Chance The Rapper – ACID RAP First REACTION/REVIEW

Chance The Rapper is fucking crazy…..that is all I have to say.
Here is his mixtape called ACID RAP and my first reaction to it.

1. Good Ass Intro (feat. BJ The Chicago Kid)
2. Pusha Man/Paranoia (feat. Lily K & Nate Fox)
3. Cocoa Butter Kisses (feat. Vic Mensa & Twista)
5. Lost (feat. Noname Gypsy)
6. Everybody’s Something (feat. BJ The Chicago Kid & Saba)
7. Interlude (That’s Love)
8. Favorite Song (feat. Childish Gambino)
9. NaNa (feat. Action Bronson)
10. Smoke Again (feat. Ab-Soul)
11. Acid Rain
12. Chain Smoker
13. Everything’s Good (Good Ass Outro)




I love chance so muchhh

Tj English says:

The sample is from put that on my set by asap mob

Telow TV says:

7:50 when you nut and she still sucking the tip

Ya Mum says:

2013 was rap music’s peak no doubt.

Legal Variety says:

The whole good/big fella reminds me of the end part of Chance’s song Grown Ass Kid

Krookedd says:

“CONTINUITY” is what he was thinking of (i think)

Jeeroy Lenkins says:

Acid rap > Coloring book

Neha says:

I was so excited for him to get to juice

Nancy Storr says:

10:16 he was doing the same dance Chance did in the music video lol

Kool Koala says:

u only herd this 10months ago?!?!?!

ZemarWithaZ says:

The intro was copied from Kanye’s but still I really like it

unknown says:

is this what you meant when you said cringe

Kool Koala says:

clearly u should’ve been listening this since 8t came out hahah I love this project and your channel lol

Roman Spataro says:

you put my thoughts into words

Eddie Monsta says:

Projects? you react to shit

Mason Sizemore says:

how did fantano give this a 6

PopGreen_Master says:

“One of the most purest drinking things”
-Shawn Cee 2016

Jordan Scott says:

has to be the cringiest dude on youtube

speztrum says:

Your fade messed up

Josh Evangelista says:

react to the new song he premiered on colbert last night please

Shawn Cee says:

Some of you in the comments really make my nuts itch.
1. I took me 1 1/2 hours to record this, 3 1/2 hours to edit and make a thumbnail for. You think I’d waste 5 hours of my life on a mixtape I’ve heard before? Use your brain.
2. I know some of you think it’s impossible, but NOT EVERYONE HEARS ALL MUSIC AT THE SAME TIME! I know that’s a crazy common sense way to think about it, but try.

unknown says:

is this what you meant from cringe

Evander De Guzman says:

Hey Shawn, have you listened to Anderson.Paak? He’s got some really good shit that you’d enjoy.

Kyle Cavagnaro says:

Shawn dancing is me on the inside that im too scared to show on the outside

Jacoby Criswell says:

Such a fantastic album

Cristian Pena says:

Do innanetape

Jonas Gulliksen says:

Var det bara jag som hörde Smuggel-Tjuvjakt i början??

Phoenix Flamond says:

Went to this review after watching Fantano’s review.

how was your life says:

Your like the first person ive ever seen that got into everybodys something on first listin

Scott Bruckner says:

Get a moto z 2 if you want a phone that isn’t ’bout to break anytime soon.

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