6ix9ine – Day69 MIXTAPE REVIEW

Listen: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gAs9HZC9c7Y&ab_channel=FCKTHEM

6ix9ine brings a ton of aggression and energy to his debut mixtape, but lacks the versatility, charisma, and ear for interesting production to carry an entire project… even one that’s just 27 minutes.

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Y’all know this is just my opinion, right?


Mason Stanford says:

its not good

Ryan Michael Dunn says:

Roc Marciano, Black Milk and Evidence all released albums in the last few weeks yet you’re reviewing 6ix9ine… congrats you’re officially a sold out clout lord. It was a good run tho.

TheSkilledSnowman says:

Nice Mustache Woodrow Wilson

munchnEl says:

cum gang

Ron Yuma says:

Adventure Time a kids cartoon?

Anatole says:

I swear the god this guy reviews everything

Joe Harris says:

I can’t get behind Tekashi69 at all, I’m sorry, if you’ve heard one Tekashi song, you’ve heard them all. Blicky® out of 10 possibly Stiffy UH out of 10.

CadetriDoesGames says:

I defy you to fucking show me a 6ix9ine song where less than half the lyrics are a word being rhymed with itself.

young automatic says:

honestly this mixtape a 3/10

Vasily Agapov says:

this review is 10 Dex’s sons /10

Corey Farnham says:

Except hes not from soundcloud…..

Juan Sanchez says:

Who are those other people if I can ask? Wouldn’t mind listening to the people that could make a project like this better.

Charles Williams says:

holy fuck who is that metal band lol

14 hunnid 8 hunnid says:

Blickthony Stifftano

Shawn D Smith jr says:

Big Brazy by Molly Brazy

John Neka says:

Meme reviews meme

HyperionNova says:

You give Lil Pump a 7/10 but this one a 3/10?

Issachar says:

just came by to let you know how much i hate your face

DJ Overkill says:

I want to beat the shit out of this bald bitch

Tyler Jones says:

What the fucks on your face

Metal Faced Gamer says:

If you play 1 or 2 songs if his t a club people turn up. I played billy and 93 last weekend and people got wild. In a good way. It has its place.

I work out to a few track off this album. I agree it’s not, It was written but it wasnt supposed to be.

YoungBlaze says:

Damn he was saying “SCUM GANG”? i thought he was saying “SKULL GANG”
learned something new

Kenny Ellis says:

Boy yo mustache jank as fuck

Veteran says:


Issachar says:


Anthony Thomas says:

Suprised to see this get a higher rating than To Pimp a Butterfly. If it does have a good “vibe” like u said but eh


You guys should hear Got it got it from 69

Jared Genesis says:

Nerdy cucks in their 40s arent gunna be able to understand this new shit xD this guy looks like he just listens to fucking hipster music all day and he’s talking about gimmicks. BITCH PLEASE.

TheSkilledSnowman says:

Nice Mustache Dumbass

Gooby pls says:

How about smthin new to review. German Rap for example 187 Straßenbande. Would be quite hard for you since u dont understand german and maybe have to research abit for the lyric translation. But that still would be something “new” i guess 🙂

14 hunnid 8 hunnid says:

CHOCOLATÉ was so out of place lmao

dez edwards says:

Fuck is you doing even reviewing this

Leonidas Sachse says:

that mustache is disturbing

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