Dave – Psychodrama ALBUM REVIEW

Listen: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pDUPSNdmFew

It’s hard not to nod in agreement with what Dave’s saying throughout Psychodrama, but generic instrumentals and humdrum flows don’t translate many of his good points into captivating songs.

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Y’all know this is just my opinion, right?


Caleb Davies says:

Review The Outcast by Devlin

K. P says:

please review Amyl and the Sniffers stuff

yung presto says:

HighSchoolthany BullyTano here to steal your lunch money

supamang64 says:

comethazine’s tape was better than this imo

Charles P says:

Yo I’ll be honest. The beats are shitty immortal tech instrumentals. That’s saying something…

Sound Judgement says:

I get the feeling that this album being highly rated made people think it’s overrated, and that means it won’t be overrated for long with most people.

Austin A says:

You should check out the new Quadeca album “Voice Memos”, it’s pretty good lol

Danny Stevens says:

His flow is the type of flow anybody could do it’s not particular hard to do. It sounds like hes just talking on some tracks that worked for Mike Skinner cause it was very original for the time and because he was more of a witty artist. But when rapping about serious things you should make more effort. Not hating though I did enjoy the album just wish he had some harder and slicker flows.

Queezy_Boi says:

It’s pronounced Stret-Am

hovy r6 says:

This is grime. It’s a completely different genre. You can’t expect it to be a rap record and like it. The album is fire and everyone in the uk knows it.

Sam H says:

can’t wait for all the people crying in the comments without even watching the review. he explains why he doesn’t like it much very clearly and tbh he’s right about the production. it’s just his opinion

xtreme musikreviews says:

Love the glasses Anthony, I love you!

LolLolLolLolLol says:

*publicthony announcementano* here, don’t let this review distract you from the fact that Logic is *biracial*

tom says:


supamang64 says:

Thanks for confirming my thoughts, melon. My friends tried to put me on this but honestly i am unmoved. Its OK at best

Deputy Diminished says:

Review either Astoria or Masterpiece Theatre by Marianas Trench pleaaaase.

Elliott Charman says:

The day Dave gets a 5 is the day melon gives up on the uk scene

Dave says:

There is nothing mediocre about this album mediocre would be migos or something not this

Ramiro V says:

Review Quadeca’s Voice Memos!!!

John Ricotta says:

Finally. I knew this would be a 5.

leococo says:

Don’t agree on Screwface Capital…

Nick Falletta says:

Those glasses look like the things you used to hold eggs onto when dipping them in cups of dye around Easter time.

Marc o'polo says:

Hey Melon, are your going to review the new The Comet is Coming – Trust in the Lifeforce of the Deep Mystery (with Shabaka Hutchings from Sons of Kemet)? Some pretty nice Nu-Jazz !

Arnas N says:

It’s a Decent 8 imo

Ben H says:

Sometimes I feel like Melon is a contrarian.

Mhmdd A says:

ok melon i understand this is your opinion but u didnt have to give it a 10 bcz u think his british accent is cute

Esteban Brugal says:

Damn it, i was really enjoying the album. But the melon has spoken.

Will Sussis says:

You got this wrong


I made this review happen

Ed Villa says:

I though the title said Drake lol

Just another Edgy teen says:

wtf how the hell did this get a 5 and how the HELL is voices’ Anthony’s favourite track


This album is corny as fuck

Christopher Lowery says:

How could you say something so controversial, yet so brave?

Southern Pimp says:

Judging by that album art I already knew this was getting a poor review score.

max jpeg says:

This is a good review Anthony but I’d rather you didn’t go on a 4 minute rant about women not deserving human rights

Pity Pat Plays says:

Listen to the Japanese house new album

K says:

Please do not listen to Anthony if you haven’t heard this album. Go listen to it yourself, it’s great. Pretty much all I’ve been listening to the past few days. The beats are not supposed to be what is the focus. They are often plain so the listener is just focusing on what Dave is saying. I have no issues with Dave’s voice or delivery I find his voice quite nice. This album brings storytelling, conscious rapping, love songs, and bangers while all being thoughtful, catchy and telling you about where Dave is from, how he grew up and how he is now, which was mostly the point of this album. overall great album 8.7/10

erc says:

ur wrong lol

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