Drake Talks Winning Best Rap Album For Take Care

Drake talked about his reaction to winning “Best Rap Album” while talking to Fuse on the red carpet of the 55th Annual Grammy Awards.

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Paul Stastny says:

fuse from the 6

Jesse Sandoval says:

Drakes the typa nigga to get out the shower to pee on the toilet.

David Adjei says:

it was kind of annoying how she talked to him like she knew him and everything.

SuperNancy12 says:

you stole half of the weeknd album and put it in your album. in fact the weeknd won this album
sly person.. you sucks

Abraham Jean says:

he doesnt sound like he raps… anyways, he still funny

Im black, even though the guy in the profile picture is white. says:

Umm, Drake was on her show 4 years before this, what does he mean “dying to meet”?

Heather Finch says:

Drake keep away from Dan dirty gal dem.

NC says:

everyone saying they fucked afterward but i don’t think so lol drake flirty as fuck but he also only likes thick girls and alexa well shes the opposite hahahha

FreeBeatsDailyOfficial says:

She soaked.

Sr DeSilva says:

i like how drake pretends to be into white bitches.

Dozavage says:

The weeknd made half of that album, give that shit to the weeknd nigga

Eren jeager says:

le quería meter mano a la reportera “ψ(`∇´)ψ

Spartans114 says:

Lmaoooooo look at the ginger dude in the back

elvin pasa says:

omg I don’t know why I’m so angry I feel like I just watched my own boyfriend just flirt with another girl and kiss her shoulder, drake babe cmon

Yourboy Marvin says:

Drake got the girls on chains…

Daboy_huh 17 says:

Can anyone explain why take care was nominated for a grammy two years after its release?

Ryan Bamford says:

Can’t we thank Abel tho, like he be helping out on that album with them legendary vocals

1 says:

This is the best Drake interview

ixglass says:


Amraj Dulai says:

Uncle steve the realest g

Celebrate Life says:

Drake high key corny tho

Anthony Sanchez says:

of course drake piped her down


He made er wet with that shoulder kiss

Kyla Monique says:

Drake looks so good ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

never ignorant says:

drake will never top take care is his best work

Farhan says:

Drake should be thanking his ghostwriter lmao.

OTTO says:

No one saw how he started kissing her while they hugged

I love smoking dope says:

he seems fake in this interview.I like you shoulder sigh

MrRoh98 says:

5 years today Take Care was released, its crazy how time flies…

Just Me says:

Lmao she totally wanted the D

GTA5Dezza says:

drake is type of nigga to kiss your shoulders instead of your lips

The Notorious Beavcoon says:

Drake is the GOAT

as diamond says:


KID O says:

I love Drake but he is so fucking weird!!!! Lmaoooo

NC says:

alexa chung my bitch yes

Darian Coleman says:

This nigga kissed her shoulder bro wtf lol

never ignorant says:

i would have smashed the no boobs having british chick

Dlovely291 says:

Drake’s a PERVERT!  and she likes it!!!

King of Fitness says:

Notice @3:34 the guy says Seggay after is says Segway and Drake notices but does his best to keep his kool#these hataz

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