BTS – Love Yourself 轉 ‘Tear’ ALBUM REVIEW


Though Tear has its consistency issues and its concept is sacrificed for the sake of having something for everybody, BTS is making ambitious and passionately performed pop music that puts many of their Western contemporaries to shame.

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Y’all know this is just my opinion, right?


Big Points says:

All these fanbase centric comments are cancer. You’re adults . Look at yourselves.


still blows

Euigeon LeoN says:

damn jhope is a poet <3

Nethra Prasanna says:

My favorite Bangtan album will forever be Wings with Dark and Wild as a second. My favorite track on LYT is the Outro but I love Airplane pt 2 as well

1210Nique says:

For the first time in a long time we have all the same opinions on an album

Rhiannon Randleman says:

idk but I kind of nerd out when I hear music reviewers talk technically and critically about kpop. I’m used to it just being dismissed as a trend or not taken seriously so it’s cool to see more Westerners take a good look at it and do a deep review

Rita Santos says:

I completely agree with you and I’m a massive BTS fan. The album did lose itself towards the middle.I was loving the concept but ended up feeling a bit lost and the Latin pop attempt, although well done, was a bit strange to adhere to. It works really well live, though.

I would really like to hear your thoughts on Wings or You Never Walk Alone (Wings repackage with a couple more songs). Wings is a full-blown concept album from beginning to end. So if you’re suddenly out of ideas, please consider this one 😉

Malik P. says:


Baako Jernigan says:

I appreciate this, Fantano 🙂

p.ayton says:

My biggest issue with this album was that I felt the songs didn’t flow together, especially in comparison to Her.
Magic Shop, to me, is the worst on the album. I just… I feel like I could like it more and appreciate the lyrics without the EDM. Relating Magic Shop to Best of Me from LY: HER makes it more acceptable, but it’s just not for me.

Jane J says:

“emo trap banger” is bts’ true genre

박찬경 says:

어? 형들이 왜 여기서 나와?

Carina Leo says:

Thank you for your great review ! I agree with you that So What was not the best track however Outro:Tear , The Truth Untold (which was inspired by an Italian novel) and Singularity ( which is based on the Greek myth of Narcissus) really made up for it. As a BTS fan I would give the album a solid 7. It’s much better than Her but as you have said it does sometimes lack consistency.

Shermaine Garcia says:

Thank you for this review and giving BTS a chance. I think it was a very fair review and I’ve come to respect your opinion. I wanted to say something regarding Magic Shop. This isnt to change your mind about it (because even I have to admit, musically I think it is… generic sounding? That sounds mean but generic isn’t always a bad thing).

Magic shop is my favorite song in the album. My ultimate favorite song from BTS is Spring Day (which also some criticize to sound generic sounding). But the thing about both of these songs, despite not being the most musically innovative track, is that they evoke an emotional response in many people, especially when considering the lyrics. Magic shop made me bawl my eyes out until I physically could not cry any more. I was especially touched because of the lyrics “in days when you hate yourself, in days when you want to disappear forever, just open a door into your mind. When you open that door, we will be waiting.” The words sound simple and may not mean much to other people but to Armys it means a lot. This song was dedicated to Armys and BTS is basically telling their fans that they will always try to be there for us through their music and hope they can comfort us this way. They remind us that Armys have given them the strength to do their best, and so we Armys also have the power to push ourselves to do our best (“you gave me the best of me so you’ll give you the best of you” which also references Best of Me in their previous album).

Whenever I’m upset or stressed this will be one of the songs I will turn to, and I think many Armys will probably do the same. I saw a tweet that said something along the lines of, “I was looking to end my life… And then Magic Shop came on and my kids came home… I honestly think my kids and BTS saved my life that night.” I guess my point is that… Even though it’s not the most musically innovative song, it means a lot to many people and it definitely embodies the theme of Love Yourself.

I think Magic Shop belongs in the album because many people need this song.

Heiße Henry says:

Do tosite ling sigure (?)

Andy Benji says:

This comment section is surprisingly not as toxic as I thought it would be.

Anime Cat lover girl says:

Hi, a proud ARMY here. Although your point is undeniable that it is within every Kpop group’s interest to offer music that appeals to everyone’s taste in every album to elevate marketability and saleability allow me, as one (among many) who is kind of well read or knowledgeable with BTS’ ways of its music (which is not as superficial thus easily understandable to every first listener, we thereby welcome anyone who appreciates their art) to tell you of why I contest some minor points of your quality review. the sentiment where Magic Shop derives its ‘magicality’ or significance, is that in theory, it is where a piece of your past or of yourself is offered up in exchange for something better. The way the song may sound because it’s upbeat and all, however ultimately persuades the non-avid listener away from the thought or theme of melancholy/sadness (which basically is the light the album basks in). But might I mention as well, that the song was dedicated for primarily the fans and I think i can safely assume (albeit unsung) to BTS’ co-members, that in the Magic Shop, they will find solace. That said, essentially, the process of exchange: (sadness for happiness, pain for pleasure, hurt for joy, lust for love and the plethora of interpretations) that you can imply that’s in life – you name it – to bring out a better TRUER version of yourself, thus the concept of “fake” isn’t abandoned that far so it is closer to the theme than you might have thought, Sir.

BTS, also enriches its art with symbols and their songs are intertwined (even between albums), supplemented further by music videos and teasers, so on. They tell stories like no other (enigmatically to an extent), so fans have invested free time to delight in analysing these, which is why we deem BTS above others in their craft/field. not just for their looks and choreo.

Your review was wonderful, nontheless! I am hoping you look into more of their music. If they have caught your meticulous eye, they’re doing great! Godspeed

ViZii says:

Outro finally getting the love and support she deserves.

Overall, I enjoy the way you spoke about musicality. This was a really cool review to listen to, and you make for a very engaging commentator. I do have to say something I’m pretty sure many fans already stated before under this in the comments: The consistency issue is perhaps still an issue in some aspects, but in others it is a conceptual plus, especially when listening to the album in order.

The meaning of the album is generally about personal love and the discontent with one’s identity rather than the superficiality of a relationship, hence the Love Yourself series title, with a core message of being “you can’t love someone else truthfully until you love yourself”. Because of this, many fans take to the lyrics of the songs to be about the conflict between yourself and who you think you should be. The main reason why the music conceptually took a turn after Magic Shop was due to the phrase shown in one of their videos “Magic Shop is a psychodramatic technique that exchanges fear for a positive attitude”. Because of this, most songs before Magic Shop is on the darker side while those after is brighter, as the music metaphorically went through the Magic Shop.

edit: also forgot to say, I sort of agree with So What. It’s nt a terrible song to me, just not to my taste.

A shakie space says:

Been waiting for you to review an Kpop album since forever (even tho you did G-dragon not to long ago)

Loser Reviews says:

Haven’t watched it yet, but if you liked it, you better have given it either a 7 or a 9. No more 8s.

EDIT: Alright you passed the test sir

Reza Afsar says:

So Melon, a K-pop album has the same score as the masterpiece that is My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy…

EhEmBee says:

i’m dying inside because magic shop is my favourite on the album LOL
thank you for the very fair, objective, and thorough review though!!! <3

mation27 says:

meanwhile i accept the BTS fans in the comment section are generally positive and do not seem like toxic people, the reason in why people do not like k pop or don’t take it seriously or consider it ‘music’ is literally because the industry is truly disgusting. if any of you stans actually did research you’d realise that you’re supporting a genre in which basically the whole jackson 5 scenario is happening to every kpop group there is. Little kids accepting contracts that are practically slavery is common. On top of that, the industry is filled with racism and culture vultures. In general the artists themselves are EXTREMELY racist, along with directors/managers etc. whether this applies to BTS or not, I assume it does if people consider them ‘Kpop’. I’ve also seen compilations where members of the group have outwardly said racist things and I think I’ve even seen one of them use the n word? The reasons I’ve just listed, THAT is why they get a bad rep, and justly so. People are so distracted by the ‘cool music videos’ and the catchy choruses, with artificial ‘attractive’ performers, they ignore a HUGE underlying issue that have lead to suicides in the industry as well as causing problems on a larger racial scale. That’s why I won’t support a kpop group and neither will a lot of these ‘negative commenters’.

Ella Durran says:

Am I the only one that still thinks Wings is their best album? There’s so much more variety in sounds and styles on Wings, and I feel like a lot of the songs on Love Yourself: Tear sound the same. Each members solo song really made that album unique

YoBot says:

honestly BTS albums are all the same, half bangers rest are pretty bad

Sean L says:

Please review Dean: 130 mood!

CreaIcidal says:

theyre still kinda shitty i mean theyre not bad band but still, most of their popularity comes from the fans that are total cringe at least almost all those i saw/met so ye cant say its that great as their popularity shows

Twenny One Thavage says:

U guys don’t even understand what they say

nico ! says:

im an incredibly biased stan when it comes to bts but this entire video put into words how i felt abt this album, i really appreciate the honest and genuinely helpful review!

Amrita K says:

Smart man.

Euclidclack says:

Not taking the piss or anything but lol at all these people writing paragraphs on paragraphs. Fan base erudite as hell

Jasmine Cordero says:

LOVED this review! Great job!!!

Faith says:


Toxa Pex says:

It’s lower than DAMN so I’m happy.

Theodore Mauros says:

If Trump decides to drop a nuke on North Korea he may as well drop one on South Korea as well.

v q says:

woww im a huge bts stan but i also watch your vids regularly so im kinda surprised (in a good way). great review, im glad you enjoyed the album

GitGnashtyM@ says:


Yasmin Fariya says:

Thank you so much for the review. Never thought I would see Love yourself tear here.❤

Sandra Karlsson says:

it was a good review and i really appreciate when people look at bts’ work without prejudice so i’m really thankful for it, but there are some things that might not be obvious for a random listener
firstable, please don’t use genius, their translations are kind of literal so a lot of times they lose the point of the song and they don’t explain the wordplay that is a huge part of bts’ lyrics
also most of the things bangtan made since 2015 are connected and tear is no exception, they are doing a really interesting thing with their music videos because almost all of them are a part of a fictional storyline (i’ve never seen any artist doing it before and highly recommend checking it out by the way) and if you’re familiar with it the order of songs on the album really makes sense, honestly the amount of attention they pay to the details amazes me all the time oof
and lastly, most of their love songs aren’t actually romantic, a lot of them talk about love in general or loving yourself(especially the ly series of course)

1210Nique says:

What the fuuuccckckkkkk I can’t believe you actually reviewed it

Jose Aleman says:

You actually reviewed it? Haha

jammersss says:

It was great to see that you also looked at previous works by them and didn’t just talk about them based on the popularity aspect but the music. I remember when wings had came out in 2016, I had suggested you review it about three separate times. Now here you are reviewing tear. Wow.

I felt like this album was themed a lot around the cons of modern-day romance and romantic feelings such as issues of conflict and the feeling of dependence on the other person(s). Tracks like magic shop and anpanman were more either personal reflection tracks for bangtan or from bangtan, to the fan base, armys.

N01SE G0D says:

Generic, overly produced boy-band pop for 15 year old girls with hormonal deficiencies.

Catalina Ester says:

Magic Shop one of the worst?

L Rod says:

Excellent and fair review

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