Chance The Rapper Acid Rap First Reaction

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beflygelt says:

Pluto can’t sing AT ALL hahaha it’s fun though

Jacob Abrha says:

10 day dw just saw it

Ross Brennan says:

These guys are too stoned man

Jack Blowers says:

The album cover is a picture of chance taken at a party. I think

Michele Said says:

Mi fate muorire

SuperCooperVlogs says:

19:12 is the best part of the video, just look at the guy in the hat.

Jered Terry says:

On the real though, this new Ring movie is gonna suck.

Joseph Ruthenberg says:

real acid rap is esham, this shit is hot garbage

shai man says:

they trollin

Fletch Creates says:

I wish I could hear acid rap for the first time again but this video helpsn

Kemal Mehmet says:

Lmfaooo why do I feel like they were being sarcastic with the positivity?

VuittonDona says:

y’all didn’t want to do that one last turn up…but you did it. Chance has that effect.

chris zanotti says:

” I do mma alright im good with the fist alright, alright, alright”
lmfaoooo homos these days

Comedygamez says:

The guy in the red looks a lot like chance

beflygelt says:

“this shit is fire, so we’ll take the heat” lmao great quote

Marshall Hofmann says:

it’s old but definitely react to madvillainy!!! legendary album

MANGOskee says:

fucking normies

Jesus Christ says:

Is it just me or does the guy on the left look a bit like chance with shorter hair

chris zanotti says:

homie in the red on a pill or some shit

chris zanotti says:

I dont get how you can act like this for acid rap and not coloring book

Brandon Renteria says:

I aint even hear your guys shit and i know it dumb af all of a sudden yall dick ridin niggas Ok mg fuk the fans be yourself wit ypur fake pussy selves i swear if i lived next to you i would fuk y’all fake ass niggas up fukin dumb ignorant fucks

Skaz Mono says:

You guys should listen to his very old project called 10 days it’s on SoundCloud it’s a down to earth album

Daniele Lavigna says:

Yo man I’m an Italian guy, can you react to LAIOUNG-QUELLO CHE VOGLIO? I really want to see what you guys think about it! Thank you!

Julien Déziel says:

Guy on left is so ugly and so not funny at all, you look like you don’t know shit about music

victoria edwards says:

This reaction is so fake the only reason they are saying it’s good cause they got so much hate on their coloring book album review video
Shoutout the the real fans

DoubleA says:

red shirt looks like lupe fiasco

Zach Marshall says:

have they done 10 day yet

The Brothers Blue says:

You literally gave no commentary aside from “Ya’ll were right, that was dope… Next song!” lol

Anthony Bague says:

They lowkey look like chance and Tyler the creator

Kentaya Price says:

I am so ready for your run the jewels three reaction I subscribed so I could get it immediately LOL this was great by the way

Allacates says:

You know what actually killed the vibe, you saying he killed the vibe.

Johnny Arakilian says:

Cilvia demo please trust fire fire

Evan Nunez says:

chance got that music that make you just smile and and shake your head

Viet Ha says:

Jon Bellon-The Human Condition PLEASE!!!

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