickets then watch Grammys

Kain Evans says:

hey I got a new one i think u haven’s try migos versace and tyga versace. tyga stalin a song

Ded Kai says:

Uh oh thots and wokeuplikethis

Money Mitchell says:

Cardi paid 2 win kod was one of the albums in 2018

Gabriel Lowe says:

Did Tommy rip on the KIDS SEE Ghosts album? -.- Disrespect

Drowzey Yt says:

Grammys can suck my fat black cock lil skies, juice wrld and xxx are fucking legends are the destroyers of this year and last come on fucking cardi b sucks bro you could have put blue face or Nicki Minaj and I would have been less mad come on man like y’all suck

Leon Karatas says:

Strictly Business Lil skies and Red Roses Lil skies STALIN!!! Btw I Love Lil skies

Venqo says:

Why x wasnt there: they need good rappers with bangers

Francisco Mendoza says:

Honestly the Grammys are on all the drugs out there

Jimmy McGill says:

Fuck Grammy… I mean, a fucking grammy award never gave some kind of respectability in the “game”, so, who tf cares? a shame, for sure, but screw it

Napoleon Pelgrime says:

What the fuck was that trash at the end of the video?!

Amadou Diallo says:

Bullshit where the fuck is like everybody

no u times infinity. says:

how was zeze never mentioned? maybe *kodak* ruined it.

Alex Di Blasio says:

It’s all mainstream

Ethan says:

Ayyyy you should make another stalin not stalin vid and use VVS by famous dex and Cant feel my face by wifisfuneral but it is wifisfuneral part

Sebastian Nuñez Rossell says:

Dummy Boy should have won the best ambum category

Earl Dunn says:

If u can do the songs that sound the same series again, The Story Of Adidon by Pusha T sounds like The Story Of O.J. by Jay-Z (Beats sound exactly the same)

Jotape Castellain says:

Culture II? no?

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