DJ Khaled – Major Key Album Review | DEHH Feat: The Rap Critic

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Its the Rap Critic came through Atlanta to join us in this review. Check out his channel here:

DJ Khaled’s ‘Major Key’ is his ninth studio album. ‘Major Key’ was released on July 29th and has guest appearances from Future, Big Sean, Rick Ross, Jay Z, Drake, Nas, Kendrick Lamar, Betty Wright, J. Cole, Bryson Tiller, Nicki Minaj, Chris Brown, August Alsina, Jeremih, Kodak Black, Jeezy, French Montana, YG, Yo Gotti, Gucci Mane, 2 Chainz, Jadakiss, Fabolous, Fat Joe, Busta Rhymes, Kent Jones, Travis Scott, Lil Wayne, Meghan Trainor, Wiz Khalifa, Wale and Mavado.

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Gabe Jones says:

I got the key

shortbuspodcast channel says:

Khaled should just do a double album. One side for the spitting lyric type of niggas. and side Two is with all that other bullshit everybody say is lit asf.

The Musiczk98 says:

rap critic is the worst critic on youtube

sims4610593 says:

Kendrik Lamar verse was not what y’all made it out to be, please stop gassing that shit up.

Zachary Haupt says:

I actually hated Nas Album done! Holy key is my favorite song

C XL says:

goddamnit rap critic the reason nas spat on the same beat on hip hop is dead is a tongue in cheek commentary about the unoriginality of rappers and the passiveness of the audience. the rap critic takes everything literally and honestly so much shit goes over his head.

Mr. 187 says:

I wish you guys would end it with a score of every review

Austin Barnes says:

please do this again with another album. maybe get big quint and fantano in on it

Gabe Jones says:

I got the keys keys keys keys

Billy Studholme says:

Fucking love Myke C Town’s review at the end

MrFlipperInvader782 says:

imagine if khaled made this into a double album

John says:


Respected Menace says:

Don’t you ever play yourself – Jadakiss, Fabulous, Fat Joe, Busta Rhymes, Kent Jones

Mfundo Nkosi says:

Kendrick killed big sean on holy key

Mike Chirillo says:

“ya’wl won’t leave me the fuck alone.”, he said.. love your guys’ reviews, keep @ it!

ILL Pictures says:

Holy Key, Nas Album Done, Forgive Me Father, Jermaine’s Interlude, and Do You Mind are the best songs of the track. Pick These Hoes Apart and that one song with Bryson Tiller are the worst songs. Overall: 7/10

XxSteffonxX says:

“Work For It” is one of the dopest tracks on the album and DEHH sleeps on and over looks the whole thing. typical shit.
they stay clownin and downplay big sean too much to be taken serious. esp when this was a hot record feat. sean 2chains…2chains verse was underrated and rare. But oh well typical dead end critics


My friends at school hate Nas album done and I hate them for it lol

TexasNightmare210 says:

I’m with Myke, I Got the Keys grew on me big time. Hated it at first now it bumps. Nas Album Done might be the track of the year honestly. Holy Key was dope. J.Cole track was good. Rest was meh.

ILL Pictures says:

What is that music for the intro?

pittsburghL88 says:

that Nas song was hot garbage


rap critic has a creepy ass laugh

ThaGreatPooPooMan says:

So this guy “Rap Critic” doesn’t know who DJ Drama is or ever really listened to Jadakiss, and his own rap music is terrible. How do people take his opinions seriously?

JD Cusic says:

Studio Albums

The Comedy LP
The United States Of America LP

Bizarre N Rugged says:

do you mind was a dope song and Jadakiss song but that’s it

Alpha Omega says:

My favorite thing about this review is how everyone’s screaming and laughing which makes it so I have no idea what anyone’s saying.

Floko says:

Can rap critic stay?

Static the Noob says:

I think Khaled is one of the few people who should actually just do double disc releases.

Deftones 26 says:

Damn these dudes are loud I gotta keep the volume on 2 or I’m gonna blow my damn speakers.

Juju Ju says:

Get that guy outta there man. How’s he gonna discover Jada’s greatness 2 years ago…that’s foul

éb sôl sôl says:

when he said that about Hip Hop is Dead they were like “this dude gotta go”

hollywoodraptor0016 says:

They should totally collab with Rap Critic more often.

Nahom Haddis says:

Feefo actually wasn’t surprised by the album ….what have u done to the real Feefo

jamie shannon says:

never liked Dj Khalid

MrFlipperInvader782 says:

also just thought that manudo due was featured on previous khaled albums do maybe he has some dance hall influences or likes in his work

why else would he frequently have him

Dot Park says:

This is so funny

Gabe Jones says:

I think big Sean is good he can rap fast and rap about real shit. But Kendrick he raps fast about real shit and add some metaphors and you actually have to think about the lines. That is why I like him. In the one song I’m not sure who was better they were both great. But side by side there whole career kendrick is better

kamal Boyce says:

the movado song is actually a really good dancehall song.Was actually a big hit in the caribbean

Maxwell Bogensberger says:

Kent Jones snapped on Dont Ever Play Yourself

ProsecutorGodot says:

Piggybacking off of some other fans of the show:
DEHH – Wu-Tang Clan
Rap Critic – Nas
The Needle Drop – Eminem
BigQuint – Jay-Z
Spectrum Pulse – Logic
ARTV – Macklemore

Wrath's Turntable Time Machine Rocksmash Attack (AKA The Mysterious Reuploader, Ace-edo Mask!) says:

13:11 *UP YO ASS DUDE!* How about *_Statik Selektah_*? *dO YO fuckin RESEARCH, man!!!*

Wrath's Turntable Time Machine Rocksmash Attack (AKA The Mysterious Reuploader, Ace-edo Mask!) says:

*I’M DYIN!* ANOTHER ONE! ANOTHERONE! Khaled’s a dumbass

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