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Chance The Rapper is an American hip-hop artist from Chicago, Illinois. He released his second mixtape Acid Rap on April 30th ( Here is the highly requested Chance the Rapper review of Acid Rap. Let us know what you think in the comment section.

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strowen says:

acid rap > dehh

Reece Schrock says:

Listen to 10 day again. It is actually my second favorite out of the three

KiinGDolo says:

The intro was kind of a nod to Chicago juke music, which is why most people outside the city might think it sounds weird

miguel trujillo says:

Give Chance a Chance!

Static the Noob says:

I was avoiding this one b/c I loved Acid Rap, and I gotta say Myke came through once again lol I had the exact same experience going from hating it to Chance being one of my favorites out of the new school

WhatTheDILIS says:

Daye Jack reminds me of Chance to some extent, but that’s the only comparison I could come up with.

Aaron Jimothy Palmer says:

This review is classic, can’t wait for them to review chance 3

BRight298 says:

First listen I hated this mixtape. It took a long time for me to warm up to this album.

yuhyup says:

i consider acid rap one of my favorite albums/mixtapes of all time and that’s saying a lot

Benjamin Tirone Nunes says:

Cocoa Buttered Kisses was awesome.

Joshua Ramirez says:

Im anticipating a mixed review to coloring book

Aaron says:

KINGE a hater he says he hates shit then when they blow up and get more popular he hopes on their dick

Baraka Kaducha says:

I completely agree with Ken this was some bullsh*t

StarCrossedPimp says:

Good Ass Intro is what got me into Chance lol

steven10236 says:

Can y’all do coloring book mixtape

Gain Igga says:

I hated this mixtape so much the first time I heard it that I avoided FOR A WHOLE FUCKING YEAR. Then one day I was on a YouTube playlist on a beach studying and fucking pusha man came on and I was like okay it’s not that bad then fucking paranoia came on and it became my favorite song of all time and also my second favorite mixtape ever only behind a kid named cudi chance is a legend

Jenny Butterfly says:

I was exactly like Myke! the first time listen it was some bullshit, but now I like it

Franklin Ghost says:

when feefo is talking, the homie in the back look like he don’t give a fuck! loooool, looks like he just want to leave lol

Andre Novacaine says:

Chance has a really positive fanbase (including me)

King Kirin says:

Feefo wasnt fuckin with Good Ass Intro? Now we know he crazy lol

Checkmatehyena00 says:

aint gon say young thug didnt invent the high pitch schizophrenic flow

Reece Schrock says:

I cringe when people say” Uugh 10 Day, it’s ehhh easily forgettable and nothing special. Umm just listen to that. I LOVE that tape.

Joe khangman says:

myke always got some story about how he got into the album hahahahaha

Cleft Neck says:

I was hyping chance since 10day

Dominicans Fuckwith Black Hippy says:

0:56 the real “you look like a mothafuckin’ uhhhhhhh”

kingraj333 says:

how does ken fuck with lil b but not chance?

Zach Adam says:

Haha I had the same exact experience as Myke

Charlse Barleyk says:

Best mixtape ever imo

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